swaragini…u r made for me (Episode 3)


Thanks for your great support was very happy to see such a good response on my very first fiction.
So todays episode.
Everyone boardsthe flight in flight.
Swaragini are sitting together and sanlak behind them.
Rag: swara are all the bookings done.
Swara:ya ragini ….
Rag: swara i’ ll just come in 2 mins..
Swara: ok .
Ragini has gone to washroom ..when laksh finds swara sitting alone goes and sit next to her.
Swara: what r u doing..
Lakah: nothing
Swara: its ragini s seat
Laksh: no worries she will sit at back.
Swara: fine.
Ragini comes and finds laksh sitting on her seat.
Ragi: her mr. U r sitting on my seat.
Laksh: no worries u sit on mine.
Rag: but ..
Swara: just for 2 hrs …
Rag: ok.
She sits next to sanskar.
San: hi
Rag: hi.how r u.
San:very fine.excited for trip.
Ragini: yes..
Swalak are talking to each other.
Laksh: lets have some na.
Swara: but here how.
Laksh: i will show you.
Laksh presses the call button and air hostess comes.
A.h: how may i help you sir.
Laksh: actually i wanted a glass of water.
A.h: sure .
She brings a glass of water.
Laksh: thanks …btw have anyone told u that u r extremely beautiful.
A.h: yes sir my husband and my kids…
Laksh throws water from his mouth
Swara laughs.
A.h: btw sir has anyone told you that your girl friend is very beautiful.
Laksh: who is my g.f.
She points at swara
Swara: who told you this.
A.h: i thought that….anyway maam i should leave.
Swara nods.
Laksh: she is the 73 rd person who thought you to be my girl friend.
Swara laughs..
In jaipur.
Swara: wow finally we r in jaipur…
Rag: yes ….
San: where will the guests stay.
Swara: hotel lemon green…our cars and busses r standing out will drop you there.
Swara: ragini are the keys with you.
Ragini: keys of..
Swara: my car..
Ragini: yes take it.
Swara: now jaipur …be ready for swara.
Lakah: where r u going.
Swara:to explore jaipur..
Laksh: wow i ll too join u.
Swara:why not..
Laksh: bhai com n.
San: ok.
Swara is driving the car on a very fast speed.
Swara:anyone wants to drive.
Laksh: yes me.
They exchange their seats.
Tgey all enjoy and reach hotel
Precap: wedding….
Guys i m very busy so posting late and short.please do understand.

Credit to: rishita

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