Swaraginiti ki kahani (chapter 11)

Hello people…thanks to all of them who commented on my ff….
This the 11th chapter of my fan fiction….
Its night
Laksh is in his room:Why am I feeling bad I bhai and Swara are together…What is this feeling…
Laksh’s inner image:U are jealous Lucky
Laksh:Why will I be jealous and that to of bhai?
Laksh’s inner image:U are jealous that Swara is with him and not u
Laksh:Why will I be jealous if Swara is with bhai?
Laksh’s inner image:Cause u love her….(It disappears)
Swara calls Lucky
Swara:I wanted to say something to u…

Swara:Actually….nothing happened between us that night…
Laksh:What? How do u know that?
Swara:My phone’s video was on mistakenly and whatever happened that night was recorded….
Laksh:Couldn’t u tell this to me earlier?
Swara:If I would have told u everything then how would I annoy u….
She giggles and cuts the phone…..
Laksh:Pagal ladki..
At morning all go to clg…
The professor announces that 4 groups of 10 people will be formed…They will go to their allocated place and do some research work….This will be 7 days camping…
Swara,Ragini,Niti,Sanskar,Sid,Laksh,Aaradhya(Played by Soumya Seth,best friend of Swara),Ranbir(Played by Varun Sharma,best friend of Sanskar),Radhika(Played by Shiny Doshi,best friend of Sid),Aryamaan(Played by Tarun Singh,best friend of Laksh)
It’s the next day…

They are going on a bus….They play pillow passing…..whoever would be caught with the pillow after the music ends, would have to answer a question asked by his or her friends…
At first it was Ragini
Laksh:So tell us that who do u love the most in this world?
Ragini:My di….I love her the most in the world….
Then it was Sid’s turn…
Aaradhya(Aaru):Tell us how many girlfriend u had till now?

Niti:U don’t need to hesitate Sid…I know that u don’t remember how many girlfriend u had till now….
Everyone starts laughing…
Sid:I know….46 and u were 47th Niti(He winks at her)
The game goes on…. Now its Sanky’s turn…
Ranbir:Now tell us are u in love with someone?
Sanky looks at Swara as he doesn’t understand what to say..Rags sees this and gets upset…
Ranbir:Who is that lucky girl?
Sanky:One question at a time….
They reach the place and roam around…..Its night….
They plan a bonfire….and play truth and dare….
At first its our Niti…..
Swara:Truth or dare?

Swara:Tell anything good or bad about any 3 of us present here…
Niti:Okay…At first its my Ragini di…she is very sweet and innocent…she takes care of me like her child….not a sister…..(She hugs Ragini)…Next is my Swara di….I love her a lot..she is my partner in crimes and is exactly like me…..(Swara give a flying kiss to her)And the last one…….yeah this Sid….I have never seen such an idiot and irritating boy in my life…(Sid makes an angry face)..but yes he is a good friend..(Sid smiles)
Now the bottle stops at Laksh…
Aryamaan:Truth or dare?
Arya:Have u ever fallen for any of the girls present here?
Laksh looks at Swara and remembers what his inner image said and then he said:U are speaking about falling….I found my true love…and she is present here….
Sanky:Who is she?
Laksh:Bhai you at the bus na…that one question at a time…
Now its Swara’s turn…
Niti:Di truth or dare?
Swara:Swara is very daring…so dare

Niti:Okay di….so…..propose any of the guys present here…
Swara thinks for a while….she stand in the middle….
Swara thinks about Laksh and says:When I saw u for the first time….I started hating u but I didn’t know that the guys I hated the most would be the guy who I would fall for….U became my heart beat….and made me realize what love is….I am nothing without u….U entered my life and became ny life…..(Suddenly she realizes that Ragini is looking at Sanskar)…ans says
Swara:I love u Sanskar……..
Sanky is hell shocked and Laksh is almost crying as he thought that it was him whom Swara was talking about…..
Swara:I completed my dare guys…don’t imagine anything else…Sanky is the most understanding guy and that’s I thought of proposing him….
On the other hand Niti is extremely angry on Sid as he is getting to close to Radhika…..(She is ofcourse feeling jealous…..
The game ends and they go to their camps…
Now all are under their blankets

Swara is thinking about Laksh’s sad face and tears come in her eyes…
Swara in mind:Why are tears coming in my eyes…..Why I can’t see u in pain Laksh? What this feeling?
Ragini in mind(Tears are rolling down her cheeks):Why is this happening with me god? Why? My love loves my sister who I love the most in the world…..
Niti in mind:Why I get angry seeing Sid with Radhika?They are best friends……
Sanky in mind:Do u love me Ragini? Say this once or atleast give me a hint…I will end all of this actings…
Laksh in mind(crying):I love u so much janglibilli….but u love bhai…….but I will be happy if u are happy….
Sid in mind:Ush pagal seh kab pyar kar betha patahi nehi chala…..

Oh khuda batade….song plays on….
The screen freezes on six of their faces….

Precap:Ragsan and Swalak confession…….

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