swarangini and sanlak friends to love


This is the first time I am writing a fiction if their is any mistake pls forgive me my friends.

A beautiful singing voice of two girls is heard from a temple and they are in their salwar kameez one wearing pink is swara and the other who is wearing yellow is ragini and the both look gorgeous .And on the other side we see a handsome boy who is flirting and teasing the girls is laksh and his brother comes and advice’s him not to tease girls and he is sanskar.the both sanlak swaragini from a rich family.

Sanlak is remainded of his meeting with their besties and the other sin swaragini is remainded of it they rush to a cafe.we see a back of boys who is waiting for swaragini .

And when they come they meet the boys and the four hug each other.and the guys are none other than sanlak.the four are friends from their kindergarten.

Swaragini and sanlak are having fun in the cafe

Credit to: nandy

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  1. Good start,pls continue.

  2. Always Wanted to see there friendship to da fullest thx for da fan friction.. Pliz continue

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