Swaraginiti ki kahani (chapter 7)


Guys..I promise this episode will to a treat to all the Ragsan fans….please to comment on how did u find it……

Ragsan are walking on the road and Nitant were searching for Swalak at different places….
Rags:Where are they? God please help us…..She starts crying…
Sanky:Why are u crying?
Rags:How can u ask even ask me this question? My sister is lying somewhere full talli….i don’t know whether she is safe o not…
Sanky:Ragini, even my brother is with your sister….do u find tears in my eyes?My brother is even talli….I even don’t know that where he is…
Rags:Where do I find them……
She sees many missed calls from her mom
Sanky:Call your mom and don’t tell her bout Swara or else she will be tensed….
Rags:I told mom that the party venue is far from the city so we would be late…
Rags calls her mom and says that 3 of them would be staying in a hotel nearby as the roads are blocked….
Rags:Sanky, I lied to my mom…..We have to stay here to find di and your Lucky….
Sanky is walking ahead of Rags…

Sanky comes to Rags….He sees that her leg got a sprain….
Sanky:Ragini lets go to doctor…
Rags:But di…..
Sanky:Just see your leg..u can’t even walk properly..
Rags:But hospital is far away…Sanky sees a hotel…
Sanky:Lets check in the hotel…

Rags:What about di?
Sanky:I’ll ask Sid and Niti to search for them…..and u need rest…
Ragini is unable to stand..Sanky helps her but still she can’t walk…so he picks her up in his arms and goes to the hotel….Only 1 room is available…
Rags:How can we share a room?What would society think?
Sanky:Don’t u trust me? What do u think would I try to force u?
Rags:No actually…..
Sanky:No ifs and buts you take the room and I would be roaming around in the lobby…..
Rags:No Sanskar please stay here…I feel scared to stay alone in the room..I have always been accompanied by Swara di or Niti…
Sanky smiles:I will be right back
After sometime Sanky comes and knocks at the door…no one is opening it….He gets scared and ask the support staff for spare key..Almost all the people staying on that floor get out of the room hearing noises….
Sanky enters the room and find Ragini unconscious on the floor…..He gets hypered and carries Ragini in his arms up to the bed…
Sanky:Ragini…..Please someone call the doctor…

A guest:Excuse me..I’m a doctor…I’m staying next door..Can I help u?
Sanky:Oh please doctor check her….please make her fine again….Ragini……What happened to her?
Another guest to her husband:Their couple is so sweet…He loves his wife so much..Care is reflecting in his eyes….
Doctor:This is all because of stress…. I have given her injection, she would be fine soon…
Everyone leaves…Rags and Sanky are alone in the room…Sanky sits on the stool next to her and hold her hand..
Sanky:I don’t know what bond we share but u remind me of “her”…..Ragini please wake up…This silence between us is killing me….The first time I saw u, I was mesmerized by your innocence…..Ragini please wake up…

Precap:Next morning, Rags wakes up..Sanky is so happy that he hugs her….Niti and Sid are sleeping under a baniyan tree..Swara and Laksh find themselves in each other’s arm in a small hut and are shocked….

Credit to: Eva

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