Swararagini ff (happy love) episode 8


Episode starts with Laksh praying and says God plzz make priya fine everyone needs her
Especially me plzz make my niece priya fine tears fall from Laksh eyes
Shanti says papa Laksh hugs her she says papa don’t worry priya Di will be fine
Shanti wipes his tears she says I love you papa Laksh says I love you too beta

The doctor comes
Swasan ask how she is and Laksh asks the doctor says she is critical sanskar says if anything happens to my daughter then
Ragini says calm down sanskar
The doctor says I will try my best sir
Swara breaks down shanti says masi don’t cry priya Di isnt weak she is strong she will be fine
Swara says yes my beta and hugs her

Ragini gives laksh food and says plzzz eat you haven’t eaten Laksh says I don’t want to
Shanti comes and says papa plzz eat for me she feeds him laksh smiles and gives shanti a kiss
Ragini gives food to Swara Swara says I dint want to eat Ragini says if priya finds out you haven’t eaten she will be upset plzzz eat
Swara eats
Swara gives food to sanskar
Sanskar says Im not hungry
Swara says plzz eat for me
She feeds him

The doctor comes and says she is fine now but is unconscious she will regain in five mins Laksh says can we see her the doctor says yes they rush to her
Swara says priya and hugs her
Laksh sits by her and holds her hand he says thank God your fine Priya wakes up she sits up and Ragini helps her
Priya says chachu I’m fine
Laksh hugs her
Sanskar says priya my Bachi she says papa and hugs her
Shanti runs to priya and says priya Di and hugs her ek hazaron mein meri behna has plays
Shanti feeds priya food
Sanslak says these sister they fight but love each other at the same time
Priya is discharge from the hospital
They reach home Sanskar says to priya you need to rest
Laksh comes and says to priya how r u
Priya says chachu I’m sooooooo bored
Laksh says ok I have an idea shanti Laksh and sanskar play carom work her Laksh and priya on one team and sanskar and shanti on one team
Laksh and priya win

Shanti says to Ragini:mumma I want to eat with shanti in her room
Ragini :okay
Swara says to Ragini I’ll feed them you serve food to sanslak
Swara feeds them
Ragini comes and Swara says can you read them a story
Ragini reads them and they sleep

10 days later
Shantipriya are playing games sanslak come back from work shantipriya say papa and run to their papas shanti then says sanskar chachu and hugs him and priya says Laksh chachu and hugs him
Sanslak go to their room
Swasan room
Swara is folding the clothes sanskar comes and Swara says sanskaar your back they hug sanskar kisses Swara on her cheek Swara says wow someone’s in a romantic mood Sanskar says yes I am Swara says I have to go she is gong but sanskar grabs her hand and pulls her towards him he places his hands around her waist and they have a kiss sanskar opens her hair and says it looks better open

Raglak room
Ragini comes put the bathroom she slips but Laksh catches her They have an eyelock dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana plays
They get up and Ragini says to Laksh you came early from work
Laksh says we finished our work so we came home
Laksh grabs Ragini and puts her against the wall Ragini says Laksh but Laksh puts his finger on her lips and says it been long since I have romanced with you let me romance today she blushes Laksh kisses her and says to her you look beautiful Laksh puts a necklace on Ragini and puts her in front of the mirror Ragini says it’s beautiful thanks Laksh they hug
It’s dinner
Priya says papa Laksh chachu can we go for a picnic
Sanslak say that’s a good idea they tell swaragini that tomorrow we will go for a picnic
They all get happy
Swasan room
Swara is taking her jewellery off sanskar comes and says let me help you he helps her she says thank you and says come on let’s sleep tomorrow we have to wake up early
They sleep

Raglak room
Ragini says to Laksh that you spoil shantipriya so much he says no I don’t you do they argue Laksh chases Ragini around the room They both fall on the bed Raginis hairdos in Laksh face her moves it and they laugh Laksh slowly kisses her
They get up Laksh says let me go check in shantipriya
Laksh goes to their room and sees them sleeping and gives them a kiss and says I love you both
They sleep

Precap:they have a picnic and have fun

I need to mention something Laksh and priya are really close a nd priya loves her chachu a lot but she still loves her mum and dad and Laksh love shanti too but he is more close to priya
It’s a cute neice and chachu relationship and shanti and sanskar are the same they have a good chachu and neice relationship
I hope you liked it

Credit to: Little angel

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