Swaraginiti ki kahani (chapter 5)


So guys its my 5th chapter… I guess u are not liking it as have received very few comments….Please readers do comment on my story and if you have any suggestion then please…do tell me….. Guys two new entries….
4 of them reach the coffee shop and take a table and sit there….They start ordering…

Swara and Laksh are in the same coffee shop….They are talking about their siblings…Coffee falls on Swara’s dress …
Swara:I’ll be right back…..
Swara while leaving slips and Lucky holds her..They share a eye look…..
Niti from their table split the coffee out of her mouth…
Rags:What happened Niti?
Niti:Not you di….Swara di
Rags:What?Swara di is ate home…
Niti:She is here right in front of me….
4 of them at once turns and sees Lucky holding Swara I his arms….
Sid:Lucky bro?
Rags:Di?and that to with Lucky?
They plan of spying on them…
Swara and Lucky are talking to each other and are laughing….4 of them are shocked…
Lucky and Swara get into the car and 4 of them are still following them….
All of a sudden…
Swara:Stop the car
Lucky: What?
Swara:Stop the car….
Lucky stops the car….Swara gets out of the car….
She starts seeing the sky
Lucky:Yeh ladki mujhe pagal karke chodegi…
Swara:Its gonna rain…

It starts raining……Swara starts dancing…Lucky is mesmerized by her innocence….
Swara:Come out Lucky….
Lucky:No u come inside the car….
Swara:Please…(making a puppy face)
Lucky comes out of the car…Both are completely drenched in rain…..Radio is on(in the car)
Gerua song starts…
Swara:That’s my fav.. song…She increases the volume..
Swara:Lucky wana dance with me?
Lucky give a smile and they start dancing(couple dance)(and also smiling at each other)….No one is in that road except for the ones who are following them…those 4….They are shocked and see each other’s face…
Swaraginiti reach there home…..

It morning….
Scene:In there college…
Rags ,Niti,Sanky and Sid are laughing watching something in their phones…It’s the video of Swara and Laksh’s gerua dance……Sid made it…..
Swara and Laksh are shocked seeing this…They feel embarrassed…Lucky winks at Swara and starts saying….
Lucky:Whats this?
Niti:Your performance…..
Swara:When and how did you make the video?
Sid:We were following you and then we saw this…
Lucky:Guys give us some privacy at least…we are newly in love and went for a coffee date and you were following us?
Niti:Hey stupid!!What did you say just?
Swara:Niti…Yeh tere honewale jiju hai…tamiz se baath kar…
Niti:Di are u okay?
Swara and laksh together:Yap
Lucky:So shall we go darling?
Swara:Of course baby..
Swara and Laksh leave hand in hand…
Niti: Jiju?
Sid: Darling?
Sanky:Whats going on?
Niti:We wanted to shock them by showing this video but instead they gave us a shock….
Swara and Laksh see their siblings from distance
They started laughing ..
Swara:What an idea of avoiding embarrassment …
Lucky:Bach toh gaye…..
At night Laksh is looking at the moon….and thinking about Swara and smiling….Sid comes there..
Sid:What bhai thinking about bhabi?
Laksh:Who bhabi? Then suddenly he remembers about what he said in the college…
“no” Laksh replied…

At morning scene:College
Laksh and Swara were talking….
Suddenly Nitant,Rags and Sanky come there…
Rags:So what are the lovebirds talking about ha?
Swara and Laksh look at each other and decide to tell them the truth…when they tell them everything…4 of them starts laughing….
Sanky:Why did u lie to us?
Swara:Ummh….to avoid embarrassment……
Rags:Atleast you both became friends na……

Precap:Dp,Ap and Sumi,Shekhar’s promise to each other…unknown to their kids

Credit to: Eva

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    1. Hi Priya, if u like my story than follow Swaraginiti ki Kahani on twitter at @swaragini5

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