Swara’s Arranged Love (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1: “Meet Swara”
I am Swara, “Swara Shah”, age 23, bought up in normal Gujarati famliy, studied engineering and working as Software Engineer in Pune @XYZ MNC. I am staying with my roomies – Anjali and Neha in an independent flat. My mom wanted me to stay in hostel due to security issues but I convinced my dad to stay independently. My dad supports me in everything 🙂 He never says no to me for anything. He is really my angel. I love him a lot.

My home town is Mumbai – The maya nagari. My joint family stays there. I have a big family including dada, dadi, chacha, chachi, mom, dad and my darling soul sister Ragini. Oops how can I forget my brother Rishi? He is very naughty. We 3 enjoy a lot whenever we are together.

I came to Mumbai for my engagement. Surprised? Yes I just got engagement yesterday to “Sanskar Mehta”. I met him around a month back with his family. There was a formal meeting “arranged” for us by two families. My dad choose Sanskar for me I can’t say no to my dad. When I met Sanskar for the first time we had very little conversation regarding my future plans and my family background. I asked the same thing to him. I don’t know why I feel that he is not ready for this marriage.

You all must be thinking why “arranged marriage”? Let me tell you in my family no one has done “love marriage” till now. Again Surprised? Yes it is true. I really don’t know the reason but this is the fact. I never asked my dad regarding this coz I trust him.

But after meeting Sanskar I feel that is it a right decision. Though I trust my family I am not sure. But for my family and my future I am going ahead with this step. After our engagement we have not spoken to each other. I don’t even have his number.

Today is Saturday and I am leaving for Pune. My brother has done the booking. I asked him why he booked for today as I can leave on Sunday also but he told me that I can take rest tomorrow as from Monday again my hectic working schedule will start. I agreed and am ready to leave. I am going back to “karm bhoomi” Pune. My brother came to drop me to bus. I boarded the bus and it is bus to start. I am seating in a window seat and waving bye to my bro from the window. He has his mischievous smile from the time we left from home. I asked him the reason but he didn’t utter a word. He asked me to check who is sitting next to me. I moved my face to look who is there and I have “oh-my-god” expression on face. The person is none other than my fiancé “Sanskar”. But wait what is he doing in my bus?

Precap: “Meet Sanskar”

Guys, friends, this is my first attempt write something on “SwaSan”. Please ignore typos and grammatical errors. This is a very sweet arrange marriage story. The story will mostly have Swara’s POV as I writing it from the girl’s point of view. You will find it similar to other arrange marriage story as mostly the concept will be same.
Don’t expect regular updates from my side as I am very busy with my work and family. But I will make sure to update at least once in a week. This story was there in mind since months but today I thought to pen it down so that my thoughts can reach out to you. Please let me know your views on this. Shall I continue or not?

Credit to: Dhara


  1. Dhara


    |Registered Member

    I forgot to mention that this ff is dedicated to all the writers – Anu, Anjali, Sree, Meher, Sana, Mandy, Gauri and list is very long.. Hats off to all of you for your dedication 🙂

  2. Anjali30


    |Registered Member

    Dhara dii… this was awesome…
    I love arranged marriage stories and this looks sooo promising….

    And dedicated to us?? That’s soooi sweet of you!!! ??????

    I will be waiting for this ???

    And yes, I’m really happy you changed your dp again…. venika is really cuteee

    Love you!! ?

    • Dhara


      |Registered Member

      Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Yup. I also like arranged marriage stories 🙂 I was very nervous while writing it. It’s not easy to write what you think and that is why I wanted to dedicate this to all writers. And I believe this will be my first and last attempt in this field 🙂

      I hope I leave upto everyone’s expectation.

      And regarding dp, it’s Venika’s 1st b’day’s pic 🙂 She is so cute 🙂

  3. Dhara


    |Registered Member

    I read it again found that there are so many error… I will try to post next soon. Thank you guys.

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