Swararagini ff (happy love) episode 5


It’s 9 months later
Ragini has a baby girl and Swara has a baby girl too

Naming ceremony
Swasan come with their baby
Raglak come with their baby
The priest starts the ritual
The priest ask swasan for the name Swara says priya
The priest then ask raglak they say shanti
The priest says wow their names together makes shantipriya
Laksh says swaragini and shantipriya
Swararagini dance on the sing salaam e ishq
Then raglak dance on Teri meri
Swasan dance on manwa laage

Swasan room
They be sleeping when priya starts crying Swara wakes up and tries to make her stop but she doesn’t sanskar wakes up and helps Swara they both play with her and sanskar says to Swara that she is a cry baby just like you
Swara no she is like you
They have a cute fight and the baby give a cute little smile
They sleep

Raglak room
Laksh starts romancing with Ragini and says ever since shanti was born you haven’t even romanced with me
Ragini says good shanti needs more time than you
Laksh says plzzz
Ragini says ok
Laksh and Ragini romance and then shanti starts crying
Laksh picks shanti up and says y dont you let me spend time with your mum it doesn’t.matter I will spend time.with you and.kisses shanti

6 years later

2 little girls are shown sleeping in a nice pink room
Swara comes and says shantipriya wake up your getting late for school
Shanti wakes up and says ok masi Swara kisses her and says good morning
Swara says you go in the bath and I will wake priya up

Swara wakes priya up and priya says no mom let me sleep
Swara says priya no you have to go to school
Priya says ok

Shantipriya are in their school uniform ready for school they sit on the dinner table and Ragini gives the food
Laksh comes and says good morning my princesses how are you two
Shanti says I’m fine
Priya says chachu you owe me a chocolate because I beaten you in basketball
Laksh says yes my princess here you go she says thank you chachu
Sanskaar comes and give a kiss to Shantiprya
They all eat Laksh says to sanskar I will drop them to school
Sanskar says ok

Shanti says bye masi and bye mom
Priya says bye Ragini masi and mom
Swaragini says bye to them

Laksh says to shantipriya to be good in school
They says ok
They reach school Laksh gives them a kiss and says bye

Precap:priya fights with a girl in school and shanti stops priya
Swasan come to school and get told about priyas fight

I hope you enjoyed it
Sorry it’s short
Next one will be long hopefully

Credit to: Little angel

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    1. me too felt the same

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    Liked it,cute one, short ff’s are sometimes the most interesting ones.

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