Swararagini ff (happy love) episode 4


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It’s morning

Laksh wakes up and doesn’t find Ragini in the bed he gets up and she comes in the room he says to her where did you go she says Laksh their is good news
He says what
She says I’m pregnant
He says omg I’m going to be a dad
He picks her up and spins her around
He says I am soo happy
She says so am I
He says that we should go back home and tell Swara and sanskar
She says ok let’s pack up

Swasan room
Swara serves sanskar breakfast he grabs her hand and says sit down and let’s eat together
She sits down
They feed each other
Sanskaar starts romancing with Swara and Swara says Mr sanskar your going to be a father plzzz grow up you should know that you will be late to work
Sanskar:ok your majesty
Sanskaar gives Swara a kiss in her cheek and says bye Swara and says to the baby in her belly bye and take care of your mum

It’s evening
Sanskar comes home from work and he is on the laptop and Swara is doing some work in the kitchen
Raglak come and sanskar goes to Laksh and hugs him
Swara comes and hugs Ragini
Sanskar says how come you guys came early
Laksh says well your going to be an uncle so we thought to come back
Swasan get happy and say congrats
Laksh says congrats to swasan because they are going to be parents too

Raglak and swasan talk and laugh
After they eat the go to their own rooms

Swasan room
Swara comes to the room and sees a baby cot
She gets happy and says sanskar did u buy that he says yes
She hugs him
They both say I can’t wait till the baby is born
Swasan romance and they sleep

Raglak room Laksh says to Ragini can you imagine that soon we will have a little baby
Ragini I know I can’t wait she touches her belly
Laksh comes and makes her sit on the bed and he touches her belly and says hello my little cute baby I am your father and I will take care if you and love toy a lot
Laksh sleeps.on Raginis lap

Precap:9 month leap the babies are born and it is their naming ceremony and it might be last eposide
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Credit to: Little angel

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