swara+ragini=swaragini episode 3


i was heartfully thankfull to u friends…who was reading my fanfriction&people who are commenting on it…it’s my hobby to write a stories naturally..but i didn’t get any correct platform increasing my talent a little got a opportunity by ff…so please help me…so that i can also improving&makes this story a mistery

i’m providing u my past 2 episodes to the new readers..i think that they should feel comfortable by reading it..



sumi went to hospital along with swara’s son everyone followed her to know what she is doing by taking swara’s son….

sumi dr where is she and how is she??is she fine??please allow me to see her once.,,
dr:shermistha jii u please relax don’t be tensed…she is fine now..but she is not here…rahul came and take her away from here….
sumi:did rahul came here ?
dr:yes(seeing somewhere)
sumi leaves with swara baby…baby cannot understands what is happening

swara entire family rush into hospital
swara:sanskar why mom brought sunny here?
sanskar(little bit tensed):don’t ask silly questions swara..i’m also with u only swara how can i know

they see shermistha coming out…from dr room
swara:maa ,why did u bring my son here…??(little bit anger)
she drags her son from sumi to her
then she told swara that today u r son is alive bcoz of 1 lady
swasanlak are shocked…entire family freezes
she told everything that how women saved sunny…
swara emotionally hugs sunny and says thank god for my son is safe..
i saw it when i was coming on that way…i came to hospital also…she asked me too show her sunny once….dr told that her condition is critical…so i brought sunny forcely to here,but
sumi falls down and looks depressingly
swara:maa,what happend to her is she ok now,i don’t want happen anything to her,we will effort any money need for her treatment
sanskar:yes mom,swara is right
swara:maa,i wanna see her once and thank her once bcoz she saved my son…get up maa..we all will go see &thank her….
sumi:she not here…she left from here with her family before we came here.
swara says it’s ok we will thank her whenever u find her.and they leave the hospital…

after 6months

shot opens at ragini…it was a very rich house and every one are busy in doing in wedding preparations…it’s suryavanshi’s family
ragini’s room few ladies are making ragini ready for wedding…she looks so marvellous,the jewellery which she is wearing is very expensive…
one women named hema suryavanshi came to ragini told her that u r so beautifull…she keeps blackdot one her face and told her that no one eyes should fall on u…
ragini tells blessings from she told god bless u beta….
one girl named nandini came &told “wow!! bhabhi u r looking so beautiful than me…now u r looking like a bridal…ragini smiles…..

rahul suryavanshi’s room:(u will came to know later who is he and who he relates to ragini):(karan tacker will play this role)
he is getting ready ..he wore sherwani of golden colour…he looks so handsome in it…nandini comes and starts teasing him….nandhini is his chotti behan…he smiles happily by looking nandhini’s happiness

maheswari mansion:
everyone gathered at dinning table they are doing their dinner…sunny came and starts teasing swara&sujatha he is irritating them alot…sunny asks where laksh?sanskar told he is in his room ,he told that he will do dinner later…sunny told wait papa i will go and bring him …he moving to laksh room ..he has to climb the steps but he falls unconscious…everyone shocked by his…
swara screams loudly”sunny”due to her screaming laksh also came down…
by taking they went to hospital..swara informed gadodia family about this…they rushed to hospital..dr is examining sunny..he come out and says boy need to undergo some tests..

suryavanshi mansion:
wedding about to take place

in hospital:
after test reports dr come out and says”i’m sorry mr.sanskarmaheswari ,that u r son is having bone cancer…his condition is critical we have to do the operation in emergency..with the person whose bonemarrow will match and we replace their bone marrow with him…1st dr asks sanskar&swara undergoo the test as a parents of that baby…their bone marrow doesn’ match them…sumi asks dr to check bone marrow of laksh ..before anyone doubts her she said there may be chances for him also..bcoz he also belongs to their family…dr checks laksh one also it was not matching…swara starts crying looking her sons condition.

rahul gets a call ,he rushes to ragini’s room he ask her to come with him…ragini is continuously asking why rahul what happened??he is not in a condition to say anything…she told rahul marriage is about to take place but why we are leaving…they both are bridal dress…
he brings her to hospital when swara’s son is there.
ragini is so tensed now…her hearts start beating so fast…she is having uneasy feelings…
they both came to sunny room…they both saw maheswari family…ragini is shocked them…
ragini falling unconscious…by seeing this rahul shouts ragini and trying to get her into conscious…

by hearing this whole maheswari family &gadodia family sees ragini there and they are shocked see her in bridal dress…they are all freezed…and thinking who is rahul…bcoz he is also in a bride dresses…he makes ragini conscious…by seeing ragini dadima,dadaji,shekhar ,sumi feels happy and went near to her.but they shocked see ragini’s reaction that she hugs rahul and cries badly…
seeing this laksh gets irritated…swasan are looking at each other
ragini:what happened rahul??please tell me
rahul:nothing happened ragini…he cups her face and wipe her tears and to make her relax…
suddenly nurse came greets him and told dr.rahulsuryavanshi everyone are waiting for u only…then he takes his coat&setascope from her and he gives his hand to ragini and ask her to come inside with him…he takes ragini inside…and he explains the situation that her son is having bone cancer..and immediately they have to transform a bone which is suitable to him to make him alive…after listening ragini says noo and nurse bring her outside…sumi takes ragini from nurse and tries console her…ragini’s face is full of tears…she is shivering…she holds sumi hands and told maa please it is all my dream nothing will happen to him …bcoz i was with him…
sumi :yes beta…stop crying…she hugs her to console her
but ragini didn’t stop crying
everyone are in shock they don’t know what is happening,swasanlak are in deepshock
rahul comes out and asks ragini to undergo bonemarrow test…she agrees…(all things are happening fastly)
then dr checks and says ragini’s bone marrow is matched with the boy..
operation is taking place

swara comes to sumi…and keeps sumi hand on her head…and asks what is happening here…

then she told swara that till now which boy u r thinking as u r son is not u r own son he is ragini&laksh’s son
everyone shocked…especially swasanlak

preview:laksh came to know how ragini delivers her son(how they consumate their marriage)…his son is safe now…and he hugs his son and says u r “AHANLAKSHMAHESWARI”.swara fumes in anger with ragini and about to slap her but someone holds her hand (he is a male)

any guesses about that male person u can please comment

Credit to: haritha

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