Swaraginiti ki kahani (chapter 1)

This is the first chapter of my fanfiction…
The episode starts with a lady performing the arti…She is Sharmita..She gives Prasad to Shekhar,dadi and dadaji….
Dadi: Re Sharmista!!Thari choria uthi kin nehi?
Dadaji:Uthi hoti to yaha dikti na….
Sharmista: Mein unhe abhi uthati hu……
Scene shifts to a beautiful room..3 beds are shown…1 bed is empty and that’s because Ragini already
woke up..

Ragini:Di!!!!!!! utho na please…
Swara:Kya karrahi hai tu Rags..kyu pareshan karrahi hai?Let me sleep..
Ragini goes near Niti’s bed…
Ragini:Niti beta tu toh uth ja…
Ragini:Inn dono neh toh mujhe dat parvaneka theka le rakha hai…
She places her hand on Niti and feels its very soft..So she removes the blanket..
Ragini: Niti!!!!!!(there are only pillows and Niti is not there.)
Ragini(to Swara):Di !!! Niti yaha nehi hai…
Swara:Acchi koshish this mujhe uthane ki…Best of luck next time
Ragini:I’m not joking di..She is not here…
Swara:Nayi baath nehi hai yeh…
Sharmota:Tum tino uthi ki nehi?(she is coming towards swaragni’s room)
Swara:Oh god!!Mom is coming.I’m going to the washroom.
Ragini:Di!!What will I say to mum when she asks me about Niti?
Swara:I don’t know you please handle it…
Sharmista:Ragini baki dono kaha hai?
Ragini:Mom Di is in the washroom and Niti….
Sharmista:Where is Niti?
Ragini:Mom she went to her friend’s place early morning and has asked me to inform you..
Sharmista:Okay you go and get ready for your college…(She goes away)
Ragini goes towards the washroom
Ragini:Di tum kya washroom meh soh gayi ho?
Swara:Oh Rags..Let me sleep..
Swara:I mean ab to washroom meh bhi shanti nehi milti
Swara comes out of the washroom
Both of them get ready
Swara:Chalo college chalet hai.
Ragini:Nehi..First we have to find Niti
Swara:Don’t worry she will come back home..you know her na..

Maheshwari house is shown
Scene:Laksh’s room
Sanskar:Whats this Lucky?Tu abhi bhi nehi utha
Lucky:Sanky sone de disturb mat kar(he throws a pillow on him)
Sanky:Aree papa app yaha!!!
Lucky closing his eyes:Nehi papa meh toh bas uthnehi wala tha…
He open his eyes and see that DP is not there
Sanky:Papa nehi hai mehe tujhe uthanekeliye papa ka nam liya tha….
Lucky:Bhai tu (starts throwing pillows)
They both go to Siddhant’s room
Sanky:Uth Sid
Luck keeps his hand in Sid’s forehead
Sid in sleepy voice:Let me Baby…
Lucky to Sanky:Yeh toh sapno ki duniya seh nikal hinehi raha hai
bhai use the trick that u used on me..
Sanky:Areee papa app yaha???
Sid in a sleepy voice:Purani hochuki hai yeh excuse…
Lucky winks at Sanky:Aree Sheena tum kab ayi???
Sid:Sheena (he looks at Lucky and gets down from the bed)
Sid:Bhai kaha hai Sheena?
Lucky to Sanky:Dekh bhai jo papa ka nam nehi karsaka who sheena ke nam neh kardiya
Sid goes to the washroom

Precap:Niti’s entry ….Sanlakant meets Swaraginiti

Credit to: Eva


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