SwaraSanskar analysis

Hi frnds im savya..Here i have analysis on swara sanskar or swasan……So lets start..

In the begining of the show they shows laksh n swara loves each other n ragini also loves laksh….

But our mahan swara jst ask her sister ragini “If she have any problem with this mirriage”Then after receiving answer frm ragini..Swara is ready to marry laksh..

Then sanskar comes To takes his revenge for his love kavita…
Ragini does many plans n finally marry laksh…Swara Does fake mirriage with sanskar to expose ragini…Ok here we can understand her situation she wants to unite her mom dad…

Then The track shows sanskar began to love swara….ok im also belive in second love but Sanskar is the person who Stay away frm his family for his first love kavita n also he came back to take revenge n he just see mahanta of swara n forget his revenge..He realise his mistake n turn hero frm villan…Ok
Thats ok..
Bt when kavita is back …He should accept kavita coz He were in love with her.. Kavita loves his so much..More than this mahan swara who realised her love towerds sanskar at same time..

How can sanskar forget kavita coz he spent more time with her than swara… He jst slent some month with swara…
How can he????…really i dont like
this concept…If sanskars love was true then he should accept kavita…
But his love was not true so he leave kavita bcoz of swara n he belive that he loves swara…

On the other hand our swara..Who first claim to love laksh n later forgot him n started to love Sanskar bcoz her love towerds him was not strong…If she loves him she Should forgive laksh n moves on with him….
Swarasanskar i dont like their love story coz they hurt those person once upon time they loved Them..

Ragini is better than swasan…Who loves laksh till the end..Who forgive his all mistakes(I agree some mistakes are done by ragini also bt she did for her love)…Raginis love were true & pure not like swara sanskar…

Credit to: Savya


  1. Paru

    Are u really want a fight b/w swara and Ragini fans??
    Swasan and Raglak fan..?
    Helly and teju fan..?
    I really doubt someone is behind the bar
    Recently read article against Ragini and Ragini fans..?
    Are u the same person posting that article i really doubt?

  2. Paru

    I kindly request dont bash..any Ragini. Or Raglak fans for this…these people r just attention seekers to brought fight b/w both

  3. Shipra


    |Registered Member

    Though i am a fan of Ragini,i choose to disagree.First love need not always be true love.Maybe Laksh was Swara’s first love but not true love. And Swasan did move on. Swara sacrificed her love for her sister.she did something which Ragini was supposed to do as Swalak loved each other.And Sanskaar moved on thinking Kavitha is dead.How can he leave his wife for someone who was in his past? I am a Ragini fan and i do agree she love Laksh more than Swara. But her love is pure after she left her wrong ways.Before it was just obsession,for which she harmed her own sister and mother.

  4. tanu

    Oh plz u ragini fans stop bashing about swasan first analysis krna tha to ragini pe krte ki kse ragini ne apne first love n last love ko hasil kiya …kisi ki b love story ko compare krna band kro ye koi swaragini akela show to h nahi ki first love hi pura ho …swara n sanskar r prefect for each other …is type ki negativity ki vajah se hi mghw ragini pasnd nhi

  5. Anu

    Oo really!! Ragini is better..from which angle..can u tell me…she tried to kill swara 2 times..she kidnap her..she try to prove her characterless…her love for laksh is not at all true..nd about swasan better u don’t say a word about them…there love story is pure..not like raglak…jhooti..dhoka…raglak ki shadi hi dhoka thi..unka pyaar hi bekar tha..swasan ki love story is pure..both luv each other…has kch logo h jinko unka pyaar nhi dikhta..like u…

  6. Bisha

    Cheap tricks to add fuel to the fire. Will you stop this? Without judging situations neutrally, how can you write one-sided views? Unworthy of analyzing anything.

  7. lisa

    raginiz is not love ots just only obsession and lust..she always lusting after laksh..nd nagini didnt do any mistakes shr did crime nasty crimes..if raginis love is true den shr really sacrifice her love.she just only want hersrlf happy.nothing else and u say raginiz lust for laksh as a pure love.
    true love is trust and understanding not forcefull and stupidity.

    our swasan love is full of trust and understanding
    but ur soo called naginiz love is forcefull and stupid love..

    it is ragini who always try to seduce laksh..she always want a physical relation ship.and her nasty dreams of havng s**x with laksh..its really indicating shr lusting after laksh and u say it as a pure love..

    it is swara who try to sacrifice her love twice.1st laksh then kavitha bcm she rrady to sacrifice her love..dats pure love..selfless love..sanskar 1st accept kavitha but later he realises his love..so stop jealous of our swasan.

    by reading ur article i understand u r a big fan of nagini and big hater of swara and swasan..soo jealous of our swasan naa????go nd love smone den u understand d feelng of love..

    nd stop callng swara as mahan..ur nagini is playing a big mahan role now..so go and call ur soo called ragini as a mahan..ur ragini is a dumbhead behenjii..coward



    some actors also ignite fire btw swasan nd raglak now u fans too start by writng such stupid articles

    • Drishya


      |Registered Member

      I totally agree with u swasan love is pure swasan forever …..no one can replace their love story…. Proud to be swasan fan

      • Shipra


        |Registered Member

        Sorry to say lisa but your comment too can ignite a fire between Swasan and Raglak fans.Swasan love is pure…true.But Evn Raglak love is pure now since Ragini changed for good. The girl who tried to kill her sister,was also the girl who got stabbed in the process of saving her sister.You can’t live in the past.And the reply to such analysis needs to be given in a proper way without hurting the sentiments of any fan.Some parts of your comment are true but the other parts are enough to create a fight between Swasan and Raglak fans.

  8. Maryam

    Hey…what the hell are u saying huh…mind ur tongue dear…not a word against swasan…I am not saying any bad thing but when swasan fans will read this they will surely bad mouth u….so never bad mouth swasan..

  9. Jahanara

    Very Very Sorry For Being Rude But I Didnt Support Ragini That Time When She Did Wrong Now I M Support Ragini Because She Support Her Mother When No One Is There For Her. Sorry Once Again Plz Forgive Me

  10. Drishya


    |Registered Member

    I don’t agree with u sorry first love and true love is very different…. As if u r saying sanskar has come to take revenge…. Because he thinks…that they have murdered kavita but when swara realizes his mistake…. He back off…as per swara laksh never believe…. Swara….how could she love the person who never believe her…swara falls for sanskar because he always stands for her and sanskar falls for her because she never thinks for herself but only for her mom dad to unite….their love story is so diff ….and if u r saying Ragini loves only one person ….if she has truly love laksh then she should be happy for the marriage of laksh and swara but she….broke laksh and swara marriage only for her one sided love….

    • Drishya


      |Registered Member

      And if u r saying Ragini’s love is pure but no swasan love is more pure they love each other unconditionally… They believe each other …..if one gets hurt ….other have pain in their eyes they fight for each other

    • Drishya


      |Registered Member

      Sorry if I hurt u but I am a die hard fan of swasan so I can’t listen anything against them and their love story

  11. azure

    if u dont like swasan its okk but dont write this type of articles..if u want then you can write an article on ragini not by insulting swasan
    why you try to make a fight between swasan and raglak fans.they are already fighting.dont add mote fuel to it.
    and whatever you wrote is wrong.beacausebyou only thing swasan love in a negative way.you imagined swasan love by hating swara thats why you can’t see the pure love of swasan.sorry to say but i felt swasan love is far far far far far far better than ragini’s love.swasan love is pure love.just watch their scenes you can understand

    • Paru

      Are u seriously agree with this article… After raglak marriage ….wen truth comeout she should go with him..with her sister husband…. In sanskar case after his marriage with swara.he fall in love with her bz he believe kavitha is dead.. He should go with his ex ..love by left his wife…then it should be pure..?

  12. Mica


    |Registered Member

    ooohhhh don’t be upset dear, swara is LOVABLE ,,,hahahaha
    -a single movement from Swara, Durga Prasad change the rule of maheswary.
    -a single saree ooops smile of Swara, Laksh got down his knee, proposing swara again and again, disregarding she is his bhabhi.
    -a single word from Swara, Sanskar realized the mistakes and back off from his revenge.
    -a single good intention from Swara, Sanskar falling in love to her.

    did you remember, even ragini spent more time with Sanskar, partner of crime, but did Sanskar fallen in love to ragini ? big NO……hahahaha

    yeah ragini’s love so pure until she tried to kill her sister, ignoring laksh’s happiness,
    How selfish she was.
    is that true love to hurt your beloved one ? hahahaha
    oh dear, you are so immature, can’t distinguish between possession and faithfulness.

    oh ya, Swara could easily back to Laksh, since laksh begged her to back on his life, but Swara rejected him for Ragini’s happiness.
    How kind she is.

  13. Sammy


    |Registered Member

    First of all …one can fall for anyone. For sanskar kavita was dead ..so he started feeling for swara …who unite him with his family … he fall for her selfless nature …and trust me. .if you would meet some good guy you will like him or her …and here kavita was dead …so he decided to give chance to his life again …getting away from all draknesss ….her care ..her love brought ..a smile on his face …and when kavita come back …he still care for her …but he never forget that he is married man. .. and one more thing honey …people generally divorced each other when they unable to spend some time with each other . Think as your own lady if you don’t spend some time with The person who loves you …then he will leave you …it practical …pls come out of fairy tale stories …where princess wait for years for Prince …be practical …and ya true love is the love which is there with you when you land in some problem …just want to say one word girl …grow up:-) πŸ™‚

  14. Naina

    Stop bashing swasan or raglak. It is a serial reel nt real. Y u guys tak it so seriously?enjoy serial nd der chemestry tats it. I lov all. They r so cute.😊😊

  15. Anniya


    |Registered Member

    Plz. Listen me all swasan fans don’t need to calirfy anything here we all know our swasan love is pure or not. Only one thing it’s always not imp. first love is true love and life is about moving on.

  16. Golden girl

    What is the difference between sahil and ragini. Sahil and kavita and better than ragini. Hate her. Shameless. And you, whatever happened with laksh on his marriage, if the same happen with you will you be happy that you are obsessively loved by some pervert like ragini. Think before writing. Because of people like you, acid is being thrown on girls now a days. Your thoughts are not savya, they are apasavya

    • Shipra


      |Registered Member

      I guess you are not following the serial now.Now Ragini has changed,she got stabbed to save her sister and was ready to leave Laksh for her family’s sake.Stop judging people based on their past,respect them for the change in them.And btw do you even think before you make a statement?Men throw acid on girls because they hurt their ego for rejecting them.How can u make such disgusting statement?Do you even know the suffering of an acid victim?Acid attackers and rapists are disgusting,but people like you who use these terms in such a manner is even more disgusting.

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      sorry Shipra….i thought golden girl talked bout the past since the author talked about the past too.
      golden girl put a comparison of ragini’s love, sahil’s love and kavita’s love to counter the author statement that ragini’s crime due her love was true/pure love,
      if the author or few ragini’s fans ever think that ragini’s crime was true love, and supported her (i saw same kind of this statement few back ago ). Did they support sahil’s act, kavita’s act, the murder case in the name of love,or even people who throw acids to their beloved girls ?(throwing acids it not just bout ego, there is obsession feeling inside).
      Golden girl tried to tough a lesson to those immature fans bout possession. wish you understand.
      eventough they are ragini’s fans, they shouldn’t support ragini’s past crime. it’s horrible.
      moreover, ragini changed now and we are happy.

  17. DC1


    |Registered Member

    Please dear, now Stop it. Your analysis shows that you are a Ragini fan but that gives you no right to insult Swasan. If you wanted…. You could have written something good about Ragini but after writing this… The fight between Swasan and Raglak would just increase. Please think twice before writing something like this as it hurts others feeling.

  18. sahana

    First of all, Do you think that love means you can do anything to obtain it?

    Laksh’s mistakes are called mistakes.. but Ragini’s, you are not ready to accept it?

    Love does not mean having them with u.. It does not mean thinking only about urself.. It does not mean forgetting all other relationships.

    trying to murder a person just bcos u love them? That’s fair? i don’t think so.

    As for swasan.. it’s ur prejudice against swara that’s making u reply that..
    raglak are really cute now and swasan were always cute..

    in my opinion, swalak was nothing more than childish infatuation with the idea of love.. as for kavsan, i cannot say, but ppl do move on.. idk what it is.. but u cannot deny the love sanskaar has for swara.

    and love.. love means the ability to sacrifice ur happiness for another, that’s what it means.. and while old ragini didn’t know that.. now she does, and this new ragini is the one who truly loves laksh..

    as for this analysis, it was a waste of time bcos it was unnecessary.. starting a fight between swasan and raglak fans is the last thing we need.

    I love both swasan and raglak both.. DO NOT MAKE ME HATE EITHER PAIR BCOS OF PPL LIKE U

  19. Mahjabeen

    Wat evr u said savya ws totally wrong..i thnk u dnt undrstand da meaning of love only..i dnt want to bash ne one but lstn its nt needed always dat da frst love is only love..watevr laksh did on swalak marraige ws totally wrng..he didnt trust swara nd married ragini..his love toward swara was not pure..without trust there is no relationship..i m proud to b swasan fan..thy trust ech other a lot nd stand wth ech other in evry hurdle nd happines…there love is so pure nd true..so pls if u dnt like swasan so better dnt say nethng against dem..dnt bash…

  20. Golden girl

    If you need attention get it positively. Praise ragini but dare not to mention swara. Now who is playing mahaan by faking pregnancy, idiot ragini it is. She can be mahaan but nobody else, what a partiality. Hypocrites you and your ragini

  21. Vaikha


    |Registered Member

    Ooh just common yaar.. Don’t ever come up with such utter nonsense analysis.. First about swara.. Yes swara loved laksh.. Trust is the basic of such relations..She was honest but what did laksh give her in return.. Did he trust her.. Just by some vague doubts and that cheapo raginis words and suicide drama he just forgot abt his love and decided to marry his fiancee’s sister.. They started their new life..But yeah still swara need not move on in her life and should wait for that guy who had not trusted her and stand by her side when she needed him the most..
    Now about Sanskar marrying Swara.. Yeah as u said for their family.. Its quite usual children do some kind of sacrifices for their parents.. Its not being mahan or showing that they are mahan to the society.. Its all the love and care children have for their parents.. But some cheapos in the society wont understand.. They are not used to such emotions… Not their fault.. Its all about their upbringing and values they have been taught..
    Now kavsan.. They were in a relation.. Sanskar loved her deeply.. But their fate they got separated.. Sanskar was haunted by her memories for many years and then moved on.. Its human nature dear.. Then married swara..As every couples do they stood for each other and gradually fell in love.. Loving some one is not a crime i guess.. It need not be a relation for years or decades.. It just take a minute to fall in love.. They had a couple of months to understand each other and atlast the married couple fell in love.. At that moment kavitha gave a come back.. For the so called love sake both swasan were trying hard to get divorced for making kavsan getting married.. But they failed.. Bcs swasan wer in love.. Even if not so how could a husband or wife get departed if some ex lovers give a come back in their life.. Dont u feel it is rodiculous..If lovers share a pure relation then for ur kind information marriage life is the purest one.. Husband and wife shares the most pious relationship.. Two body and one soul they are.. So wen some ex lovers come back u need them to get separated and accept their ex lovers.. If so most of the married people in the whole world need to get divorced and remarry to their ex lovers if they were separated due to some MU..Not only that y a guy need to marry a girl who killed a lady for getting back her love nd corner his wife for that murder.. She was nuts and u need a guy spoil his life by marrying a pshyco.. Grow up dear.. Think wide atleat think sensibly..
    Now last but not the least the Great Ragini.. Yeah she only loved laksh.. Then why the hell she suggested laksh to move on with marrying swara.. For her so called love she tried to kill her sister.. Separate her parents.. Kidnap her mom vagera vagera.. Hahahaaa… True and pure love.. Common.. I was laughing like hell..She was not in love.. She was having an obsession or some serious mental disorders.. For what ever she had performed in the past is what a mentally sick person do.. Not any normal human behave so.. Yeah but still the murderer.. Kidnapper cheapo ragini is the best.. Better give the Mahan title to Ragini.. Suits her more i guess.. Psycho mahan who loved a single person nd to marry him committed all the mistakes a woman can not even think.. Kudosss to her nd the ones who believe their love is the best..

    Im a die hard swasan fan.. I love their relation and adore it.. I agree.. But no such hatred to raglak.. But still ur analysis made me react.. Pls from next time think something sensible and then post.. Dont come up with such utter crap nd fire again in Swasan Raglak fans.. No heart feelings. Just said what i felt..

    “Swasan is the bestest and their love saga is adorable”πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

  22. Golden girl

    Laksh when married kavya, it was worth watching. Laksh did the same trick with ragini. Were you happy that time. Put yourself in place of swara on the day of her marriage with laksh and then write such articles.

  23. Heltej


    |Registered Member

    One min of silence… For writing this so called lovable post… You have done a fantastic job… I appreciate your time for writing this post… ! U had done mind blowing job… By Adding more fuel in the wardom of swaragini!
    If u truly loved ragini… U wouldn’t have wrote this post… And kid… This is just a serial… Please dont apply this type of tricks in real life… Dont break someone’s relations(love, friendship etc)… U will be cursed… Try to appreciate other instead keeping negative vibes
    Kid… Grow up πŸ™‚

  24. neha

    It was just a story no need to do this much bashing if u don’t like them say in a single sentence y need to write such a big note I didn’t liked it at allπŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…

  25. sneha


  26. Aarti

    I jst want to say one thing if u love two people at the same time choose the second coz if u really lobe the first one then u wouldn’t have fallen in love wid the second..and its people like u who are some gossiping ladies type wanna jst enjoy while making others fight

  27. SR

    Yaar plz stop …dont add fuel in fire…
    Dont ever try to break swasan raglak fandom bonding.. There are many people who loves swasan raglak and swaragini…
    I dont think so u r a Ragini fan…if u r plz post something good about her…instead of bad mouthing others…

  28. Bresh

    Such an attention seeker b*t*h…creating more problems between fans…shame on u for this post…u should have thought a hundred time before posting this post…guys plzz don’t give attention to this idiot..she has enough time to write bullshiet about swara instead of praising her so called ragini… Nd dear pure love doesn’t mean u should get it..it means sacrificing as well…not snatching ur sister love…total bullshiet…ur mind is full of bullshiet…idiot b*t*h…next time plzz think before u post anything about our swara…

  29. Bresh

    I am sorry for my language but u really pissed me off…spread love..not negative
    Vibes…I just can’t believe it..chi

  30. RUPA


    |Registered Member

    Are u out of ur mind???

    sanskar truly loves swara and coming to kavita it’s just infactuation.

    swara was forced or rather circumstances made her to think she love laksh but she realised wat is true love when she is wit sanky.

    And even laksh loved swara but now he claims to love ragini. so u see both sides.

    coming to ragini i don’t have any problem with her but u know she cheated everyone for her love or obssession and swara sacrificed for ragini but r just saying ragini gr8 and all but just look with open eyes.

    actually ur raglak fan or rather i would say ragini and want to defame swara with ur so called useless points.

    why don’t u get it it’s just a show??

    why u want create rift between swara and ragini or swasan and raglak fans???

    Heltej are buddies they don’t have any problem. so wat problem do u have wen they r frnds do u want create rift between them???

    such cheap stunts……..chiii…….it’s really disgusting.

  31. Sumeeta


    |Registered Member

    grow up savya.ur post is too immature nd illogical.think practically dear.it s not always true that first love is always true love.
    raginis character is most delusional character that time.atfirst she convinced swara to accept laksh love nd after that being obsessive she try to kill her sister nd doing lots of drama to get laksh.nd laksh character is very much childish. he did not trust trust swara aur got married with ragini.is this the defination of love.aur swara move on from laksh because she know that laksh did not worth her love.nd if swara did not move on to tumahare ragini ko laksh kaha se milte bosss.ragini was did many crime to get haq from laksh.if u try this in ur life na you will fall into the jail next time.kyuki tumhe bachane k liye swara jaisi koi mahan person na hogi tumahare piche.aur sanskar soch ta tha kavita is dead.so he move on his life nd fell for swara.kisi se pyar karna galti nahi hai.ab jab kavita wapas ayi to he was already in love with swara.to kavita ko kaise manta.tum ne jo likha hai woh bhi practically try mat karna.if u married nd spend a good nd lovable life nd in the next moment tumahare partner ki ex ajaye to tum apne partner ko divorce de do ge kya.think nd answer.
    laksh ne bhi achha kam nahi kiya abhi tak.jaise ragini ne kiya tha waise hi laksh ditch kia tha ragini ko shadi ko mandap pe sayad tumhe achha laga hoga.kyuki tumahare hissab ye to sahi chij hai.tumahare saat aisa hota to tumhe kaisa lagta.tumhe dukh nahi hota sayad.par main tumhe bol du agar laksh sara raat jag kar ragini ki seba aur usko pyar nahi jataya hota to ragini phirse kabhi laksh ko shadi nahi karti.tab to tumhe ragini ki pyaar bhi pyaar nahi lagta ragini bhi achha nahi lagiti.
    so post karne se pahle thoda soch k post kia kora.
    aur post kia hi to reply dia karo

  32. Kaynatk01


    |Registered Member

    and dear savya you have criticised here swasan i can also criticise ragini and laksh but i will not bcoz i also love them though they have done wrong but i will not do what you have done you should have done which both fans should not fight but you created more mess well good now only few are accepting your post most are aginst it bcoz its not right

  33. Silent_writer


    |Registered Member

    I m totally disagreeing I m fan of ragini but that doesn’t means I thought something like that ok if u don’t like the concept soo plzz keep iit in urur mind if u post these type of analysis than swasan fans don’t stop bashing n if u r real fan of teju than don’t post these kind of status will hurt swasan fans….

  34. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Sorry dear if my words hurt you! I am a big Raglak Fan and moreover a big Ragini/Teju fan, I like all the 4 couples revolving around SR like Raglak Ragsan Swalak Swasan but still I will call myself a Teja fan first then the fan of any couple!
    Look dear I don’t feel Laksh ever loved Swara it may be his infatuation as if he loved her u would have believed her but a big NO it was not his love! At least he didn’t love Swara! Just that he must be attracted to Swara because of her personality, here I mean that Swara is today’s girl like she is modern, bold, confident and enthusiastic despite, Ragini is also beautiful but she is Sanskaari types, she is indeed sweet, living but behen ji types (behen ji is not a bad word and it is good that you are wearing cultural clothes with the traditional touch) and Laksh is a very cool type boy and likes modern girls!
    Indeed Ragini’s love was true, but it led to the wrong path but still I love Ragini, because Teja portrayed the character amazingly πŸ‘Œ And I believe the more we hate a -ve character the more the actor portrayed it well! Hats off to you Teja!
    Well coming to Swasan dear Sanky was assuming Kavita dead and not a single dead person returns! For him Kavita was dead he was unaware of the reality! Have you read or watched the movie BEAUTY AND THE BEAST the same case is with Swasan, Swara’s good side changed Sanskaar, and till Kavita returned I was fully in love with Swara, and who said 1st love is true always! True love wins at the end!
    I am a Raglak and Swasan Fan!
    Moreover I am a Swaragini!

  35. anu

    disguesting.. what you want you really want to make swasan and raglak fan for fight? please dont make this type of post…

  36. bhagyashree baruah

    tumlog so called raglak fans apni kartutto se kbhi baaj nhi aaogi..tumlog same to same mahaan aatma ragini jaisi ho…acid bhari huyi h tumlogo k mind me…πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

  37. bhagyashree baruah

    SwaSan is better than your so called RagLak…πŸ˜πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜πŸ˜ SwaSan love is pure,selfless, true… tumlogo ka raglak k jaisa fake nhi h…SwaSAN KA PYAAR..😏😘😍😘

  38. Jin_ki_Sayo

    isse kehte hai aag mein ghee dalna
    baby tumhe Love ka actual meaning v pata hai? ya fir ragini, sahil, kavita jaise hi pagalpan ko sachha pyaar samajti ho?
    aisa hai toh tumhare bhagwan se main dua karti hu tumko v aisa hi pyaar karne wala mile
    fir pata chalega k kya pyaar hai aur kya torture….
    SwaSan is a love saga written in stars
    jaroori nahi k apna pehla pyaar hi sachha pyaar ho
    kabhi kabhi jindagi pehle pyar mein thokar deti hai, taki jab sachha pyaar apke samne ho apko uski ehmiyat pata ho…
    Swara ko der se sahi pr Sanskaar ki pyaar ka ehsaas hua aur khud ka v
    pr main ye lecture tumhe kyu derahi hu
    ausa karo, jake Roll no.21 ya motu patlu dekho
    pyaar ka analysis dene ki umar nahi lagti tumhari

    • bhagyashree baruah

      sayo…😁😜😜😜😜😁😁😁 sahi kahan..inhe roll no.21 or motu potlu hi dkhna chahiye…😁😝😝😜

  39. akaashi

    arey yaar!!y do ppl post such things under analysis!!!wen u knw wt wud b the end result y did u write such things?even raglak fans r nt agreeing with u.im a die heart raglak fan n i dnt agree with u.ua jst creating fight tats it.plz dnt post such things.if u dnt lyk swasan ignore tm.dnt write such things. praise ua fav n respect others.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.