swaragini:truly,madly,deeply (two-shots) Part-2


Swaragini:truly,madly,deeply (two-shot)
Recap—swasan meet,fall in love—confess..swara’s bro(vedh)knws abt this..ragini asks laksh to make his dad proud and then shld would marry him….pre swara’s birthday sanskar sends a break-up text!
Swara sleeps on the floor weeping! Nxt mrning as its her birthday her 3 brothers have planned for a surprise party for her at home…sanskar is invited by vedh(as vedh still thinks swasan are in a relationship) ragini,laksh,Anjali are also invited!
In the morning shekar gifts swara a car,dushyanth gifts her 2 tickets for Goa(he has booked one ticket for Anjali cos he knws she is swara’s best frnd & swara would want to go wit her,they shld be leaving tom mrning and its 3-day trip) vedh tells her that he woud gift her in the evening and aadhi gifts her a puppy! Swara really loved all the gifts but still she is sad thinking abt sanskar behaviour,they havnt come face to face since a week so she plans to confront him today at the party and smiles!
Evening at the party,swara is wearing a white gown with a little work done on it,she left her hair open….anjali is in back gown,ragini is in blue gown,sanskar comes in black jeans and has tucked in his white shirt and a black tie,the rest of the guys r in black suit! As the party starts swara’s eye is only searching for her sanskar but sanskar is trying his best to hide from her eyes…meanwhile dushyanth comes to swara and makes her to wear a diamond bracelet which compliments her dress swara loves it and hugs him
Dushyanth—u liked it shona?
Swara—I loved it bhaiya,thank you so much!
Dushyanth—whom ru searching for?
Swara—(stammers)im searchinggg hmm Anjali,she went wit ragini so!
Dushyanth—ohk..and tomorrow goa early mrning flight don’t forget! Gives her a smile and leaves!
Swara(thinks)—oh god wer did this sanskar donkey go! Im sure hes hiding something from me so only hes not able to face me! Aftr all whom am i? future SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI! I knw something is fishy,ill catch him today!
Now its tym to cut cake! Swara stands infront of the cake,on her left shekar,ryt dushyant and then vedh and aadhi on either sides! Now as sanskar has no other option he stands with vedh and laksh..swasan eyes meet but sanskar bends his head down!
Sanskar(thinks)—she’s looking like an angle today! But if I look at her eyes I don’t have the strength to break her heart! Im falling in love with her all over again!
Swara(thinks)—look at the way he is avoiding me!he dint even wish me and on top of that hes bending his head down!once I catch u then look what will happen to u sanskar….her thought was intruptedby shekar telling her to cut the cake..,she cuts the cake and gives the first bite to her dad and then brothers,Anjali,ragini…..thinking this is the proper time to escape,sanskar goes towards the garden only to be caught by swara
Swara—wer ru going donkey? Don’t u wont cake?[shes having a peace of cake in her hand] Sanskar—who swara I was getting a call from mom so came to attend!
Swara—everyone goes to classes to learn for their career,but u shld go to learn how to lie! By the way y ru avoiding me? And what was text to my fone u sent yesterday?cant u wish for my birthday? Leave abt gift,what rights u have to break up wit me?who gave it to u? saying this she started moving towards him,covering the gap between them!
Sanskar—swara how many questions will u shoot at a tym? And y aim serious wer breaking up! I cant live with you(his voice chokes while telling this)to cover his tears he turns his face
Swara starts crying listening to his words…looking at the breaking hearts of this to the sky starts crying along with them! Sanskar was abt to leave but she catches and pushes him towards the nearest wall!
Swara—what ru trying to hide from me?
Sanskar—what am I hiding?
Swara—that u shld answer! How will I knw?
Sanskar—there is noting to hide!
Swara—reason for breaking up with me?
Sanskar—im bored! Ur to heavy to handle!
Swara slaps him! Swara—sanskar speak the tuth!
Sanskar(thinks)—I deserve this slap for breaking my pricess slap!but how is she so confident that im not speaking the truth!?
Dushyanth comes to the corridor,he can hear only swaras voice but cant see both of them!(he only hears the below conversation)
Swara—I love u donkey! I cant live without u! my heart craves for ur love,my ears wants to listen to only ur voice,my hands wants to hold only ur hand! Pls tell me that u also love me!
Sanskar—y ru acting like this? Accept the truth,we cant be together! I cant handle an insane girl like u!
Swara—then y did u ever love this same insane girl?dint u think I was insane that tym?
Sanskar—shona I was a mad that tym!but now im not ready to repeat the same mistake!
They had two mins silence between them! Dushyanth was shocked to hear swara talking like this,he wanted to kill that guy for wooing his sister but he controlled as that guy was breaking up,aadhi comes there in search of dushyanth and takes him from there!
Sanskar—u still don’t trust me? Wait ill show u my new girl frnds ph…(photo)
Before he could complete his sentence,swara stuffs cake into his mouth and wipes the cream on his face,which was on her hand! Sanskar is shocked to see her doing this!
Swara—what do u think sanskar?u will tell me some fake story and ill belive it? Any relationship can exist without love but nun can exist without trust! And I trust completely! Ur not a guy who can break anyones trust!
Sanskar was overhelmed looking at swara’s trust and love towards him!but his thought was cut off,wen swara keeps her lips on his..and starts kissing him showing how much she missed him,her anger for his ignorance,her desire for wanting him! She bites his lower lip and he moans,opens his mouth,she bites the cake which had stuffed into his mouth! She release him and eats the cake in her mouth which she had taken from his mouth!sanskar was carried off by her move and enjoyed her punishment and happily eats the cake in his mouth!
Swara—now tell me that u want to break up!
Sanskar comes back to the reality and closes his eyes
Swara—sankar pls tell me the reason pls
Sanskar—swara ur very rich,and im not in ur status!
Swara—love is from heart and not for money! Ur still hiding the main reason from me,cos my donkey can never think that status and all is eede for love!
Sanskar—I think vedh would leave my frndship,if he gets to knw abt us and for me his frndship is important than u!(he tells this is one go closing his eyes)
On the other hand dushyanth is searching for swara,he comes across Anjali and asks her where is swara? Anjali replies that she is her room or has gone with vedh to take her gift! Dushyanth finds it satisfying as vedh told he would gift her in the evening but still he doubts a bit! After he leaves Anjali takes a sign of relief,as he went believing her lie!
On the other hand swara gets pist listening to sanskar’s reason and drags him and takes him to vedh’s room…in vedhs room their was rags,lucky and vedh!
Swara—vedh I want to my bday gift!
Vedh looks at swara catching sanskar hands—ya shona tell wat u want and u will get!
Swara—I want sanskar! He is my life,I love him but this donkey thinks that u will leave his frndship if u get to knw abt this!
All the 4 of them are stunned to listen to swara’s honest confession!
Vedh looks at sanskar and asks—is it true ?
Sanskar doesn’t answer…swara—im telling noe trust me!
Vedh goes and hugs sanskar and tells him how can u even think like this? I would be the worlds happiest brother if u marry my sister! Im so happy listening to this news..,he turns towards swara and tells shona here u take ur gift,keep it safe,its very delicate,don’t break it!
Sanskar,rags and lucky are amazed looking at the bond between vedh and swara!
Swara hugs and cries in vedhs embrace,he consoles her! He sends her to wash her face and come! Dushyanth comes to vedh’s room to check if swara is there!
Dushyanth—vedh wer is shona?
Vedh—bhai she is washing her face,she had cream all over her face so!
Dushyanth—oh okay! U gave her the gift?
Vedh—yes bhai,shes very happy seeing that,see she hugged me and the cream got stuck to me also!
Swara comes aftr washing her and now sanskar goes to wash is his face as the cream was on his face!
Swara—bhai I loved the gift vedh gave! U knw its so cute,swt!
Rags,lucky,and vedh understand her words and gives a naughty smile to sanksy,and he blushes!
Dushyanth gets reveiled aftr cing swara and thinks it wasn’t her at garden and leaves!
Her swasan patch up! Vedh—y don’t u both go to goa tom?
Swara—ya bhai ur ryt!
Sanskar—u both r mad?ur bro has given it for u to go wit Anjali so go! Im not coming!
Vedh tells them that he is planning to propose Anjali in goa and all the 4 would go! Rags tells she also wants to come! Aadhi enters and tells wow even I want to go for goa! So the 7 of them plan to fly to goa! The party gets over and they stay back as they need to leave in the morning! Swasan r busy in romancing in swara’s room,the rest are chatting in vedhs room!
In goa trip—swasan romance is on heights! Swara gets a tattoo on her hand of the letter SS and sanky on his chest he gets swara’s name! vedh proposes Anjali and she accepts! Laksh has changed for ragini,and she is in love with him and has exspressed it to him,lucky is very happy and gets motivated and promises to work harder!
1 year leap
Dushyanth is confirmed that swara has a boy frnd,but doesn’t knw that its sanskar! Lucky and rags love each other and lucky has joined the family business even rags and also vedh..vedh and Anjali r together!sanskar has started his own business,swara is doing her last sem!
Dushyanth gets to knw abt swasan and is hell angry! But vedh,aadhi supports swara…shekar is neutral…dushyanth doesn’t want swasan together as sanskar is not rich as them!
swara—he may not be rich,but his love is enough for me to stay happy in life!
Dushyanth slaps swara and locks her up in the room! Shekar thinks over swara’s word & thinks swara shld be happy! And she can be happy with sanskar!
Sanskar comes to swara’s home to take her but dushyanth insults sanskar! Sanskar challengs dushyanth that he would successed in his business and then would come and take swara!
Sanskar starts working hard!and starts becoming a popular businessman! This irritates dushyanth! And now he tries to create missunderstandings between swasan…he pays money to kavitha and asks her to woo sanskar and make swara think that he is cheating on her!
Kavitha joins as sanky’s pa she used to wear short clothes,would try to get close to sanskar but he used to ignore or push her!once she forcefully goes and hugs sanskar and was almost abt to kiss him wen swara enters! Swara gets furious looking at this…kavitha thinks that her plan has worked and smirks evilly! But for her surprise she slaps kavitha and tells her to tell who sent her here! Kavitha tells everyting and swasan leaves to meet dushyanth,wen they go there they see him discussing an alliance for swara she gets more furious and spits out her anger on him! And goes to her room cring! Next day sanky leaves to The United Kigdom for a project!
1 year leap
Raglak are married and lucky has changed completely,he has become responsible!
At swara’s house she talks to nun as she thinks that they wer the reason for her sepration wit sanskar! She spends her tym like a robot! Vedh and Anjali are married! Swara is still waiting for sanky! Dushyanth—he will never come u see,he left u!
Swara—he had told 2 years,there is 6 mnths still left,he will come take me with him,I trust him!
Aftr a few days sanskar’s sister comes and tells swara that sanky will be coming tomorrow! Swara is so happy!
The next day sanky comes and dushyanth is shocked to see him!
Sanskar—u had told me u would make me marry ur sister if I become a successful businessman! And now im here to take my swara wit me!
But swara doent talk to sanky as she is angry on him as he hasn’t spoken wit her aftr he left for UK!
Sanky—swara u remember our first convo? U had asked me wen is my bday,for u to give me a gift! I had replied that I don’t need gift! Swarau have forget todays date also!
Swara then remembers that its sanskar’s bday!
Sanskar—swara marry me,live wit me for ever! I want dis as my bday gift!
Swara becomes happy and hugs him and cries in his embrace!
Finally swasan marry aftr their struggles!
At sanskar’s room—swara is sitting on his bed and waitig for him,sanky enters and locks the door goes near her and sits beside her and takes her hand in his!
Sanskar—swara although I was not in contact wit u for these days u still deeply belived that ill come and marry u!this shows how madly and true our love is!
Swara has tears in her eyes listening to this she hugs him!
Swara—sanskar this is my first tym,ive never done this before,its my 1st suhaagraat!
Sanskar—swara this is not my first tym,im a lot experienced in this!
Swara widens her eyes listening to this and remembers that he had told the same think aftr their first kiss! And hits him on his chest and tells u havnt changed sanskar! I love u!
They consummate their marriage and happily live after!
Swara gives births to twins and they named them Akshara and Vishal!
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  1. Wah! Happy ending of a cute sa love story. Amazed to see tgeir bond. Whatever you do it is not going to break. Though I felt Sanskar’s reson for the initial try to break relation wasnt too strong. I mean I din much get the point. The reason he told was a lie or a truth? Keep writing..

    1. thank you so much bisha for d comment! what sanskar told was true,he thought havin a relation with frnds sister would spoil his frndship with her brother!i knw its not a strong reason,but there are a few guys who actually think like that! 🙂

  2. patakha princess

    its really nyc………….oh GOD ……….swasan love is pure………the kiss was really so loving…….and when swara stuffed the cake in sanskar mouth was so funny………really i loved it alot……i wish it wasn’t 2 shots………..but still hope you will write more ff or SHOTS like this one……

    1. thank you so much princess! and ya i would surely write,uve just keep reading and support me thats all 🙂

  3. It was superb like a true love story

    1. thabk you 🙂

  4. Wow it was just awesome…. I loved it…..

    1. thank you 🙂

  5. Superb but plz come with another one

    1. thank you..sure i would be back 🙂

  6. Nice dr pls come back with new os

    1. thank you 🙂 sure i will bw back!

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