Swararagini ff (happy love) episode 1


Hello guys this is my first fan fiction I hope you will like it.If you have any ideas plzzz suggest.
So it is 2 years later everything is fine.raglak and swasan have moved Delhi because Sanlak are opening their own business

swasan room:
Swararagini comes in to the room with tea for Sanskar.swara says in her mind he doesn’t even remember it our anniversary.
Swara says to sanskar:do u know what the date is?
Sanskar:of course I do
Swara:tell me then
Sanskar:come here then
Swara:(goes to Him)
Sanskar:grabs her and gives her a kiss then he whispers in her ear happy anniversary.
Swara:and to you.
Sanskar:be ready at 8pm we are gonna go out

Raglak room
Ragini is putting clothes in the wardrobe just then laksh comes and puts his arms around Ragini and turns her around and says happy anniversary
Ragini:happy anniversary to you too
Laksh starts convincing Ragini for a kiss but she avoids him and says Mr laksh you are getting late for work and sanskar is waiting for you.
Laksh:ok madam I will let you go this time but next time I won’t let you go.
Ragini says ok just go now…bye and take care
Laksh: by the way Swara and sanskaar are going out for dinner but we are going to spend 5 days in a resort so make sure you pack and be ready for 8pm
Laksh :bye
Scene ends

Precap:swasan and raglak celebrating anniversary

I know that swasan and raglak didn’t get married on the same day but I changed it that they did

Credit to: Little angle

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  1. Lvly dr try to update long

  2. Little angel…… ur story is nice bt make it long yaar.. sorry for hurting u.. bt i told wt i felt…

  3. Wow nice!!! Keep it up! Nice change in Laksh and Ragini ?

  4. Nice start Little Angel. Keep writing dr. All the very best

  5. good starting..

    1. Little angel

      It’s okk…… It’s short because I didn’t have enough time

  6. Very nice next episode sooon…?

  7. Make it long plz.

  8. plz update fast and regularly

  9. nice one dr..

  10. Little angel

    Do u guys think I should continue with this fan fiction

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