Swararagini ff (happy love) episode 10


Thank you guys sooooooo much for your comments you guys always brighten my mood thank you everyone that read my fan fiction

I ahead decided for a leap
It’s 12 years later
It’s shantipriyas birthday they are turning 19
Eposide starts with shanti comming out the shower
She is wearing a nice navy blue dress with pink flowers on
She has loose curls in her hair
She says priya Di wake up its our first day back at college
Priya wakes up and says shanti yaar let me sleep
Shanti says priya Di happy birthday
Priya says and you and hugs her
Shanti says aren’t you excited to see prem(priyas best friend)

Priya says shut up yaar he is only my friend
Priya says shanti you must be happy to see sameer(Shantis best friend)
Shanti says Di
Priya says shanti
Shanti says Di I’m not gonna leave you and chases her around the house priya runs to Ragini and says Ragini masi save me
Ragini says you too priya runs to Laksh and says chachu
Laksh says stop(in a angry tone)
Shantipriya stop and get scared
Laksh says come here you too
They nervously go he pulls their ears and says you two are such naughty girls
Shanti says papa plzz it hurts priya says chachu
He leaves the and hugs them he says happy birthday my princesses
Swasan come and hug shantipriya and say happy birthday
Ragini says happy birthday to them too
Ragini says that AP your dadi has sent ladoos
They both says ladoos and Ragini feeds them
Priya says I need to get ready we are getting late for college

Priya comes and is wearing a pink top and a long blue and pink skirt and her hair is on one side
Shantipriya says bye to everyone and leave on their pink scooter

Two boys are comming on a motorbike
Prem:he is wearing a black shirt and black skinny jeans
Sameer:he is wearing a navy top with navy jeans
Sameer and prem are brothers
All the girls are staring at them they get off their motorbike and say to each other where are shantipriya just then shantipriya come in their scooter and park by presam (their name combined) motorbike
Prem says hi guys
Priya says hi to sameer and walks off
Prem says to shanti what’s wrong with her Shanti says she is upset because you didn’t come to visit her in the holidays
Shanti says you have a hard job and you have to cheer her up
Prem says bye to shansam (Shanti and sameer name combined) prem says I have to make priya happy
Sameer says to shanti happy birthday and hugs her he gifts her a necklace that has two pieces one says best and the other says friend
He gives shanti the best one she says thank you
They go to class

Priya is sitting down in the classroom prem comes and sits next to her he says priya
She ignores him
Prem says priya
Priya says prem
The teacher comes the teacher is teaching them and prem is trying to convince priya and says come on I’m sorry the teacher gets angry and says prem Priya stand up
They stand up she says get out the class now!
Prem and priya get out and they both laugh and high five each other prem gets on his knees and holds his ears he says sorry priya she says Mr prem sharma you are forgiven
They laugh and go to the canteen and eat

Swasan room
Sanskar gifts Swara a nice blue sari and says you have to wear this in shantipriyas party
He gets romantic and kisses her
She says grow up you have a 19 year old daughter he says so I can still romance

Raglak room
Ragini is going towards the wardrobe but she slips Laksh catches her and says to her your so clumsy everyone you fall I have to catch you
She says your no less you always drop everything
Laksh drops her and says sorry you said I drop everything
He smiles and goes into the main hall
She says this Laksh

Sanslak are talking about shantipriya Swararagini come and join them swaragini says to them that you better watch out on Shantipriya it’s their age now they might even have boyfriends
Sanslak both say no way
Laksh says no shantipriya are not gonna have boyfriends
Sanskar says yes lucky your right they are too young and they are not gonna fall in that matter
Laksh says your right
Swaragini smirk seeing their reaction
Swaragini says that they will go to parties mingle with boys and they might fall in love
Sanskar says no way
Laksh says we will talk to them
Sanskar says yes I will talk to shanti she will listen to her Sanskar chachu
Laksh says I will talk to priya she will listen to me and will tell me everything
Sanslak go to their rooms
Swaragini laughing and high five each other and say they are worse then us

College :
It’s hometime
Shantipriya say to presam make sure you come to the party
They say okk

Shantipriya come home
Ragini says to priya that your Laksh chachu has called you
Swara says to shanti that your sanskar chachu alas called you he is in my room
They go
Priya comes to raglak room
She runs and says chachu she hugs him
He says how are you beta
She says absolutely fine chachu
He says I want to talk to you about something
She says yes chachu
Laksh says you know that your growing up
She says of course chachu
He says that their will be parties…..and boys
She says yes chachu
Laksh says that be careful
She says that I will be thanks for your concern
Laksh says one more question
She says yes chachu
He’s says do you have a boyfriend
She says no chachu I only have a best friend his name is prem
Laksh says prem
She says yes he is my best friend and he is such a nice guy and a really good friend and he is comming to the party is ill introduce him to you
Laksh says ok
She says chachu I need to get ready I’ll talk latest goes
Laksh says that I will have to see this prem and tell him to stay away from priya

The same conversation happens between sanskar and shanti but she talks about sameer instead of prem

Sanslak tell each other about what shantipriya said Laksh says we will see them at the party

Shantipriya room
Priya Skypes at the maheswhari house and sees everyone dp says wow my granddaughters have become big they say yes dadaji
Shanti says hello they all talk swasan and raglak come and talk to them
They finish talking and everyone is getting ready for the party

Precap: Shantipriya and presam dance on the song party on my mind from race 2

Credit to: Little angel

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  1. Haha patently thought started between sanlak πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. thanks dear for the ff i am addicted to your ff

  3. Wow what an awesome episode…eagerly waiting for next episode whan sanlak will meer presam.

  4. nice… shantipriya love stry will strt

  5. Hey yaar!!! I want swasan raglak stories not their children’s.. I cant imagine them being old uncles and aunties.. Please make changes

  6. i agree krishna

  7. Wow nice season of love

  8. Thanks for leap yaar

  9. can you tell me that i can imagine which actor and actress as shantipriya and presam

  10. I think its better u finish it off cause its supposed to be about swaragini but the story has gone somewhere

  11. I have a doubt…pls clear this its a very silly one..shantipriya’s bday is on the same day,same age then y shanti is calling Priya Di??

  12. Guys I’m sorry I aint gonna continue people aren’t liking my ff so no point in doing it sorry

  13. little angel,
    tania, meghs, surbhi, jay, hayathi,akku, navi, lavanya and me love your ff please continue writing, put in a bit more hardwork to touch the sky.

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