swara+ragini=swaragini episode 1


ragini after knowing about the truth that laksh who is tried to kill her…she is vexed by it all..she back to own character innocent ragini..dadi asks dp to give all property to ragini..she refuses it&she slaps laksh..she takes her manglasutra and she gives it to laksh..she gave divorce the papers which was given by laksh to her…she is moving from maheswari mansion with lot of pain….everyone sees her strangely…

after 1year:

swara and sanskar are moved in their relationship,laksh is single now,uttara is married and she also leaves the house.parineetha and adarsh is having a baby girl..
dadi is not scolding everyone,she lost in ragini,shekhar,sumi are leaving their lifes like that,because of ragini departure from them.

everyone are waiting for swarasanskar baby
swara is admitted in hospital.then dr told that swara is body is not ready to bear a child,if she wants a child then it will be a critical to her.sanskar told that he wants swara but not child
someone sees them.but they did not see her…
sumi looks sad&worried

swara baby was expired if she know that the baby is not alive,she deliverd a not alive baby,if she knows it she will move to coma or else she will die
that women hears this from nurse.

women went to the operation theatre through backdoor which will not be visible to the front people.

dr who is treating swara,shocked to see her and asks why u came here,u should come here…leave from here
women:what happend to swara?
dr:who r u to swara?
women:i’m her wellwisher.dr pls tell me
dr:swara baby is dead but she is .mentally weak not in a stage to bear this pain
women(her eyes are full of tears)
women looks likes that…and says dr wait for 5mins after that u can inform her family please…dr agrees to wait
and then she went to her room she takes her child who was born 2 days back…one lady comes there…
she told that lady that she wants to give her baby to swara…bcoz swara delivers a dead baby
but that lady asks the women not to do that..she has nothing in her life expect the child so u please do that…
women just smiles..
and she tooks her child hugs her babyboy tightly …she moves to dr

women:(eyes are full tears)she control her emotions and told that she came to here to give her baby,to handover her son to swara..he should live like swara’s child..
dr:what r u dng?u r child is having only 2 days but y u r seperating him from u..it is not good for both of u..don’t do this…
women:i don’t mind if anything happens to me…if this is boy is with me …he will get only his mom’s love…if he is with swara he will get complete family,i know my child will be safe when he is with swara’s family&asks dr not refuse her..
dr keeps the child instead of swara’s dead child…
dr comes out and says swara has blessed with a babyboy
swara tooks the baby into hands
she feels something…her face is full of glow…she is every happy…she looks sanskar…by seeing her like that he emotionaly hugs swara and that baby sorry their baby…

women was seeing from the window and she wipe her tears…and her tears not stopping…the lady who is with her came and consoles her…
then she hugs lady by side
they both leave the hospital…

maheswari mansion:

everyone comes to hall&sees the baby…they feels so good…
when the babyboy went to laksh’s hands then the babyboy kicks laksh veryhardly with his legs…then laksh has a strangable feeling….then he hugs that boy so tightly…ap asks laksh to give him but he not ready to give him to anyone…

again happiness came into maheswari mansion

preview:the women who scarifices her son to swara,meet with an accident,her situation is very critical..

Credit to: haritha

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