Swararagini ff (happy love) episode 11


I’m soooooooooooooooooooo sorry guys but I’m ending it
People aren’t liking it so I thought I shouldn’t do it anymore thank you guys sooooooo much for your support and thanks for they guys that my fan fiction but I think it’s time to end it….I willmiss you guys and I’m very very very sorry for breaking your hearts
Guys prem and sameer have been in love with priya and shanti ever since they became friends shantipriya adore presam too.

The eposide start with Swara ready she is wearing a beautiful blue and green sari and sanskar is wearing a nice suit sanskar says to Swara wow you look gorgeous he grabs her from the waist and holds her close to him Swara gets shy and hugs him He slowly kisses her on her lips and says I love you She says and me
Sanskar says the guest must be comming let’s go greet them

Raglak room
Ragini is wearing a nice red sari Laksh is wearing a black suit Laksh says to Ragini can you put my tie on she says ok
She puts it on she is going when Laksh grabs her hand and pulls her towards him he says Mrs Ragini you are looking absolutely beautiful your missing one thing he puts a ring on her She thanks him

Guests are arriving
Presam come they says hello to swasan and raglak they say we are shantipriyas best friend we are very glad to meet you
Laksh says to sanskar that it is these two we will talk to them during the party

Presam are talking to their friends when someone says the birthday girls are here
Shantipriya come down together
Priya is wearing a nice white puffy dress with her hair out and curled
Shanti is wearing a baby pink long dress and her hair is on one side
Prem is admired by priyas beauty and says wow priya looks sooooooo beautiful
Sameer says shanti is looking gorgeous
Presam says to themselves I have to tell her Mt feelings today

Shantipriya introduce presam to swasan and raglak
Swaragini go to meet guests and so do shantipriya
Sanslak are talking to presam
Laksh says to them that are you and shantipriya just friends or is there anything else
Prem says no we are just best friends
Laksh says cool
Presam and sanslak talk
Presam go
Sanskar says to Laksh that they aren’t that bad they seem like good guys
Laksh says yes

Ragini holds a microphone and says that hello everybody thanks for comming
We have got a few performances
The first one is Swara and sanskar
Swasan dance to behintiha from race 2
Everyone clap
Swara says next up is Ragini and Laksh
They dance to palat from main tera hero
Sanslak says that a last performance is from shantipriyas friends prem and sameer
They dance to party in my mind from race 2
Prem brings priya and dances with her and sameer get shanti and dances with her Laksh says to sanskar that these boys are with shantipriya let me go sort them out sanskar grabs Laksh and says their only friends let them dance
They finish their dance
Everyone clap

Prem grabs priyas hand and takes her to the terrace
Priya says prem why did you bring me here
Prem says I need to tell you something
Priya tell me then
Prem says priya you look very beautiful
Priya says thanks prem
Prem says I love you priya
Priya happily says what and runs and hugs him
Prem says yes priya I love you
Priya says I love you too
Prem gifts her a beautiful necklace and hugs her
They go downstairs
Priya tell shanti and shanti says congrats
The cake comes shantipriya cut the cake and feed swasan and raglak then priya feeds prem and shanti feed sameer
Sameer then says to shanti I need to talk to you shanti says ok and takes him to her room
He closes the door
She says sameer why did you he put his hand in her mouth and says sshhh
They have an eyelock and tum hi ho instrumental plays
He takes his hand off and says I need to tell you something
She says be quick someone might come
He says since we have met I have fallen in love with you he says priya I love you
She smiles and says I love you too but I didn’t know how to say it they hug

Swasan and raglak are saying bye to the guests
Shantipriya say bye to presam

10 days later
Shantipriya tell swaragini and sanslak about presam and their love Laksh says but your too young
Shantipriya says that we don’t want to get married yet we still want to study can we just get engaged
Swaragini and sanslak discuss and say but after 5 months now is too early
Shantipriya say that you have to talk to their parents

5 months later……
Priya is getting ready in her room whilst shanti is with Ragini getting her hair done just then Prem climbs through the window grabs her and puts her against the wall
She says prem what are you doing
Prem says ssshh
He gifts her a heart necklace and says to her say the three words otherwise I won’t go
She says no prem go someone’s going to come
Prem says first say it
Priya says no go from here
Prem says just say it
Priya says I love you
Someone knocks on the door
Priya turns to face the door prem quickly gives her a kiss on her cheeks
She smiles
She opens the door it’s Laksh she says Laksh chachu
He hugs her
Laksh gets teary eyed and says my niece has grown up
She says chachu don’t get emotional
Laksh says but one day you and shanti are gonna leave me
Priya says chachu and hugs him
She says its only my engagement
Laksh brings priya down
Sanskar brings shanti down
Priya gets engaged to prem
Shanti gets engaged to sameer
The whole maheswhari family and Swararaginis family are there
Everyone dance and have fun
The end

I am sooooooo sorry for ending it I hope you enjoyed my story and I’m sorry if you guys didn’t like it
I am sorry if you didn’t like my idea
I hope you enjoyed it and sorry for finishing it

Credit to: Little angel

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