Swararagini ff (happy love) episode 3


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It’s morning
Swasan room
Swara wakes up and sanskar comes in the room with breakfast
Swara:why did you make it you should have told me I would have made breakfast
Sanskar :it’s OK now you need to eat
Sanskar feeds Swara and Swara bites his hand
Sanskaar ;ouch
Swara:I’m soo sorry are you okk you can give me a punishment if you want
Sanskar:ok your punishment is that you have to come shopping with me and spend the day with me
Swara: ok done
Sanskar touches Swaras belly and says hello my little baby I hope ur ok and says to Swara that I want a little girl just like you
Swara:no I want a boy that is handsome like you
Sanskar:nope your gonna have a girl
Swara:no it going to be a boy
Sanskar :girl
Sanskar says ok fine let’s get ready so we can go shopping

Raglak scene
Laksh wakes up and sees Ragini getting ready and say to her good morning
She says good morning to you
Laksh gets ready and then he helps Ragini put her earrings on and her necklace
She says it’s OK I’ll do it
Laksh says sshhh let me do it
Ragini blushes
Laksh says come on we are going to go to a theme park today

Swasan reach shops
They do some shopping then Swara sees pani
puri and says sanskar I really want it
He says ok
They go and Swara says let’s have a competition
Swara wins
Sanskaar if you eat too much you will become fat
Swara plzzz let me have some more
Sanskar: only one more

Raglak reach the theme park
Laksh:what do you want to go on
Ragini:they all seem scary I dont wanna go on.it
Laksh:come on Ragini I’m her with you nothing will happen
Laksh:come on and takes her
They sit in the ride and the ride starts Ragini holds.Laksh really tight and dheere dheere se meri zindagi main aana plays
Laksh says to Ragini nothing will happen
The ride finishes
Laksh says to Ragini your such a baby
Ragini says I am not a baby
Laksh says when you will have children they will laugh at you because your gonna be scared
Ragini gets angry and pushes him into the swimming pool
Ragini laughs and slips into the pool and Laksh catches her
Laksh laughs and says serve you right
Ragini and Laksh have a water fight
Dheere dheere se meri zindagi main aana plays

Swasan reach home
Sanskar plays music and grabs Swara and they have a romantic dance
They then eat and go to sleep

Raglak reach the hotel and Laksh is in the bath
He says to Ragini and says can you give me my towel
Laksh opens the door and Ragini gives him he grabs her hand and takes her in the bathroom
Ragini :what are you doing
Laksh:your.my wife
Ragini:I need to go
Laksh gives her a kiss on her cheek and say their you can go now
Laksh comes out and they eat and sleep

I hope you liked it

Credit to: Little angel

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