Swararagini ff (happy love) episode 9


Thank you guys soo much for your support whenever you guys comment it encourages me to write more I hope you enjoy it can you guys plzzz tell me if I should continue in today’s eposide your going to see Laksh chachu and his niece priyas relationship and says with sanskar and shanti

Eposide starts with shantipriya getting ready
Shanti is wearing a cute pink dress with pink sandals and her hair is out she has sunglasses on
Priya is wearing a blue top with a pink heart and is wearing pink jeans she has her sunglasses on too
They both give high five and say that we are gonna have fun

Swasan room
Swara decides to wear a sari normally she doesn’t wear one she wears what she wears in the real show
Swara is confused how to put it on sanskar comes and sees her stuck he grabs the sari and helps her put it on she says wow sanskar how do you know how to put a sari on she says wait have you put a sari on a girl before
Sanskar says yes I have
Swara gets angry and says how dare you and gets angry and says I’m not gonna talk to you
Sanskar says Swara I’m only joking
Swara says are you sure
He says if course and hugs her

Raglak room
Ragini is wearing a nice orange sari
Laksh says to Ragini what shall I wear Ragini says let me choose she chooses a nice black top he says Ragini my hands are hurting can you put the shirt on for me
Ragini says no you can put it on yourself
Laksh says plzz
Ragini says fine she puts it on They both have an eyelock dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana plays

Shantipriya are waiting and say to the maid that where is everyone swasan and raglak come and says we are here
Swaragini says to the maid that you can have a whole week off because your brother is ill
The maid says thank you so much ma’am
Sanslak says don’t worry we have paid for your ticket
The maid says you guys are so nice may God bless you
She goes

Sanslak says that we have ordered a mini bus
Swaragini says we will put the picnic food in the bus
Everyone enters the mini bus ?
Shanti priya sit next to each other Swasan sit next to each other and raglak sit next to each other
The driver starts driving
Sanslak and Swararagini start singing the abcdefghi song from hum saath saath hain
They all laugh and play games

They reach the picnic place
They find a spot and set everything up Shantipriya and sanslak are playing with the ball
They eat sandwiches
Shantipriya see a boat ride and request sanslak and Swararagini to go on it they say fine but Swara says no way I’m not going on a boat what is we sink
Sanskar says come on Swara your such a baby if shantipriya aren’t scared why are you
Laksh and Ragini says come on Swara
She says fine
They all enjoy the ride
Shantipriya are dancing and everyone enjoys it

They come back home raglak and swasan say that shall we go to the mall tomorrow they say ok
They tell shantipriya and they get excited Ragini sings them a lullaby and they fall asleep

Its morning and they have reached the shopping mall they say that swaragini you too be together and shanti and sanskar will be together and priya and Laksh will be together and when your finished come back to the car and wait
They go off sanskar says to shanti that what do you want to buy I will buy you anything and they do shopping
Laksh and priya are shopping and priya sees a really cute doll and says wow that’s so beautiful Laksh says shall I buy it She says no chachu its very expensive Laksh says no problem I will buy it for you priya says it’s okk and she goes out the shop Laksh says let me surprise her he buys it and is about to leave the fire alarm goes off and the shopkeeper says everyone needs to leave the mall Laksh runs and says priya he can’t find her
Shanti screams because she is scared of the fire sanskar says don’t worry and picks her up and goes to the car and swaragini are at the car too They say where is Laksh and priya and worried
Laksh says priya where are you

A man says sir you need to go out its dangerous Laksh says no my niece is here I need to find her
Laksh screams priya and runs to find her
He hears priya scream Laksh chachu he turns and sees her near a fire and runs to her he jumps and hugs her she is crying Laksh says dont worry you will be fine we need to yet out if this fire Laksh puts her on his back and says hold on tight he jumps and they get out of the mall
Priya is crying she says chachu and hugs him laksh says thank God your fine let’s go and see if shanti are sanskar and Swararagini are fine They reach the car swasan hug priya and Laksh us shanti and Ragini Swasan say to Laksh are you okk he says yes shanti and priya hug ek hazaron mein meri behna hai plays Ragini hugs priya and shanti and says we are all safe swasan say thanks to Laksh for saving priya and raglak say thank you to Sanskar for saving shanti

They reach home
Shantipriya are in their room and priya faints
Shanti gets scared and tries to wake her up and screams mumma papa sanskar chachu Swara masi
They all come and pick her up and put her on the bed Laksh calls the doctor
The doctor comes and says to them that she is in a shock of the incident at the mall
The doctor says to them you need to keep and eye on her and cheer her up
Laksh says we will doctor and says thanks to the doctor
The doctor goes
Swara cries and says my priya and hugs her
Shanti says masi don’t worry I will take care of priya Di
Isnt nighttime and shantipriya are sleeping priya coughs and shanti wakes up and says priya Di are you okk priya says I’m fine
Shanti touches priyas hand it is very hot she touches her head and her face she says priya Di has a very high fever

She gets water and a cloth and squeezes it into he water and puts it on her head
Swasan and raglak see from he door and say they care for each other so.much they get emotional

I hope you liked it

Credit to: Little angel

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