Swaragni-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Season 2 Episode 6


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Recap: RagSan face off
Aarsuh and Ammu are travelling together in train.
Aarush gets another call.
Aarsuh sees the number and cut the call.
Ammu: is it dadu?
Aarush : no …Woh i’ll nw ok.
Ammu: yh
Aarsuh opens his phone removes his sim card and throw it away.
Aarush gets another call which he attents.
Aarush:hlo Swara aunty…
(Yes guys thts Swara but Swara is not alone in this…….)
Caller: Its Sanskar ..Ammu’s father.

Aarush: oh sry uncle …
Sanskar: hw is she?
Aarush: she is gud…
Sanskar: did she had fud?
Aarush: yh she did…
Sanskar: use kuch pata toh nahi chala haina.
Aarush: no uncle..
Sanskar: Aarush pls tk care of her.
Aarush: don’t wry uncle …
Sanskar: hey Swara wants to talk to u..tk care both of u.
Swara: hlo Aarush.
Aarush: yes anuty ..

Swara: so all set
Aarush: u don’t wry aunty ill never let her meet her mom…everything will done as u all said.
Swara: ok beta Laksh wants to talk to u.
Laksh: Aarush ..Ammu is 5n ri8.
Aarush: haan unclew she is gud…
Laksh: beta pls take care of her..
Aarush: ok uncle ..bye u all too tk care.
Aarush goes and sit near Ammu who was sleeping…
So Ammu is sitting in the window seat and her head was hitting the window So Aarush slowly places her head on his shoulder.
He closes his eyes….

FB Starts
After Dhyaan calls and informs Aarsuh abt their plan to get Ammu meet Ragini.
Aarush: I think i should tell Laksh uncle.
Aarush calls on Laksh’s phone
Laksh was not there so Swara picks the call.
Swara: hlo
Aarush: hlo Laksh uncle?
Swara : sry Laksh is not here..who r u ?
Aarush: I am Laksh uncle’s business partner Raman’s son.
Swara: oh Aarush….i am Swara .. beta.
Aarush: ho hi aunty. Hw r u?
Swara: i am gud hw come u called beta?
Aarush: woh aunty…..
Aarush tells abt Dhyaan ‘s planings.

Swara: oh so these many things were going on behind us.
Aarush: haan aunty wen he asked me if i can help i said yes but later wen i thought abt it ..
Swara: whatever u did is right beta…dont feel bad for it ok.Nw u do as they say but in another style.
Aarush: another side?
Swara: i’ll tell Laksh also abt it..its tht wen u reach Delhi don’t let her meet Ragini.
Aarush: Ragini?
Swara: her mother..okay
Aarush: okay aunty if u say so…
Swara: ok den beta i’ll call u inbetween.
Swara tells abt it to Laksh and Sanskar after Ammu comes to MM saying she is married.
FB Ends
Ragini is still crying.
Taru: bua u don’t wry we will not go back to delhi until we meet Ammu.
Shrawu: haan mumma don’t wry …we will make everything 5n we will get Ammu back to us ..
They have a group hug.
Riku: Ragu don’t wry everything will be ok…
Rathore: Janki …Mukku nw u both also don’t start crying we should support her ..
Mukku: yh papa..
Rathore: thts lyk my princess…
Janki: acha den what abt me?
Rathore: u r my queen darling….
They hugs each other…
Aarush and Ammu reach Delhi.
Ammu: yh we r in Delhi ..come lets go to mumma’s house.
Aarush: nw…
Ammu: haan nw ..and pls can u give ur phone i wanted to inform dadu tht we hv reached Delhi.
Aarush: don’t wry i’ll inform him.
Ammu: then come lets go.
Aarush: not nw..see we r here after a long journey i think we should get fresh atleast before meeting ur mother.
Ammu: haan thts also ri8..ok should we go to a hotel?
Aarush: no need of tht i have a house here..lets go there.
Ammu: r u sure?
Aarush:yh lets go..

Aarush and Ammu reach Aarush’s house…
Ammu enter first then Aarush…
Ammu: wow this is so beautiful..
Aarush: haan but not any longer for u..
Ammu turns
Aarush locks the front door…his expression has changed.
Ammu gets a lil scared.
Ammu: what r u doing?…is it a joke?
Aarush comes closer to her..Ammu moves back but Aarush walks towards her..finally she hits a wall…Aarush comes to her there is a lil between them.
Ammu: wat r u doing?
Aarush: don’t wry i’ll not do anything ….but only on one condition..
Ammu: what r u talking abt?
Aarush: tht u’ll not step out of this house…
Ammu: what r u talking abt…we came here to meet my mumma ri8..
Aarush: yes…but not any more….ull not meet ur mom did u get it…and one more thing…
He ties her hands….forcefully.
Aarush: here is ur fud and gud ni8….

Aarush goes
Ammu cries………

Precap: Dhruv tries to call Aarush…Swara’s new plan to make RagSan away forever…RagSan’s love for Ammu….Ammu and Aarush…..

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  1. horrible swara what is she upto everyone wiil regret oh good anyways nice plot hoping the misunderstandings will not stay for long i hate sanskaar too dumbo and now laksh aso yaar this is too much

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  3. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Please unite Ammu and Ragini
    Why Swara always do it
    Waiting for the next day………..

  4. Hemalattha


  5. Please unite them yar, always want to see ragsan together but they are apart since part 1

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  7. Megha123

    Feeling bad for ammu & ragini. ??? try to post nxt part ASAP plzzzzzz ???

  8. Superb dear.update next part soon

  9. dont get it arush is dhyan frend so he should help him but he helping his father frnd y
    poor ammu love her
    hate arush

  10. Anjaly

    awesome episode.i loved the twist.pls unite ammu with ragini and also unite ragsan.

  11. oh no yaar Ammu……unite Ragini and Ammu soon……. episode is awesome……?

  12. Awesome….

  13. Jayanti

    but who is playing the role of ammu?
    is it tejaswi only?

  14. Jayanti

    the episode was mindblowing totally unexpected that it was all swara’s plan
    but who is playing d role of ammu?
    is it tejaswi only?

  15. Awesome yaar ?

  16. Kriya.kri

    Unite ammu n rags soon

  17. Awesome

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