SWARASANSKAR! A journey from revenge to love<3! Chapter15


Swara: Sanskar, I am going downstairs. You get ready and come.
Sanskar: No need of going down. You stay here. call Ragini or uttara incase if you need something.
Swara: But I feel suffocated in one room. I want to go out. Suddenly she remembers that night when she went out alone. She screams in fear- No… No…. I don’t want to go anywhere.He will again…. She stops. Sanskar wonders what she is saying. He recalls that incident when she got up screaming : Why you came back in my life?
Sanskar: Do you know that man?
Swara(fearfully): n…. nooo!!!
Sanskar: Don’t worry, today I will take you out. Don’t fear so much. It is not good for y…. my baby!! I will come early in the afternoon. Now go and take rest.
Sanskar kiss her stomach and goes. Swara goes to Ragini’s room. She says her everything.
Swara: He cares for me.
Ragini: This care is for the child not for you.
Swara: Actually, I am feeling sleepy. Bye!!!
Swara lying on the bed thinks about Ragini’s word and she cries.
Pyar na ho toh zindagi kya hai
Yaar na ho toh bandagi kya hai
She sleeps while crying. She gets up by the ringing sound of her phone. She sees it is of Sanskar. She picks the call. She says yes I am coming in 10 minutes. She gets up and goes to the washroom she sees through the mirror that her eyes had became red due to continuously crying. She washes her face. She opens the cupboard and takes out one magenta coloured saree. She leaves her hair open. She takes her phone and goes down. She sees that Sasnkar is already waiting for her. She opens the front door and sit beside him. He start the car. They stop near a park.
Swara: I want to eat pani puri.
Sanskar: Hmm!!! Go!
Swara: What go??? You too come!!
Sanskar: Okay come.

They go to the pani puri stall. Suddenly Swara coughs due to the extra spice. Sanskar pat her shoulder and make her drink water. Humdard song is played in the bg.
Sanskar: Are you fine Swara?
Swara: Haan.
Sanskar:Now let’s go home.
Swara: Haan.
They sit in the car. Swara keeps her head on the window and she pees out. Her hairs are floating in the air. Sanskar stares her continuously. Swara notices it. She is happy. Sanskar is unable to take off his eyes from her.
Swara: Concentrate on the road!
Sanskar feels embarrassed to listen this.
Swara: Stop! stop!
Sanskar: What happened?
Swara: Lets go to that beach.
Sanskar: But only for five minutes.
Swara: Promise!

They go to the beach. Swara dips her feet in the ater and dance like a child. Sanskar is mesmerized to see her. He thinks what a girl she is. He did so wrong with her but she never complained anything. For a moment he thaught his revenge was wrong.
As morning hughes of sun swept fire caress your passioned face; alone with pure desire to worship untold grace. My soul would cry in silent prayer towards hours swept apart; your essence warms the evening air as I dance into your heart. From moments glance my knowledge knows of this; of desires & dreams of life’s elated bliss. And with only one thing said and one thing true; tis’ of thee’s devine love of you.
Swara: See.. How beautiful is this place. Fresh air!!!!
Sanskar: Now let us go.
Suddenly Swara screams in pain. Sanskar rush to her and holds her hand. She hugs her.
Jaagu na umr bhar
Jo mere humsafar
Baahon mein teri so gayi..!!
Sanskar: What happened?
Swara: It is paining.
Sanskar: Let us go to the doctor.
Swara: No!! I am okay. This normally happens.
Sanskar: Okay! But let us go home.
Swara: No!! Please wait for some more time. For me?? Wait at least for our child.
Sanskar : Okay fine.

He sits beside her. After their marriage he has never seen her so happy . This time he stooped for her but she thinks he stopped for the baby.
Sanskar: Do you trust me the same?
Swara:Once the trust is broken its broken. It may grow back a bit but it can never be the same as before. Sanskar was sad to listen this He only knew she was with him and nothing else mattered in the world. And suddenly the world seemed like a better place to live in.
Swara:Now let us go. Evryone must be waiting for us.
Sanskar di not felt like leaving that place . He wanted to stay there for some more time but he could not sat it. He finnaly ends up saying Yes! They both drove back home. When they stepped inside the house hand in hand Suddenly a girl came running from inside and hugged him. Sanskar released Swara’s hand.He hugged back that girl. Swara stared walking to their rrom and she stooped when she heard his voice.
Sanskar: Shaina, What are you doing here?
Shaina: I came to meet you. I was missing you so badly. But see your family is very ill mannered.
Sanskar walked to Swara and said its time for your medicine. Saying so he didn’t wait for her response and just her towards their rrom.
Shaina: OH!! She is your wife?
Sujata: Haa!! she is my DIL. and who are you?
Shaina: Aunty I said nah I and Sanskar love each other.
Sujata: Ny son loves my bahu.
Shaina: No aunty, he loves me. He married her for revenge. He was with me on the first night of theior marriage. Sanskar, why are you silent say them that you promised me to divorce her and marry me.

Swara comes and slaps Shaina and says I slapped you because I know he can never do such things and you are lying. o know he don’t love me but he can never do such things.The whole family is shocked to listen this.
Ragini is amazed that Swara is defending Sanskar.
Sanskar: Enough SWara! How dare you to slap her. Yes she is sating truth.
Swara holds his colar and slaps him.
Swara: I thought that you wre a good person but no you cheated me just because I slapped you? How could you do this Sasnkar? You married me and left me alone? That night when your wife was waiting for you , you were with another girl??? Now when you came to know that I am pregnant you are claiming your right in my child??? No mr Sanskar Maheswari this is my child not your. You were right you are an animal with no heart. You always ignited fire in my life but I was a fool who thaught you came for my recuse. Now that I slapped you what revenge will you take??? Take way my child from me?? I promise you Sanskar I won’t let your shadow fall on my child.
Saying these she goes to her room and packs her bags and leave the home in rage.

Precap: 6 month leap


Credit to: JYOTII


    • jyotii

      Darshini till now I have not written the next part! i will write it tomorrow!! You can read it tomorrow night!!!

  1. Kitu

    Starting it was nice .I thought there would be more swasan romance.sanskar taking care of swara.but it didn’t had .sometimes in next part she will have baby born.I didn’t expected this.

  2. Dil

    Woooow.. Tday episode is superb..no words to describe .. Thanks.. Good job..pls keep continuing..eagerly wait fr the next epi… Lov it

  3. Niti

    what..?!!! is it true that sanskar was with that girl on their wedding night ? ohh gosh..!! yar what about the values of family..!! just for revenge no one can stoop such low..swara did the right..i love sanskar but in this story i don’t think swara should forgive him at all..plz yar make like tht nothing had happened between sanskar and other girl..very nice twist..glad that u r not ending this ff..continue as long as u can..

  4. Varu

    Hey very nice. I like slapping scene very much..each and every word told by swara at d end.. pls upload next part as soon as

  5. sindhuja

    what a twist!!! i think shaina may be his sister like… it also may be a misunderstanding… waiting for the next update….

  6. Nidhi

    Omg .. its too nice… wow.. ab kya hoga…I m waiting gor next… jyoti pls upload nxt ff aa soon as possible.. n it shall be very long..pls

  7. bhavna

    This litrlly gav a shck to me…ik sanskar is lying to swara…i belv him…swasan cn nevr be seprtd…updt soon

  8. kashis

    nice update.. don’t know if sanskar has done any mistake that night or not.. but don’t make swara fall for him again so easily… very nice dear…

  9. meghs

    how can sanskar do this
    on wedding night with another grl no grl can tolerate it….
    6 month leap may be swasan seperation
    sanskar should realise his mistake…

  10. DINI

    Jyotii, your story is mind blowing..
    But don’t take the leap this soon.. Now, as you have already mentioned 6 months leap in the precap , you can add a fb (Just a uggestion)

    Pls update next one soon…

  11. ayesha

    Hey…nice fiction…i really like this story..please update next part soon…am eagerly waiting for it..n ya plzz don’t make swara fall for him easily….n hoping for the best..plzz update it soon.. Love ur story 🙂

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