Swaraginiti ki kahani (Intro)


Hello guys…This is Eva…This is my first fan fiction..I haven’t decided the couples yet and need you suggesions…
Maheshwari Family
Durgaprasad Maheshwari
Ananpurna Maheshwari
Sanskar Maheshwari-Calm and quite..caring and also responsible
Laksh Maaheshwari-Fun loving and flirt
Siddhant Maheshwari(played by Avinash Mukherjee) Flirt and kind of irresponsible and stubborn
NO Parish/Sujata Ramprasad in my story
Gadodia Family
Shekhar Gadodia
Sharmista Gadodia
Parvati Gadodia
Deendayal Gadodia
Swara Gadodia-Childish,sweet and caring…very stubborn
Ragini Gadodia-Responsible,quite and matured(more than Swara)
Niti Gadodia(played by Tanya Sharma)Flirt,childish and fun loving
How is it?????
Any sort of suggestions would be highly appreciated…..

Credit to: Eva

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  1. NYC.. keep swara highlight in the story…. yaar

    1. Thanks …

  2. Nice make it ragsan….

    1. Thank you ck1234

  3. nice but make it swasan raglak and niti and sid pls

    1. Thanks and I’ll go with what the majority supports…

  4. kk gd intro

    1. Thank you Sruthikasyap

  5. keep swasan plzz other couples r your wish

    1. I’ll write on the couples which are supported by majority….

  6. Very nice please make it ragsan and swalak please .

    1. Thanks chandhini

  7. Nice intro make it swasan and raglak

    1. Thanks Surbhi

  8. Ragsan swalak plzzzz it will be good

    1. Hehehe!!Okay if Sanskaar himself is saying to make it Ragsan and swalak then I’ll think about it..

  9. Nice.Plz make it raglak and swasan

    1. You’ll get to know about the couples later..its a suspence

  10. pls make it swasan….they r prfect

    1. I am a swasan fan so i’ll think about it…

    1. I’ll try…

  11. Yar pls make swasan & raglak as pairs

  12. Ragsan and swalak plzzzzzzz there are tooooo many swasan ff and I don’t like swasan

  13. Nice dr

  14. Plz swasan dear

  15. Its good..but make it as swasan.and raglak highlight more

  16. Intro is nice. Waiting for the next episode.

  17. Swasan and raglak plzzz but nice introduces

  18. Nice intro

  19. Ragsan…because everyone showing raglak&swasan vexed by it.pls make ragsan it’s a humble request

  20. Pls ya make swalak ad ragsan pls ya ad nice intro

  21. Nice…bt swasan n raglak plzz.

  22. yrrr ww r obessed watching or reading ff about swasan and raglakk
    alll ff are based on these couple
    try new yrrrr
    make ragsan
    heartly req yrrrr
    hope u willl make ragsan

  23. Nice n make it swwwaasaaannn n raglak

  24. Nice one.. ……..plz make swalak n ragsan

  25. Hey pls make it swalak nd give more imp to swalak nd other couple decide by ur wish

  26. Nice..ragsan,swalak

  27. Swalak,ragsan

  28. Nice intro..ragsan,swalak

  29. ragsan,swalak plzzzzzzzzzzz

  30. Ragsan please

  31. Plz make it swasan

  32. swalak and ragsan plzz…

  33. Awesome yaar make raglak and swasan jodi plzzzz update soon will be waiting

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