swaragini……when destiny plays a game (Episode 3)

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In park rags was waiting for lucky seating on a bench
Lucky:Hello ragini…gm
Hi lakshya ji.. she said in a low voice….
Lucky:Hey im lucky for friends and family no jivi ok…
Ragini simply nodes…
Lucky talked continuously for more then an hour…and ragini was all quite
Lucky:Hey ragini don’t u have some dreams of urs..
Listening to this she cant control any more and started cry
This was the first time she cried in front of any one really any one other than swara

Lucky ( in a tensed tone)Ra..ragini kya hua????

After ragini told him about her dreams and her dadi’s warning ….
Lucky with a cute smile on face said Ragini u don’t worry i m having a idea….
It was muted …
Ragini’s happiness was out of the world…
But she had a doubt whether it will work..
Lucky :Don’t worry its lucky babas plan it will work….for sure????

Ragini laughed on his actions and lakshya was lost in her smile

In the evening
Ragini happily entered the house all were happy to see her they sat for dinner sumi was serving dada ji and shekhar bcause due to some thing or reason they have stoped talking to dadi…
After the dinner
Dp called them and informed them about ingagement next week
They all were happy for Ragini
And Ragoni was happy bcoz of luck’s plan…( its a secret yaar!!!???)

After one week one day before the ingazement
Every one was ingaged in work ….
Preparations were on full swings ….in this past one week lucky became Ragini’s first and closest frnd ( no…. Wait not first actually because some one more imp was there ya its swara…)
Because of dadi s strict behavior
She never made frnds ….but now time is changing and destiny has its own plans

In a event
A man on stage said….plz give a huge round applause to …i think u know whom im talking about….
Yes the youngest bussiness tycoon MR. SANSKAR MAHESHWARI….
A dashing man enters the hall with all the spot lights and fashes on him….
He is well dress in a three piece black formal coat…he steped on the stage and talking out his glasses went on mike ..” Thanks a lot ever one …. I must say i am here because of your support and my hard work .thank u” without wasting even a minute he went out and drove his car…
In car
Sans:” Hello…jay( his manager) i want a ticket for india of tommorw ..got it”
Jat:Yes sir
As he reached his beautiful villa his maid said….sir ur tickets…
He had a smile on his face and went up stairs ……
He stood infront of the glass wall frm where he can see the entire new york….
I m coming india ur sanskar is coming .. Bevare sinhas…. Im coming……

Next day

Today is RagLak’s ingagement…

All the preparetions are done…..
MM is decorated as a newly wed bride

Sanskar is on airport….he runs and says i have to reach any how
{Guest have arrived but ehre is ur lucky boy???? }
In lucky’room
Badai bhaiya bhabhi i m looking cool na plz batao
Adarsh:Enough lucky …tu kitna bhi saj le shaadi ke baad sab ki halat ek jese hoti hai samja?????
Pari: adarsh stop plz …see how nerves he is
…..(????She giggled)
Bhabhi even u have started just then ap came and said….come gadodias are here..

Ragini was wearing a red and white lengha….with a french bun and matching bangles was looking like a angle

On road…..
Sans: damm it ! This car man….
Driver: sir, it will take time..
Sans: wahi to nahi hai
He saw a bike ….
With out waiting for the owner….
He drove it …,
Laksh was all lost in his dream land
Ragini slowly looked up and was mesmerized to see lakshya wearing a white sherwani with red collar and some design on sherwani alo with red
He look damn hot!!!!!!!

To bring them back to real world adarsh shouted in laksya ear bhai thoda jaldi kar..
All started laughing and lucky just moved his hand in his hair and smilled innocently…
Just when lucky was about to put ring in Ragini s hand …
Some one shouted….stop!!!!!!

All looked towards the gate and were shocked to see sanskar there …
All were confused and wanted to know is he as he dared to stop MAHESHWARI’s as wellas GADODIA’S function

Sanskar rushed to Ragini and said jaan tum mere sath aesa kaise kar sakti ho tumne ek bar bhi mere bare me nahi socha…or is idiot pointing at lakshya.. Se shadi karne chaldi …..ek bar mere bare me to socha hota how could u….haa???? And he was not able to say even a word he turned and started crying….
Ragini and all were shocked to what happened just now …
dadi came to Ragini and asked …ladoo what the hell is this ha??? Who is he …..
Before rags could say….
Sanky said ha ragu my jaan bata do iss aunty ko ki i m ur frst love…..
Dadi ma i dont know him pata nahi ye kaun hai or kya bol rahe hai…..
..lakshya hum inhe sach me nahi jante ….and as soon as she completed she was about to cry when sanskar laughed whole heartly….omg…yaar sorry im sorry i thought tum lucky ki gfs ki tarah bold hogi par tum????? u are so innocent man seriously yaar……
After this maheshwari family started laughing loudly
Lucky came to ragini and said consoling her….rags he…he is my elder bro sanskar…u knw na i told u about him …yes he is only my BHAI..
Rags looked at sanky …
He again appolozised ….this time ragini smiled at him
Sans:Ouch!!! Ma leave my ear its paining
It should ap said holding his ear maa….
Jiji leave my bacha se he is requesting ….sujata said entering with ram …
Seing them aadarsh and pari went and touched there feet..
Maa papa good to see u..
Sans:Chachi ma ur forgeting my ear….
Ohho sorry..jiji
Ap:Fine … .jst see sam (SAnskar Maheshwari) u gave her a heart attack …ooo poor Ragini

After exchanging rings

All guests have gone now only maheshwari and gadodias were there ….having family time…
Ap asked Ragini she is ok na …
Yes aunty im fine …
Beta no aunty only ma ok
AaSaLa ( aadarsh sanskar and lakshya) in unison : plz aunty mat bolo warna ma ki umar ka sabko pata chal jaega!!
Ap:U …….three wait..
AaSaLa: bhagooooo!!!!
They started runing and ap chased them and all others laughed….
After this lucky
Everyone….. I wanna say some thing
…….. Mai ye shaadi nahi kar sakta
All were shocked ….
Ap : lakshya…. What are u saying its not a joke …
Sam: maa plz atleast lisen
Lucky : i dont want a house wife!….
Dadi : what do u mean….?
Lucky: I want RAGINI TO WORK!
Every one was releaved
Dadi stared at ragini!

dp … said …to shekhar….shekhar ji we want to know about our would be Dil’s courier plan….i mean in my house every one has a talent and they are allowed to persue their dreams like pari she is an intereio desighner and my son lakshay he is a surgeon… As he has interest in medical field aadarsh and i and ram are involved in our family bussiness and Sanskar he and my daughter Ananya run their separate bussiness in new york…so want ragini also to do some thing….
Dadi showed eyes to ragini in anger and ragini bowed her head…but dada ji grabbed the apportunity so he said she want to become architect .
Dp said :fabulous….. so ragini ur studies..
Dadaji: no she is done with the course..
Dp: alright so as lakshay lives and work in New york….u can also jpin him their….
Ragini jumped in happiness and huged dadaji but composed herself seing dadi….
Dp:Its ok beta …
Dadi:But dp ji hamare ghar ki choriya kaam na kare hai…
Dp:I agree …but
Rags smile faded away….
Dp…continued…But…she is no more ur daughter she is now my daughter so she will work ….m i right ragini
She simply noded..
As elders want to plan so AaSaLaRaPa….went to luckys room ..they chit chat for a long time
Adarsh ragini every one here has a nick name and we eill give u also
Sanskar :yes and u will be called with that only!
Adarsh…..mine is ansh
Parineta….mine is pari
Lakshya..mines is lucky
Sanskar mine is Sam
Ans ananya’s is Ana
All togethor u will be Rags!
then ragini asked…
Lucky who is ananya
Lucky: She ….she is my darling…bhai’s jaan…..badai bhaiya’s beautiful …bhabhi ‘s besti ….dad and chacha’s priencess ..mom’s and badi ma ‘ s sweet heart….in short is ghar ki sabse jada pampered member……
Rags Ok …..well i want to meet her..
V.soon u will .sanky said in acold voice
Lucky i am confused uvall call ap and sujata aunty maa and mom and dp and rp unckle dad and papa…
Ansh: i will clear ur confusion
See my and sam ‘s real mom dad are ap and dp dad…
And lucky and ana’s rp papa and sujata maa….
Pari : but still we call dp…..as dad
Ap as mom
Rp as papa
And sujata maa as maa
Lucky : ragini this confusion is becoz of me and bhai …i lived with mom and dad and he with maa papa
Rags : ohh! Now i got it
Sanskar was busy sending recordings to Ananya..
New York…
Ana is crying seing Gadodiayas???

Elders have decided they will go to darjling …..for 2 months as afterthat its Raglaks marriage …..gadodias want to spend sweet time with ragini and mahrshswaris dont want their dil to be away from them ( specially lakshya)

All were excited ….tommorrow morning they wil leave by bus …


Rags:Maa look mere sapne to pure hogai par di …..
Sumi had tears in her eyes….pata nahi mere bachi kaha hai…….
New York
Ana is watching a recording…
in london during a concert a girl is shown singing
And playing guitar…..

Just then dadi came and both of them wiped thier tiers dekh ladoo dp bhaisahab tere sapne pure kar rahe hai agar wa chori mari baat man leti aur shaadi kar leti to….she cant speak because of crying ….but still clearing her throat she said ab chodo in sab bato ko …bhul jao jo hua
Rags: dadi app bhi api shonu ke liye roti hai…
Next morning
Maheshwari reached at the door step of gv an they kept the bags and all the things
Ragni was wearing a peach color suite …
Lakshya in a orange color shirt came and sat next to ragini and sanskar in purple shirt and white blazer
All were sitting in pairs ….
Dadi….all alone
Dadaji…all alone
Lakshya. .ragini
Dada: ye kya hai tum sab ne mujhe akela chod diya
Sanskar dont worry handsome mai hu na….sanskar apka sanskar….now smile

Fb…..dadu …..sorry mai hu na ….shona apki shona now smile..
fb ends
Dida smiles remembering swara
U are just like swaru…
Lakshya: dada ji swaru kaun hai
Dadi interupts look such a beautiful scene is there bangalan….
All enjoys alot ..sanskar is recording all this and snding to ananya…..
After reaching all are sitting near
Bornfire sanskar remembers something…..
A girl sitting in front of her in same born fire…laughing
Com on sanskar u can do it please ….for me ….
All right….
For u ….
Fb ends
Sanskar!! Pari calls him kaha kho gaye ….
Chalo ab tumhara turn( they are playing truth dare)
Aadarsh:truth ya dare
Sanskar: sanskar Maheshwari always takes dare…
Lukshya to thik hai …..apni lady love ke liye feeling discribe karo
Ragini interupts jab tum usse pehli bar milo ge tab…
All were shocked to see changed ragini ..but happy also …
All started hooting….
Pari commom sanskar start speaking
He get up and goes in side
Sujata:beta kaha ja rahe ho???
Bhai ko kya hua…
Suddenly they hear guitar sound and Ragini and her family is shocked
Shomi swara ki tune….
Ragini swara truth or dare
Swara swara gadodiya always takes dare…
Dida: to thik hai …..apni lady love ke liye feeling discribe karo
Ragini interupts jab tum usse pehli bar milo ge tab…
Fb ends
Ragini comes to reality….
Sanskar starts singing….

Andekhi anjaani si pagli si deewani si, jaane woh kaisi hogi re – (2)

Chori se chupke chupke baithi hai dil me chupke Jaane woh kaisi hogi re Andekha anjaana sa pagla sa deewana sa, jaane woh kaisa hoga re – (2)

Chori se chupke chupke baitha hai dil me chupke Jaane woh kaisa hoga re Andekhi anjaani si pagli si deewani si, jaane woh kaisi hogi re Mere khayalo me na jaane kitni tasvire banane lagi Bas aasmaano pe do dilo ki takdire banane lagi Bin dekhe hai aisi bechaini tauba oye rabba dekha to jaane kya hoga Sapno me aane wali neende churane wali, jaane woh kaisi hogi re Palko ke upar niche dil ke dhadkan ke piche, jaane woh kaisa hoga re Andekhi anjaani si pagli si deewani si, jaane woh kaisi hogi re Na jaane kya hoga na kya hoga pehli mulakaat me Kaise chupaoongi chand ko main us chaandni raat me Bas ab to mai uska ghunghat kholunga Chupke se dekhunga kuch na bolunga Oye oye yeh bechaini oye oye yeh betaabi, jaane woh kaisa hoga re Jis ko dekha na barso usko dekhunga kal parso Jaane woh kaisi hogi re Andekha anjaana sa pagla sa deewana sa, jaane woh kaisa hoga re Andekhi anjaani si pagli si deewani si, jaane woh kaisi hogi re Jaane woh kaisa hoga re Jaane woh kaisa hoga re – (2)

Ragini rushes inside lisening the song…shomi to shekhar i will manage…

At night

Ragini:Sam apka gana awesome
Thank u…….
He bowed his head..
Ragini:Aap kaphi funny hai sam……
Rags u dont know bhai….he becomes serious when it comes to family or bussiness….
Door bell
Rahul!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky jumped after seing him…bro u came….
Ragini just entered the seen and was shocked to see rahul..sanskar in rage went in and banged the door…..

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Wht ananya was crying seeing gadodiyas….
Why sanki became angry
Same habits of swasan is coincedence or…..
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