Swara’s memory to come back….

Hold your breath…. Shocked right but it’s true SwaSan are going to reunite in next week’s episodes…. I’m so excited so the scene is….
In IGT audition Sanskars wig falls due to sahils plan n swara comes to know that he is Sanskar not kissan…. Swara slaps him in front of everyone n runs from their they came outside swara is so dishearten that she doesn’t want to listen Sanskar…. in anger she asked divorce from Sanskar…. Sanskar try to make her understand but she is not listening him so he force fully lift her in his arms n drove to somewhere ….[ I don’t know where but may be through jungle….] in next video swara is running through jungle it’s look like she’s escaping from Sanskar n then she met sahil in jungle n tells him about kissan is Sanskar but in their convo swara comes to know about Sahil’s obsession towards her n she ran from their asking for help so basically Sanskar is finding swara, swara is escaping from sahil n in next video

Repeat of cliff scene….
Where SwaSan n sahil are at cliff…. Sahil is holding Swara with gun like rajat did…. as Sanskar approaches to them sahil threatens to shoot Sanskar…. It’s when swara start getting flashes of past incident she feels as if same thing happened before as well…. Sahil fires gun shot in air swara recollects all what happen in previously n her memory comes back…. just then sahil point gun towards Sanskar to shoot him so swara quickly bites sahils hand n push him hard so sahil fell on ground n swara rush to Sanskar n falls in his arms….
So Finally we can say welcome back SwaSan….????????

So are you guys excited…. Swara comes to know Sahil’s truth then SwaSan reunion…. I’m sooooooooo excited that when I watched the video I was grinning madly n jumping to…..

Drop your views too…..

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  1. Sumeeta

    In sbs shows that swara got shot and loose her sense in sanskar arm

    1. Anika....

      Ya it’s true but in you tube in which on location shooting videos shows that she just faint so I don’t know what’s real if anybnew olv gets out then I’ll surely inform you all…..

      1. Sumeeta

        But in sbb serial express main dikhaya ki ye plan sanskar sahill aur laksh milke kiye hai.i am confused?

    2. JITHA

      Yaar i too saw same thing in sbs,,,,but i think they must have made mixed up that air wala shot along with swara falling unconcious just to create some drama…..may be just thats it….anyway swara ki memory waapas ayi that itself a great news……i want to see her regret after learninghow she behaved rudy with our sanskar during memory loss…and iwant sanky to show some attitude..just for fun…

  2. Meher

    M dissappointed with memory loss track… They hv ended it abruptly.. .

    I thought it would be intense… But what we got… Irritating swara n helpless sanskar….

    They hv changed Swasan’s character completely… I want sanskar to be determined… N swara to be old jasoos…

    But at last they will give swasan

    1. Anika....

      Ya meher I too wanted something different in fact I thought we’ll see the new fresh love story but they bring such track n no love story of SwaSan…. Reunion of SwaSan is best in compair to SwaSan ongoing track….

  3. Awesome….thnk god swasan are uniting…

  4. Anika....

    Ya it’s true but in you tube in which on location shooting videos shows that she just faint so I don’t know what’s real if anybnew olv gets out then I’ll surely inform you all…..

  5. Anika....

    I guess SwaSan fans are so much excited to share the news of SwaSan reunion that everyone is posting I’m laughing madly but Shan you are the first so congo…..☺

    1. Abirsha

      ya dr i cant control my excitement…..:-)

  6. I just visit this site after so long and got this dhamekar news….directly reporting from heaven.. HAPPIEST PERSON….Yiepiee…SWASAN FOREVER ….

  7. oh god anika thankyou so much for sharing such an awesome news with us you made my day love u loads…???????????

    1. Anika....

      Welcome dear…..☺ n I’ll share if it gives happiness to SwaSanians …. Love too divya…..☺

  8. Deeksha

    yeah…………….even im so happy to hear the news……………swasan r back…………………

  9. Deeksha

    yeah…………….even im so happy to hear the news………swasan r back………..

  10. Guys swasan are not yet united after swara regain her memory sahil will shoot sanskar and sanskar will fall from d cliff and lose his memory he remember only kavitha so i think kavitha is back in swaragini but i dont know someone posted this news in facebook

    1. Sumeeta

      Its just a prank dear

  11. dear can u plz give the link of the video..even I wanna see that

    1. Anika....

      If read the link then do tell me n sry for late reply….☺

  12. excited..but sahil shoots swara… 🙁

  13. Rain_Lightwood

    I AM SO HAPPY! U KNOW I PERSONALLY FEEL THAT THEY SHOULD JUST MAKE SAHIL FORGET SWARA AND MAYBE- u know- maybe start Uttarahil? It’s my opinion guys I know all of u have diff opinions and most of u want Sahil to go but this is my opinion. Pls don’t mind peeps…

    1. Anika....

      Ya they can make uttrahil if they want keep his character in serial…. or they end up in something else like revenge…

      1. Rain_Lightwood

        Yeah like how it happened for Kavya but I srsly want Uttarahil for two reasons: a) I love Uttara. She’s my second fav character. And she needs someone nice in her life so they cud make Sahil nice and unite them and b) I love Anuj Sachdev and I hate seeing him in a negative role coz I’m so used to seeing him in a positive role as Manav from ChhanChhan so it’s annoying actually to see him all evil.

  14. i thnk its a plan of sanlak to gain swaraz mwmory back…sahil too involvd in plan..may or may not…
    bt in sbas it shws dat swara got shot…i dnt knw more abt it…….
    i thnk nw sahil helps to gain swaraz memory back nd den he play dou le game with swasan….
    d scene created exactly like whn rajat kidnappd swara….
    bt anywayz swara is lukng cute nd beautifull in dat dress….happy forvswasan reunion

  15. I hv even heard that in last sahil will shoot swara….actually I saw in SBS…in last when she was running towards sanky she got shot n became unconscious in sanskaar’s arm..

  16. Chaitali

    Is that true!!At last swasan will be United..can’t wait fir that moment..this memory loss track is really irritating..no intense scene of swasan…sometimes i was irritated with swara’s behaviour..what have the writers done with that bold swara’s character!

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