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Swara leaves from sanskar’s office. In the way she thought where to go. She was staying in the house for sanskar’s office staff. As she had left his office she thought to find a house. First she went to that house and started packing all her luggage. She was crying very badly. She saw a photo frame .It was her and sanskar’s photo. She hold that one and cried.

Swara – why sanskar why you did this with me. No may be my thought were right. You all celebraties are same. But ypu always loved me. Why. Sanskar today after holding my hand also you didn’t recognise me. If your love ended with my accident. god why you let me recover from coma why. And she cried more.

Here sanskar came back after dropping anjli home. When he returns back he saw shyam was sitting in his cabin.

Sanskar – are what happened to you?

Shyam -sir woh..

Sanskar – oho sorry yaar where is that girl what is her name shreya. I told her to wait but she left okay.

Shyam – sir before she left she left two letters for you. They were on your table. Okay sir i’m going just check them.

Sanskar – okay you go I’ll see that one.

Shyam leaves.

Sanskar goes and sits in his chair. He holds first one he was shocked because it was from swara

Sanskar – swara’s letter here but she was in coma. He started reading that letter.

Hi sanskar

How are you. Oho sorry wht i’m asking you this question . you should be okay na after all you get such a good wife. You always told me that you love me right but you are lier sanskar. You played well. Really first you convinced my parents so that i should say yesΒ  to you. How can you? You proved that really celebraties are so mean. What i had did with you that you played with me. You know what i recover from coma before 3 days. My first question was where is my sanskar but that time i didn’t know that you are not mine. Then immediately i talk to Dr so that he shouldn’t inform you about me. Because i thought how much you had missed me in last one year i want to surprise you. But after coming here you gave a good surprise . After seeing your reality today I’m praying to god that why i recover from coma. Or it was better na if i had memory loss but that didn’t happen. Bye sanskar have a happy life ahead with your wife.

Sanskar reads that and he didn’t understand what to do. The first thing came in his mind that he has to find swara in this big town . he went to her house but didn’t find her there because till that she had already left that house. He went everywhere where there is possibilities that swara could go. It’s already night and till now he didn’t find her. He sits in the road and cried hard.

Sanskar- where were you swara? atlast you should ask me the reason. Now where I’ll find you .

In his house

Anjli – Sanskar you came.

Sanskar – hmm

Anjli – what happened? If everything is okay.

Sanskar – no nothing was okay .

Anjli – what happened?

Sanskar – swara recovered from coma.

Anjli – so what you should be happy na. The day you are waiting for has come.

Sanskar – today you met a girl named shreya.

Anjli – yah.

Sanskar – she was only swara. She has come to surprise me and i didn’t recognise her. She went away from my life.

Anjli – but. .

Sanskar – where is mom.

Anjli – she was resting.

Sanskar – i’m just Coming.

Anjli – but where are you going now.

Sanskar – nothing to inform momΒ  she was waiting for this day.

Sanskar went near sujata. He saw she was reading a book.

Sujata – are Sanskar you came beta. Come sit.

Sanskar – mom what are you doing? Just take rest na.

Sujata – when swara will recover na that day I’ll be completely fine. You don’t worry my heart is saying that date was very nearer.

Sanskar – that day came mom.

Sujata – what it means she recovered. Let’s go to meet her na.

Sanskar – no mom she’ll never meet me again.

Sujata – why?

Sanskar – then he told her all the things happened.

Sujata – she did right. Sanskar she is your love. Till now i never asked you anything but today I’m asking why you married anjli.

Sanskar – you need not to know that mom. Now the thing was bothering me was where to find her. She resign from my office and even left that house. I tried searching her everywhere but i didn’t get her mom.

Sujata – please find her beta. Now only she recovered from coma. Hey bhagvan pleas save my swara.

Sanskar – mom i’m just coming. Only one place left where she should went. I’m sure she was there only. And saying this he left.

Anjli – what’s the need of these now. Why swara did this. Please help sanskar to find swara. He should get swara.

Swara was sitting in the beach. She saw all the shops were getting closed one by one. She was sitting there with her luggage. She got sumi’s call. First she thought not to accept that then thought if she’ll not accept now definitely sumi will call sanskar as she doesn’t know about what has happened her. And she and shekhar will feel regret for her condition. And she never wants that to happen.

Swara – Yes maa.

Sumi – it’s not fair beta. After meeting sanskar you completely forget me. How are you.

Swara – I’m fine maa. And how can i forget you.

Sumi – you are with him na.

Swara – Yes maa and he was taking very good care of me. You know he gave me a so good surprise that till now i’m not believing that really happened.

Sumi – oho okay beta give him phone I want to talk with him.

Swara – no maa he went to his house. Sujata aunty called him. So tomorrow you will talk with him. Okay maa I’m going sleep. Bye good night.

Sumi – bye good night take care.

Swara – how much I’ll lie my parents because of you sanskar. And she cried.

It ends with swara’s crying face and sanskar’s worried face.

Precap – if sanskar will able to got swara. And about their first meet.

Friends here is my second part. And plz keep comenting. And as im busy with my exams so necy update wil on 15 th november .please guys try to understand .i hope you all support me.Actually it was my Diwali gift to all of you. HAPPY DIWALI. Bye take care.

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  1. Nyc, watever the reason that will not justify his act becoz still their marriage is secret

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  4. Arshaanya

    Loved it…
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    I guess anjli got pregnant wid some other guy n he lft her or sumthing lyk dat n to save her sanskar mrd her…
    Bt watever is d reason i m not lyking it coz hw wil he gt united wid swara nw wat wil hpn to anjli
    Hate dat anjli…
    Hahahahha sorry for so much blabrng
    N Happy Diwali

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