Swararagini ff (happy love) episode 2

Thanks for the comments I will try to make it longer.I hope you enjoy it.
Sanslak have left for work
Swara comes to Ragini’s room to help her pack
They be packing and Swara says to Ragini congratulations your going to be an aunty
Ragini hugs Swara and sat congrats
Swara :don’t tell sanskaar because I’m going to tell him when we go.out for dinner
Swara:I’m going to miss you
Ragini:and me but it’s only for 5 days
Swara:but still
Ragini:make sure you take care
Swara:and you (she hugs Ragini)
Swara:I’m going to get ready otherwise sanskar will say I take forever to get ready
Ragini:ok I need to get ready too

8pm sanslak come back and go to their rooms
Swasan room
Swara is trying to tie the knot to her blouse but she can’t sanskar comes and sees her and helps her she turns around and hugs him and says I missed you
Sanskar say you look beautiful
Sanskar say let me get changed and then we will go.

Raglak room
Laksh comes from behind and scared Ragini.she screams.Laksh says calm down it only me.
She says y did you do that I got scared
She grabs the pillow and starts hitting him laksh gets the other pillow and starts to have a pillow fight.they both sit down on the bed and start laughing
Laksh says Ragini you owe me something
Ragini:what do I owe you
Laksh: remember in the morning (he points to his cheek)
Ragini runs around the room Laksh chases her and grabs her hand and she quickly gives him

Swasan and raglak say bye to each other

Swasan reach the restaurant
They sit down and order the food
Sanskar gives Swara a rose and says I love you
Swara say I love you too
The food comes and they eat
Swara says sanskaar
Sanskar :yes Swara
Swara: you are going to be a father
Sanskaar:(shocked) what! I am so happy
Swara: we are going to be parents!
Sanskar:(stands up) he says I’m going to be a dad!
Everyone in the restaurant look at him and laugh
Sanskaar sits down
Swara and sanskaar laugh

Raglak reach the resort
Laksh gets the keys for the room and they go inside the room.
Ragini is surprised because the room.is decorated with flowers and candles
Laksh:do you like it
Ragini:I don’t like it I LOVE it
She hugs laksh and says thank you
Laksh gets on his knees and takes out a ring and says I love you and puts it on her
She smiles and says thank you and I love you too
Ragini gives laksh a beautiful watch and puts it on him
Laksh picks Ragini up and takes her to the bed
They go to sleep

I hope you enjoyed it

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  1. nice mr raglak scenes plzzz

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  3. Nice episode

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    1. Little angel

      Thank you… My fab fiction is gonna be all happy and no problems…I hope you enjoyed it

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