Swaraginiti ki kahani (chapter 6)


Hello guys……I’m back with the 6th chapter of my story…..

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Swaraginiti and Sanlakant went to their common friend’s birthday party…..There was a DJ…When he played music no one were in there seats other then Rags and Sanky………Abhi toh party shuru huyi hai plays on……..Swara and Lucky are dancing like mad people… Sid winks at Niti and shares a plan with her…..Rags and Sanky start having juice…Suddenly Swara and Laksh come there and before they have the juice Swara and Laksh takes it from there hand and drinks it…..
Sid:Gayi bhes pani mein…
FB is shown how they mixed alchol in Rags and Sanky’s juice…..FB ends….They tell this to Rags and Sanky…They are shocked…..Both of they hit their sibling….
Rags:What is this Niti?
Sanky:You both planned of making us talli?
Sid:But u both got saved na?

Rags:Arre bewakuv insan…..we got saved but what about Swara and Laksh? We have to save them….
Sanky smiling at this misery:We can help them only if we find them…..
Rags looked confused…
Sanky:They are not here…
Rags:What do we do?God knows where they are and that too in this state….
Niti:We have to find them…
Rags:All these happened because of u both…..

The scene shifts to Swara and Laksh who are in the top of the world……They are in road…….They start singing a song
Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na
Main Chali
Banke Hawa
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na
Main Chali
Banke Hawa
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha

Scene shifts to Dp and Ap’s room….
Dp:I guess…it’s the time for us to tell the truth to our sons….
Ap:But don’t u think we should first talk to Shekhar bhaisa and Sharmista ji?
Dp:Yes..u are right but I don’t think that they will have any problem or objection…Shekhar is my childhood friend…..When 3 daughters took birth at his place and 3 sons at my place…we promised each other that we would get our sons married to their daughters only….
Dp calls Shekhar and tells him everything..
Shekhar:Actually Swara asked for a month time when we asked if she was ready for marriage…She wants to settle her career in music and then think about it…and my other two daughters are even having similar plans…
Dp:Okay Shekhar,after 1 month we will talk to our sons and u too talk to your daughters…..
He cut the call
Shekhar:Sumi, will our daughters marry per our choice?
Sumi:They trust u…….
Shekhar:But yes if they say no then I will support them in their decision
Sumi:Not I!We will support our daughters…
The scene shifts to Swara and Laksh
Swara:U know u are a very cute…

Laksh makes a puppy face
Swara:Now u look like a puppy…..
Lucky:Oh my god…Swara I can see two Swaras…
Swara:But I am only one..
Lucky:Yeah even I thought that u are only 1 piece but what do I do?I can’t handle 1 Swara…and now 2..
Laksh all of a sudden starts singing why this kolaveri….and Swara start dancing and jumping like a monkey…
Scene shifts to Raginiti and Sanant(Sid and Sanky)
They are all out of the party venue..
Rags:Sanky Niti and I will go on left u both go to the right and if u find them then call me…
Sanky:I guess that this will be a bad idea..they are talli…I guess Rags u should come with me and Sid go with Niti….If u by chance find them then Sid can pacify Lucky and Niti can pacify Swara….If sid and I go then maybe Swara won’t come and same goes for Laksh….
Precap:Ragsan scenes…..

Credit to: Eva

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