Swaraginiti ki kahani (chapter 4)

Guys this the the 4th chapter of my story…..Thanks to all the people who commented on my story and also to the silent readers….
The episode starts with Swara walking on the road…She sees that there are no autos….so she thinks of taking short cut…but that’s dangerous because that road in sunnsan/isolated….
She is going by the way but sees 2 goons following her…She ignores it and starts walking faster….. after a while she sees that those two goons are gone and starts walking..and all of a sudden those goons come in front of her…..she gets scared..
Swara:Hey you both stay away from me….
Goon 1:Hello beautifil…..
Swara:Just shut up

Goon 2:Why are you getting angry sweetheart?
They start coming towards her…..Swara starts running……All of a sudden a car is passing by and Swara comes in front of the car and the driver brakes hard….. Its non other than Laksh…He gets out of the car and Swara see him and hugs him tightly…
Swara:Help me..
Laksh:What happened Swara?
Swara points at the goons
Goons:Handover that girl to us or face the consequences
Laksh smiles and then says: Btw I am warning you just leave her…
Goon 1:Why are you interfering…..who is she to u and why do u worry about her?
Laksh:U are misunderstanding me mister….I am not worrying for her,I’m worrying for u both…..

Goons try going towards Swara…..
Now you all know what happened next..our hero Lucky beats the goons and saves his heroin Swara but unfortunately in the fight while helping Lucky to beat the goons ,Swara gets hurt on her forehead and get unconscious….Lucky carries her in his arms and put her in the car and drives to the hospital……
Swara regains consciousness……
Swara:Where am I?
Lucky:Jungle mein
Swara :This doesn’t look like a jugle….
Lucky:Stupid you re in the hospital….
Nurse:Sir your wife’s discharge papers are ready please collect it….
Lucky and Swara look at each other…before they could say anything the nurse again said
Nurse to Swara : You are very lucky that u got such a husband….I mean he didn’t leave u alone for a min….
She leaves
Swara:Hamari shadi kab huyi?
Lucky:tumhare sapne mein
Lucky:That nurse had some misunderstanding…she mistook us to be husband and wife…..
Swara:Lucky…thank you

Lucky:What did you say?Could u say it louder I didn’t hear it?
Swara:Thank you for saving me from these goons
Lucky:Your most welcome
Swara:Can we be friends?
Lucky:Friends? ….
Swara:itna bhi bhao mat khao
Lucky smiles and says:Friends….
Ragini calls Swara
Rags:where are you di?
Swara:I’m in the hospital…I met with an small accident…..
Rags:Are you okay?I’m coming there…..
Swara:Yeah…I’m fine…and you don’t need to come here…I’m going home see you at home….
Rags:Okay di bye
At night
Swara thinks about Laksh
Swara in mind:Yesterday night I was cursing him and today I’m so thankful to him…..He saved me……
Raginiti are sleeping but Swara is not…she is still thinking about Lucky….Suddenly she sees Someone on the window…..She goes near it and is shocked to see Lucky there…
Swara:oh mere pagal ashiq itni raat gaye yaha kya kar rahe ho?
Lucky:First thing I’m not your ashiq and second thing I came here to return your bag that u left in my car…..

Swara:you could return my bag at college tomorrow
Lucky:I don’t keep others things for long…..
Swara:Thank you and good night…
Lucky:What?I took so much risk to return your bag and you are saying goodnight and asking me to leave?
Swara:So what should I do?
Lucky:coffee ke liye chale?

Swara:as in coffee date….but now?
Swara:Okay…..one coffee for our friendship…..
Swara comes down with the help of Lucky and that too by window….and keeps some pillows on her bed so that no one knows about it
Nitii’s phone rings it’s a message from Sid…

Sid:Are you sleeping?
Sid:What?Then how are u typing?
Niti:With my hands…
Sid:Jokes apart…..come to your window….
Niti goes to her window and sees Sid and Sanky…. She calls Sid and says
Niti:What are you both doing here?
Sid:We came here to pick u and Rags for coffee
Sid:yeah you come down with your sister…we are going out..YOUR RAGS DIDI
Niti:Okay…….But what is this coffee for?
Sid:To celebrate our friendship…
Niti calls Rags..
Niti:Di…Sid and Sanky are waiting for us..
Rags:What? I can’t go….Its so late…
Niti:hahaha its your mistake u did friendship with them and now we are going for coffee to celebrate our friendship…

Rags thinks that even Sanky came so she should go as well…
Rags:But what about di?
Niti pointing at Swara:Swara di is in deep sleep…..you come with us…..Swara di could come with us but u see she does not like them…after that car incident…..
Rags:Okay……They go out and sit in the car….Rag and Sanky at front and Sid and Niti at back seat….
Sanky:Swara didn’t come with you?
Rags:No actually to be honest she doesn’t like your brothers and won’t like our friendship with you all…
Sid:Its okay….We will enjoy more without her
Niti:Shut up…Don’t say anything against my di…
Rags:Please don’t start again….We need to think about building friendship between Laksh and Swara di…… If they become friends then 6 of us could go together……
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Precap…..:Rags,Sanky,Sid and Niti see Swara in Laksh’s arm(Swara slips and Laksh holds her)……4 of them are totally shocked….

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