Swararagini ff (happy love) episode 6


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Shanti is walking when a girl called pooja comes and pushes her deliberately and then stamps on her books shanti starts crying pooja calls her a loser and is about to pull her hair when priya comes and grabs her hand
Priya says don’t you dare touch my sister
Pooja says I will what are you gonna do
Priya says that shanti is not a loser she comes first in everything she isn’t like you that comes last
Pooja starts fighting with priya and is pulling her hair and priya fights back shanti tries to stop them but teachers come and stop them

Swasan and raglak are informed to come to school
Shantipriya are in headteachers office and swasan and raglak come
The Headteacher tells what happened raglak and swasan say to shanti are you OK and hug her
Swara says to priya why did you fight with that girl is that good behaviour
Priya says but mom they were saying bad stuff to shanti and I can’t stand that
Shanti says Swara masi it’s not her fault
Swara says if anyone’s says something to you you should always tell the teacher don’t fight back
Shantipriya says ok
Priya says to shanti are you OK don’t worry that girl is an idiot
No one can harm you as long as I am here

Shantipriya are doing their homework and priya gets stuck on maths question
Priya:I am going to ask Laksh chachu to help me
Shanti:I need help with my drawing I’m gonna ask sanskar chachu

Raglak room
Laksh grabs Ragini to the wall and says to her that you look beautiful and Ragini says leave me what if someone comes
Laksh says no one will come
Laksh is about to give her a kiss but priya is their and coughs Laksh let’s Ragini go and says ermm priya you do u need anything
Priya runs to Laksh and says chachu can you help me.with my maths homework
Laksh says yes priya and helps her
Priya says thank you.chachu and gives him a kiss on his cheek priya gets up and acts like Laksh and says to Ragini masi that Ragini you look beautiful….Laksh and Ragini laugh and Ragini says priya your so cheeky and raglak give her a hug

Swasan room
Swara and sanskar are romancing when shanti comes and says sanskar chachu
Sanskar gets embarrassed and says shanti how come you here
Shanti says I need your help with my drawing
Sanskar says ok
Swasan and shanti laugh and have a group hug and shanti says to Swara can you do my hair and Swara days yes shanti and Swara bond

That’s it I hope you like it

Credit to: Little angel

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