Swaraginiti ki kahani (chapter 2)


Thanks to all of them who commented on my fan fiction
Here you go with the second chapter of my story
Swaragini are walking in the road
Ragini calls Niti but Niti doesn’t answer it
Ragini: Di give me your phone
Ragini:She is not picking up my phone as she is scared of my lectures…..
Swara:Haha !! Even I’m scared of your lectures,college lectures are even better than your lectures
Ragini:Haha..very funny
Ragini calls Niti with Swara’s phone
Niti: Di I’m coming home right now
Ragini: Where were the whole night that too without informing anyone?
Niti:Ragini di app?(Ragini di you?)
Ragini: yes
Niti:woh meri dost ke ghar peh ham parai kar rahe the raat bhar(I was studying at my friend’s place)
Ragini:Tum or parhai? Why didn’t you inform this to us?
Niti: You all were sleeping and I didn’t want to disturb you
Ragini I know how much you care about everyone (Rags taunts Niti)
Niti:I’m coming home..
Ragini: come to college straight
Swara: Even I want to talk to her
Swara takes the phone and goes away from Ragini so that she can’t hear their talks
Swara: Where were you all night?
Swara:jhut toh mujse bol hi mat kyuki mein janti hu tu sab kuch karsakti hai par parhai nehi (You don’t at least lie to me..I know that you can do everything but not study..)
Niti: Di I was in my friend’s late night party and you know na that mom doesn’t like this
Swara: Okay bye..see you at the college
Swara ends her call and goes to Ragini and sees that her face and cloths are filled with mud..
Ragini: That car flooded me with mud
Swara goes to the car and knocks on the window.Its Laksh
Swara: Are you blind? Don’t you see people walking in the road? When you don’t know how to drive a car then why do you drive?
3 of them get down the car
Sanskar:I am sorry
Swara :Ask your brother to apologize and that too my sister
Laksh: Hows that my fault if you sister was walking on the middle of the road?
Swara:tumhara bas chale toh tum toh kisiko raste par chalne hi na do….
Sanskar: Where is your sister?
Swara points at Ragini
Sanky goes to Ragini and gives her his handkerchief to clean her face….
Sanky:I’m really sorry on my brother’s behalf
Ragini:Its okay…
Sanky: Yeah
Ragini: Now a days people don’t admit their own mistakes and you are apologising to me on your brother’s behalf? I’m glad to know that there are still good people like you…..

Swara to Lucky:Are you guys brothers?
Lucky: ha toh?
Swara:nehi mein soch rahi thi ki dono sage bhai ho phir bhi ek bhai ha devta aur dusra hai raakshas..(No I was thinking that you both are brothers but one is an angel and other one is a devil)
Lucky: you called me a rakshas (devil)?
Swara:ha toh?(Yes so?)
Sid: Bhai why are you wasting you tme by talking to this pagal/mad girl..
Swara: You called me pagal/mad? Actually I was wrong…Here one brother is angel and other two are devils..
Sid : Bhai she even called me devil
They get into a fight
Ragini stops Swara and takes her with her
Lucky from back: yes yes… take you arrogant sister with you
Ragini gets angry and comes to Lucky
Ragini: How dare you call my sister arrogant? You did the mistake and your brother is apologizing for that..you are not accepting your mistake and the one who is trying to make you realize your mistake…you are saying her to be arrogant?I am so sorry to say mister that in your dictionary the meaning of arrogant must be something else but according to me and my dictionary this word suites you more
Lucky is left shocked…
Sanskar:I’m once again sorry on his behaviour
Ragini: How long will you cover up for him…You both siblings but you both are so different
She goes to Swara …They leave
Swara: I didn’t see you so angry ever..your dress got spoiled and now you have to wear this at the first day of your college… that’s why you are angry na?
Rags: No di…I was angry because that idiot was calling you arrogant and insulting you and I can’t bear anyone insulting you
They hug each other…
They come to their college and see Niti waiting for them
Niti to Rags: What happened to your dress?
Swara: An idiot spoiled her dress
Niti: Who dared to spoil Niti’s sister’s dress? Di if you see him again then you’ll tell me…. l’ll teach 3 of them a lesson)
Swara: If I find them/see them again then I won’t spare them
Ragini :Tino nehi dono…Unmeh seh ek accha tha….Apne bhai ki taraf seh mafi mang raha tha……
Niti:OH!!!!!Di accha tha?( mischievously)(He was good di?)
Ragini:Oh shut up Niti..
How was it? Could you guess the couples?

Precap: Swaraginiti shocked to see Sanlakant in the college and Nitant fight…..

Credit to: Eva

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