Swaragini ……. A twist (intro)

Hello ……. My name is Maya, and I will be making my new Swaragini fan fiction. I know there are many Swaragni fans over here, so I will be making one of my own point of view .
now I will kindly introduce the main characters

Swara : Is Ragni’s older sister and later on married to Sanskar. And is a famous movie manager and is currently working for her sister Ragni

Ragni : Is Swara’s younger sister and later on married to Lakshi and is a famous movie star and her manager is her sister Swara

Sanskar: Is Lakshi’s cousin and best friend later Swara’s loving husband and is a rock star

Lakshi: Is Sanskar’s cousin and best friend later Ragni’s husband and is business man

Sharmiza : Swara’s and Ragni’s mom

Shekar : Swara’s and Ragni’s dad

Shuraya from (ek hasina thi) : the villain who wants to destroy the both sisters lives and is dating kavita

Kavita : Sanskar’s ex-gf is also the villain and is dating shuraya

Parvati : Swara’s and Ragni’s grandmother

Hope you enjoy reading …… feel free to comment

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  1. Eishwa

    Good really like the ek this hasina twist

  2. Tvisha

    Its just Awesome.. but is it laksh or lakshi???

  3. ragini is star, wow

  4. Nice..

  5. Divyanshri

    Nice…. but show swaragini’s bonding

  6. Intresting

  7. Seems Interesting Di…

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