Swaraginiti ki kahani (chapter 3)


Hello guy…I hope you all are liking this ff…Thanks to all the people who commented and appreciated my writing………
So here you go with the 3rd chapter of my story……
Recap:Swaragini and meets Sanlakant…..Laksh and Swaragini’s argument…..
Swaragini go to their class and Niti to her class….Swaragini are shocked to see Sanlak in their class room……Swarag sit together and sanlak even sit together….
Swara:Rags…Whats this?They are our classmates?….I can’t tolerate that guy…..
Rags:Just chill…di. ignore them…
Lucky:Bhai yeah dono yaha?I can’t tolerate those janglibillis….
The professor sees Swarag and Sanlak talking…
Proffesor:U both stand up…and u both too…..Why are u guys talking? You 4 re disturbing my class….

Hey you(pointing at Ragini):Sit here…..and you(pointing at Sanky)go and sit at her place……..
Ragini looks at Swara angrily….
Now Lucky and rags are sitting together and Sanky and Swara are sitting together..
Laksh:Hey bhagwan…..Iss musibat ko mere hii saath bithana tha apko?
Ragini:Mein agar musibat hu toh tum toh shetan ho…
Swara:See your brother is irritating my sister…
Sanky: How do you know that my brother is irritating your sister..and that to from sitting here?(In a sarcastic manner)

Swara:Tumhara bhai irritate karneke alawa aur kuch nehi karsakta
Sanky:You met him this morning and you are behaving like you know him for a long time…(jokingly)Don’t be so judgemental.
Swara: One meeting is enough to know your bother
Professor: Just get out…I changed your seats thinking that you guys will be quite but …….
They all leave the class…..
Lucky:Because of you both the professor kicked us out of the class…
Swara:Aur tum toh dudh ke dulehuye hona?
Rags:Please…di..Don’t waste your time talking to him…..
The bell rings….
Swarag are not there…Sid comes with Niti to Sanlak
Sid:Bhai this is my new gf….(As I said that both Niti and Sid are flirt)

Lucky:Pehele din he Gf?
Sid:You know na I am so fast….
Swarag comes there…..
Niti:Di he is my bf..
Swarag together:What?
Sid:What?Are these your sisters?
Lucky:Sid tojhe aur koi nehi mili thi inke behen seh hii…..
Niti:Why are you all reacting like this?
Swarag:This guy and his brothers were the ones who spoiled Rags’ dress…
Niti:Are u serious di?What the hell….(to Sid) u and your brothers did this to my sister…
Swara:And he and that Lucky even insulted me…
Niti to Lucky:How can u insult my sister?
Sid:you can’t talk to my bhai like this
Niti:Oh really….If I had known this before I would never get into a relationship with you… Its over….

Sid:Yeah it is….
Sanlakant and Swaraginiti goes to another direction
Swara:Because of us you broke up with him?
Niti:Itni senti kyu horahiho di….Its okay. Dusra bf mil jayega
Ragini:(in a sarcastic manner)You should not be hurt actually…pehele din hi relationship mein ayi aur pehele din hi break up hogaya…
Swara:By the way……Do u know him from before??
Niti:Just forget it na di……

Its night….
Swara is thinking about Sanky….(she remembers about her and Sanky’s conversation at class)
Ragini on the other hand is thinking about Lucky(in mind):Such a illmannered guy he was….but why am I thinking about him………
Sanky is thinking about Rags:(What a girl she was..she said nothing when Lucky spoiled her dress but when he said something about her sister she was so angry)
Lucky: (in his room)Kal tumhe dekh lunga mein jangli billi(Swara)…
Sid: (in his room)Dekh lunga mein ush Niti ko aur uski beheno ko
Niti(in mind) :Dekh lungi ush Idiot ko aur uske bhaiyo ko…
Its morning…
Rags and Niti go to their college(Swara’s class timing is different so she would go later)
Rags goes to her class and sees no seats are left except for the seat beside Sanky…So she goes and seats there

Rags: Hi
Rags:see…I know that our siblings don’t like each other but we can be friend right?
Sanky:You want to do friendship with me?
Rags gets nervous
Sanky sees her face and starts laughing
Sanky :Just see your face….Dosti ka hath barane mein itna nervousness?Okay now I’m asking you would u like to be my friend?
Ragini:Why not (They start laughing)
Scene shifts to Nitant’s class
Niti and Sid both starts making faces to each other..The professor sees this and gets angry and asks them to go out of the class….They go out of class
Niti:Because of you I’m out of the class
Sid:Oh really.. because of you I’m out of the class
The bell rings and Sanky and Rags come out of their class and see nitant fighting
Sanky:That’s enough Sid…..
Rags”yeah Niti…..Are you both kids that you are fighting like this and making a joke of yourselves?
Sanky:Can’t you both be friends?
Sid:Friendship or isseh?
Niti:See di what he is saying
Rags:Guys please now enough of fighting…..Niti we(Sanky and Rags) forgot everything and became friend then why can’t you guy forget everything?

Sid:Okay I’ m ready to be her friend
Niti :But…
Rags:For my sake please….
Niti says okay di…
Sanky:Inko toh samjha diya par tumhari jansi ki rani aur hamare maharana pratap ka kya kare?
Sanky :I mean your sister Swara and my brother Lucky…unka kya kare?
Rags:woh toh ek dusre ke dushmn bane bethe hai…Unke bas chale toh woh toh ek dusreka khun kar denge…
Listening to this 4 of them start laughing…The scene freezes on their faces

Precap:Swara in danger………..

Credit to: Eva

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