SWARASANSKAR! A journey from revenge to love<3! Chapter13


Swara: Sanskar get up. its already 10:30.
Sanskar: Don’t disturb me and you go.
Swara nodes and goes. As she was near the door she started to cough vigorusly. Sanskar was shocked to hear her coughing, got up immediately and took one glass glass of water and made her drink it. After taking a sip of water she felt a bit relaxed.
Swara: If you don’t love me why you came running for me?
Sanskar: You were in pain. I came to help you. Don’t drag the word love each time. I don’t love you. Try to fix this in your mind.
Swara: But you only wanted me to be in pain always. You should have enjoyed that moment. But you were worried for me.
Sanskar who was tangled in her questions got up and went to the washroom.
Swara having a smile of victory went down. She was going to the kitchen when she collided with Kavya. The milk glass which Kavya fell was holding fell on Swara.
Kavya: Thank you and sorry chichi.
Swara: Sorry for what?

Kavya: Spoling your saree.
Swara: Its okay princes. And thank you ?
Kavya with a naughty smile: Spoiling my milk.
Swara: Naughty girl.
Ragini: Swara I will clean the floor you go and clean your saree.
Swara: Hmmm!!
Swara goes to her washroom and without noticing that Sanky is also inside she enters it. She slips on a soap and is about to fall when Sanskar holds her. be intehan song is played in the bg. They have an eye lock. They are lost in each others eyes and reach a deserted world . After sometime they compose themselves and come back to the original world.
Thought I couldn’t live without you
It’s gonna hurt when it heals too
Even though I really love you
I’m gonna smile cause I deserve to
Quickly I’m learning to love again
All I know is I’mma be ok
Sanskar: Why the hell you came here?

Swara: It was your fault. You had not locked the door. Anyways I have not seen anything.
She starts to laugh in a childish manner. Sanskar is mesmerized to see her laughing in this way. Suddenly he realizes that he is in towel. He holds his towel and asks her to go. Swara goes down laughing. She shares her reason of laughing with Parinneta and Ragini.
Raglak room:
Laksh comes to his room and sees Ragini keeping the clothes in the cupboard. He goes and hugs Ragini from behind.
Ragini: Laksh what are you doing? Anyone will see us…..
Laksh: Let them see. I am not doing any crime. I am romancing with my wife.
Ragini: But Laksh…….
Laksh keeps his hand on her mouth. He kisses her forhead. She closes her eyes. He then kiss her lips.!
Swara feels dizzy and she falls on the floor. Everyone gathers and they call the doctor. Doctor comes and after checking her he says that she fainted because of stress and weakness. He asks the family to take special care of her. Ragini prepares her favourite food and goes to her room to giver her.
Ragini: Swara I feel like you are concealing something fro me.
Swara: No Ragini.
Ragini: Is everything okay between you and Sanskar?
Swara fighting with her tears to not flow says YES!
Ragini: You are lying.

Swara sense that now it is impossible to hide anything from her sister. She cries her heart out and Says everything to Ragini. Ragini was shocked to listen her. She was proud that she have such a brave sister who is fighting with her own fate.
Swara: I am sorry Ragu.
Ragini: Swara pack your bags immediately. You will not stay here.
Swara: Ragini… Some say love is blind but love is challenged in all sense. Because no matter how hard we try but it always surprise us. Sometimes pleasant ones… Sometimes shocking ones. May be destiny had deceided a shocking one for me….. I will stay here and change him. I will make him my Sanskar. Please Ragini lete me stay here.
Seeing her sisters curiosity she decided to let her do and not stop her.
Ragini: But promise you will not harm yourselve.
Swara : I promise.
Swara: Sanskar! I am feeling exhausted. Can we go out for a while?
Sanskar raises his eyebrows and says you are ordering me?
Swara: No I am requesting you.
Sanskar: I don’t have time for this. And also its cold out. Don’t go…
Swara: But I want to go..

Sanskar: Go!!
Swara was walking all alone on a dimly lit street. Sudeenly someone grabbed her by her arms. Swara thaught it was Sanskar. She hugged him and Said I knew you would come. When she parted from that man and lifted her face to see his face under the street light she was shocked. She stepped back. He was not her Sanskar. Many thoughts were floating in her mind. Everything happened in the blink of eye. She had no time to react. Before she could retaliate what was happening the man tried to pull her close to him. Swara screamed her heart out. She tried to list her body and push herself away. But she was not strong enough. The man overpowered her and pulled her back. She panicked. She breathed heavily. Her left wrist got hurt when the man pulled her. She looked for any people on the road. She recalled the moment when Sanskar asked her not to go. She cursed herself for not listening to him. She creamed for help. Seeing her screaming the man pressed her mouth. The tight grip on her face hurted her. Her eyes were searching for her Sanskar. She regained all her strength and shouted SANSKAR! Utilizing all her energy she pushed the man down on the road. She started to run. But the road stretched and stretched yet no on e was there on the cold night for her help. She swa someone at the end of the road. Her heart stopped beating as she came face to face with him. The blood in her veins froze.

Precap: Swara identifying the man.



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