swaragini……when destiny plays a game (Episode 2)

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Next morning
At 7:00am
Ragini woke up rubbed her eyes an found out that she was sleeping in her mothers lap ….
Ragini: Maa..ap..yaha
Shomi gently rubbed her hand on her forehead…..
Maa…. Mere sapno ka kya ho ga?
Shomi: ragini beta i can understand ur problem …but i have a fear of loosing u i don’t wanna lose u…..

Ragini knows what she is talking about..

Shomi in her mind….i wish i could stop her….but will not let u do same mistake….

Maa what happend.ragini said while shaking shomi

Nothing beta …she cleared her throat wiped her tears and said standing up dear go and get ready….fast ha and ur dad said he will talk about ur courier to dp ji….

Ragini in mind: maa apne unse bhi yahi kaha tha par kya hua sab jante hai

Maheshwari Mansion ( mm)

A lady is seen running in the big hall of a palace type bungalow
Hurry up …move ur hands fast what are u doing….do it properly
…she is Annapurna Maheshwari

Just then one lady came and said ma u need not to worry .i will manage u don’t panic u better go.. And take rest as soon as papa will come we will leave for gadodia nivas……she is Pareeneta Adarsh Maheshwari, daughter in law of mahershwaris.
{ maheshwaris treate their DIL as there daughter }

Ap:Pari i know but….
Pari:No but wut maa u go fast…

After half an hour

Pari:All the work is done now where is maa…
Ap came wearing a green saree with white touch and golden border and a golden broach
[I m not that good in fashion sense so….?plz sorry ha]

Pari:Maa u look fabulous..
Ap :Thanks….and u too look gorgeous..
Pari is wearing a red and black saree with silver border…

Just then they hear horn sound pari:seems like papa came…
Just then a man in formal suit entered he is Durgaprasad maheshwri..
Accompanied by his son Aadarsh

Dp : are u all done with preparation..
Dp:Where is lakshya…
Ap: ji ….wo lakshya
Dp: god know when he will grow up….

Just then a black Mercedes entered the mansion
A dashing boy stepped out and entered running to the hall he turned and throws the keys and winked at the servant and asked him to park the car.
Lucky to himself :Lucky boy aj to tum gaye
He entered and saw dp staring angrily at him…
Lakshya why are u late ????
He asked angrily .
Lucky :Dad sorry..i was a bit busy in patience thats why..
Dp:Ok..go and get ready soon….

After 15 min he came back ….he look damn good in white shirt and black over coat…..
They all left to Gadodiya nivas

Maa seems like they came
Shomi said looking at the gate

Maheshwari family entered …
After greeting every one and some formal talks …
Ragni entered the room
She was wearing a green and white color anarkali suit
With a side pleat….
Gorgeous this was the first word to come in lucky ‘s mind
They introduced each other …after that when dp asked them to talk in private lucky said that tomorrow he will go out with ragini and check whether they are soulmatrs or not…
All agreed
Initially dadi denied but she has to agree on their condition ..

At night
Lucky on phone..
Hello …..bhai where are u i and badai bhaiya are missing u man…
On the other side … I know yaar but what to do….ok ..Lucky dont waste ur time go and sleep ….so bye and all the best
Saying this lucky hanged the phone …

One side lucky is lost in rags thoughts
And other side rags is tensed what turn there lifes will take

Next morning
Ragini was getting ready when dadi entered and closed the gate and turned ..
Dadi:Look lado if due to some reson this rishta got broken na then…..
U know me…
Saying this she went out…
Ragini was in such astate that she cant even cry….
Ragini to herself: Di…..no…..no .no Ragini dont even dare to talk about her other wise….
[ dadi was intially not like this but due to some past events she just turned herself into a stone]
Just then aadarsh came

Lucky was getting ready….
Badai bhaiya how i m looking…he asked from aadarsh …looking at himself in mirror
Aadarsh said teasingly O come on lucky…..u asked me this 40 th time man …..kitna joot bulvao ge
Ab sun to ek no. Ka gadha lagraha hai ……he continued
Are mere jaan chahe kitna hi savar le mujhe competition nahi de paega smja
Lakshya:Bhai! (Showing fake anger…)
Aadarsh:Are girls use to die for me….even today…..
Just then pari came and asked
Yes aadarsh what u said ha

Lucky :Bhabhi about some girl….he was saying that…
Aadarsh interuped Shut up lucky
Dear i said he is trying to compete me thats it

Pari: Plz aadarsh u cant compete my devar okk…
Thanks sweat heart saying this Lucky raised his collar
Adarsh:O mister u are getting late rags don’t like late comers
Saying so lucky ran and took his car …and rushed to the park

Hey….so do u like my fanfic….
Plz do tell..
I really need ur feedbacks
Sorry for not writting much about swara and sanskar , but i promisr from tomorrow i will write about all four….
Pairs will be soon revealed

What happened in past that changed dadi…..
Who is this BHAI…..
Why no one talks about swara???
Keep thinking guezz!!!??

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  1. Nice waiting for next one make it bigger

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  4. I think lakshs bro was none other than sanskarr nd swara ran with sanskar against her familyy thats whyy no one talks abt her

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