SwaraSanskar analysis

Hi frnds im savya..Here i have analysis on swara sanskar or swasan……So lets start..

In the begining of the show they shows laksh n swara loves each other n ragini also loves laksh….

But our mahan swara jst ask her sister ragini “If she have any problem with this mirriage”Then after receiving answer frm ragini..Swara is ready to marry laksh..

Then sanskar comes To takes his revenge for his love kavita…
Ragini does many plans n finally marry laksh…Swara Does fake mirriage with sanskar to expose ragini…Ok here we can understand her situation she wants to unite her mom dad…

Then The track shows sanskar began to love swara….ok im also belive in second love but Sanskar is the person who Stay away frm his family for his first love kavita n also he came back to take revenge n he just see mahanta of swara n forget his revenge..He realise his mistake n turn hero frm villan…Ok
Thats ok..
Bt when kavita is back …He should accept kavita coz He were in love with her.. Kavita loves his so much..More than this mahan swara who realised her love towerds sanskar at same time..

How can sanskar forget kavita coz he spent more time with her than swara… He jst slent some month with swara…
How can he????…really i dont like
this concept…If sanskars love was true then he should accept kavita…
But his love was not true so he leave kavita bcoz of swara n he belive that he loves swara…

On the other hand our swara..Who first claim to love laksh n later forgot him n started to love Sanskar bcoz her love towerds him was not strong…If she loves him she Should forgive laksh n moves on with him….
Swarasanskar i dont like their love story coz they hurt those person once upon time they loved Them..

Ragini is better than swasan…Who loves laksh till the end..Who forgive his all mistakes(I agree some mistakes are done by ragini also bt she did for her love)…Raginis love were true & pure not like swara sanskar…

Credit to: Savya

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  1. Kaynatk01

    really its disgusting dear you really wanna make fight between fans you have did this thing wrong u r not a raglak fan

  2. Kaynatk01

    and swasan fans we will not comment on it let it be we will not fight anymore bas

  3. Kaynatk01

    and dear savya you have criticised here swasan i can also criticise ragini and laksh but i will not bcoz i also love them though they have done wrong but i will not do what you have done you should have done which both fans should not fight but you created more mess well good now only few are accepting your post most are aginst it bcoz its not right

  4. Silent_writer

    I m totally disagreeing I m fan of ragini but that doesn’t means I thought something like that ok if u don’t like the concept soo plzz keep iit in urur mind if u post these type of analysis than swasan fans don’t stop bashing n if u r real fan of teju than don’t post these kind of status will hurt swasan fans….

    1. Kaynatk01

      well said dear

  5. Sanjanaagrawal

    Disgusting dear …. u r arising fight between the fans just hate tis article … don’t dare to say against my helly …

  6. Zuha Fatima

    Sorry dear if my words hurt you! I am a big Raglak Fan and moreover a big Ragini/Teju fan, I like all the 4 couples revolving around SR like Raglak Ragsan Swalak Swasan but still I will call myself a Teja fan first then the fan of any couple!
    Look dear I don’t feel Laksh ever loved Swara it may be his infatuation as if he loved her u would have believed her but a big NO it was not his love! At least he didn’t love Swara! Just that he must be attracted to Swara because of her personality, here I mean that Swara is today’s girl like she is modern, bold, confident and enthusiastic despite, Ragini is also beautiful but she is Sanskaari types, she is indeed sweet, living but behen ji types (behen ji is not a bad word and it is good that you are wearing cultural clothes with the traditional touch) and Laksh is a very cool type boy and likes modern girls!
    Indeed Ragini’s love was true, but it led to the wrong path but still I love Ragini, because Teja portrayed the character amazingly ? And I believe the more we hate a -ve character the more the actor portrayed it well! Hats off to you Teja!
    Well coming to Swasan dear Sanky was assuming Kavita dead and not a single dead person returns! For him Kavita was dead he was unaware of the reality! Have you read or watched the movie BEAUTY AND THE BEAST the same case is with Swasan, Swara’s good side changed Sanskaar, and till Kavita returned I was fully in love with Swara, and who said 1st love is true always! True love wins at the end!
    I am a Raglak and Swasan Fan!
    Moreover I am a Swaragini!

  7. disguesting.. what you want you really want to make swasan and raglak fan for fight? please dont make this type of post…

  8. bhagyashree baruah

    tumlog so called raglak fans apni kartutto se kbhi baaj nhi aaogi..tumlog same to same mahaan aatma ragini jaisi ho…acid bhari huyi h tumlogo k mind me…?????

  9. bhagyashree baruah

    SwaSan is better than your so called RagLak…????? SwaSan love is pure,selfless, true… tumlogo ka raglak k jaisa fake nhi h…SwaSAN KA PYAAR..????

  10. isse kehte hai aag mein ghee dalna
    baby tumhe Love ka actual meaning v pata hai? ya fir ragini, sahil, kavita jaise hi pagalpan ko sachha pyaar samajti ho?
    aisa hai toh tumhare bhagwan se main dua karti hu tumko v aisa hi pyaar karne wala mile
    fir pata chalega k kya pyaar hai aur kya torture….
    SwaSan is a love saga written in stars
    jaroori nahi k apna pehla pyaar hi sachha pyaar ho
    kabhi kabhi jindagi pehle pyar mein thokar deti hai, taki jab sachha pyaar apke samne ho apko uski ehmiyat pata ho…
    Swara ko der se sahi pr Sanskaar ki pyaar ka ehsaas hua aur khud ka v
    pr main ye lecture tumhe kyu derahi hu
    ausa karo, jake Roll no.21 ya motu patlu dekho
    pyaar ka analysis dene ki umar nahi lagti tumhari

    1. bhagyashree baruah

      sayo…???????? sahi kahan..inhe roll no.21 or motu potlu hi dkhna chahiye…????

  11. arey yaar!!y do ppl post such things under analysis!!!wen u knw wt wud b the end result y did u write such things?even raglak fans r nt agreeing with u.im a die heart raglak fan n i dnt agree with u.ua jst creating fight tats it.plz dnt post such things.if u dnt lyk swasan ignore tm.dnt write such things. praise ua fav n respect others.

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