Swara’s sad story OS


Hi guys again back with a os.it is taken from a novel a it is very heart touching so thought to share with u all.and it is taken from novel aktan lagan.

*Story began*
The girl name is like flower. She was pure and clean like flower. Her name is swara.her mom die when she was six.her father shekhar married again for her sake with kaveri but this time also her fate became pale.because step mom is always step not own mom .She was very Living ,active girl. She uses to live in darkness but never let anyone stay in darkness. She always used to cry.she wanted to study but her step mom never let her her step sister kavita. Always act good in front of swara to get information from her .swara is swara who believe everyone .she used to say her single to single thing to kavita.she used to cry for other if they get hurt but she never cry for herself.she used to love a boy name sanskar .who was her neighbor.but can’t tell any thing because of shyness. Ragini was her best friend .she was a prankster and she was very brave.but they were like soul sister .swara used to share her every happiness and sadness .swara tell about sanskar to her and ragini said okay now it is my responsibility to fulfil ur wish.sanskar was not aware about swara.ragini used to read in the college here sanskar used to read .so it was easy for ragini to make him her friend .they slowly became friend .they fall for each other when ragini is around sanskar she forgot swara ‘s promise.sanskar propose her and she accept it.and then when ever swara come to her ask about sanskar a he always divert the topic.slowly slowly swara come to know about ragini’s feeling for sanskar .she get off from there way.because swara has a great ability of holding patience. Swara got them married and then her step mom sell her to a 55 year old man.she got her married. After 4 year of her mrg she became widow. She was 8 month pregnant. And on the other hand ragini don’t have the ability of being a mother. This was only to swara and sanskar.swara was suffering from blood cancer at that time swara give birth to a girl.swara has very less time left in her life .she want to see ragini for last time .ragini come with sanskar and then swara hand over the baby to ragini and say plz take care of my child give him ur name and think this child as ur own child.ragini cry bitterly. Swara say :ra…gu……pl..z…do..nt…cry……ragini tell every thing to sanskar and say sry and sanskar also break down a he also used to love her.swara was his first love but not getting any response from her he thought she don’t love him.sanskar take swara’s head in his lap and swara breath her last in his lap with a broad smile.

Guys I know it was a very sad story but plz don’t bush me.and good and bad comments are welcome.

Morality :never trust any one blindly trust ur own and believe in own.

With love
Die hard friend of swasan.♡☆jum

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  1. Sooo sad…

  2. Priya

    U made me cry… aweaome touching emotional story… super ya

  3. Ya her fate is so sad….but good one

  4. Sree

    Very emotional ??

  5. Soujanya


  6. I m crying after reading it

  7. Nisha_Anu

    So sad. I never read the novel but this Made me cry ? ? ?

  8. Nice dear.. Emotional story

  9. Pallavibaby

    Very emotional…you made me cry

  10. Aww so nice loved it

  11. Isabel

    Emotional but nice

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