Swaragini…The Way You Are…Episode 20

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Epi 20:
When swara falls someone holds her… All gets glad to see him… swaragini gets surprised… swara: aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnniiiiiiiii…. he smiles… Laksh(happily) : Aniket bhai… he is best friend of sanskar after lucky… sanskar will share everything with him… whenever he comes to kolkatta, he will stay at MM… (I think in 4th epi I mentioned his name and convo between sanskar and him over phone)…

Sanskar stands shocked without uttering word… actually he have to get surprised now but he can’t bcoz he is holding swara waist… his eyes only noticing Aniket hand and thinks when will he take his hand… he makes swara stand… sanskar get sigh of relief… Ragini runs towards him… both swaragini hugs him… now again sanskar looks him shocked… Laksh changes his expression like who asked you come… Ragini: Ani, you..? Laksh(thinks): Ani, he is elder than me but you calling him as Ani that too short and calling me as Ji… even bhai also don’t called him ani… Aniket: angel, what you doing here… (Looks at swara) hey honey… nothing happened to you na… swara: how will happen before you hold me na… he smiles… Laksh in his mind: Angel..? sanskar thinks: Honey..? sanlak thinks: how he know swaragini…

AP: beta, do you know swaragini… Aniket: haan ma, we are NGO friends… AP smiles… he goes and takes blesses from AP and DP… Ragini: but dear, what you doing here… swara: haan… dear tell us… both sanlak getting heart attack by the word dear… laksh makes puppy face and tells in his mind: we just married before one month till now you didn’t called me dear, always ji only… sanskar thinks: dear, you always used to call me some stupid name but calling him as dear… Ani: I have to ask these question because I’m old here you both only new… he notices sanlak standing there… Ani: hey bro’s watsup guyz, how is my surprised… atleast our laksh gave him one smile but sanskar still standing shocked… sanskar thinks: After 3 months I’m seeing him, instead of being surprised why I’m shocked… he is just swara friend like me then why its bothering me… uff, sanskar come out of your unwanted thought…

Ani shakes him: what happened bro..? Sanskar comes to his sense and smiles: hey, how are you man… Aniket: absolutely fine, (looks at swaragini) these two idiots are my friend and now tell me what you both doing here… he notices sindoor and mangalsutra… Ani: hey don’t tell me you both are married and that too these dumb heads… swaragini makes puppy face: but what to do, it’s only true… sanskar: swara is my wife, Swara Sanskar Maheswari and Laksh: she is Ragini Lakshya Maheswari… Aniket: Omg, my beauties get married to these idiots can’t believe it… sanlak looks on… Aniket: (looks at sanlak) I came here to surprise you both but finally I was surprised by seeing my 2 bestiee as yours wife… oh no, it means they are my bhabis… a curve of smile comes to sanlak face bcoz of word bhabi…

Swaragini: bhabi, no no… First we are friends, so you should call us by name only… Ani: oye, who said I will call you both as bhabi, it will not happen in my dream also… you both are always my honey and angel… swaragini smiles… sanlak smile disappeared Laksh thinks: before marriage me too lucky for you but now only lucky ji… swara: by the by ani we are really angry on you, where you suddenly vanished without informing us… Ragini: even you changed your number…. swara: you know how many times we called you to invite marriage… AP: beta, why don’t you come for sanlak marriage, I’m too angry on you… Ani: ma, you know about my work very well, what to do but now… he holds his ear make innocence: I’m sorry… please forgive me my beautiful ladies… swaragini smiles: sorry accepted… AP holds his ear: it’s enough of your drama, go and get freshen up… I will get your Breakfast… Sans: Thank god ma, you stopped him, otherwise he will start another drama… Aniket makes face… All laughs…

To be continued…

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    1. if u dont write anything then u shud not say anyone else skills useless
      4 nive this ff makes me smile always
      and thanks 4 writing it keep it up
      and i always waited 4 ur ff

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      I love this ff nd every swasan ff nd many people like nd if some people doesn’t like na they don’t used to comment nd this show they have gud manners nd belong to gud family nd people like u ? What should I say? Nd now if you have some self respects then don’t need to comment here again

    3. ohh god dhaani y so frustrated ??

      1. What is ur prob Dhanni… If u dnt like it then y the hell r u reading the ff…

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      1. Guyz i think she is seriously mad or dont know hw to appreciate thtz y she is saying this thing in every ffs

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      all the ff writers are best here they all r doing very good job. writing may be their passion..hobby..interst. they r writing stories apart from their besy schedules..just 4 us only.. they r not wasting their times..they r just investing their times.by making sach a beautiful stories. which r loved nd encouraged by most of the readers..

      dear nive..this is one of the my favorite ff..so i suggest u to ignore sach type of comment..u r very good writer.i love ur ff very much..keep it up dear..

  2. Nice…

  3. its awesome…..

  4. Hey.. It’s
    interesting continue… Keep writing.. I like ur ff a lot.. @Dhaani why are u being so rude? If u don’t like then don’t read but stop commenting words which might hurt the feelings of a person.. Learn to comment and stop abusing…

  5. super 🙂

  6. Super episode…. Loved Laksh and Sanskar’s mind thoughts??? feeling jealous…

  7. Awesome

  8. Its really nice..laksh and sanskaar…its good sanskaar will realize his love for swara…make swara to flirt with anikhet…it would be great fun…

  9. Dhaani just shut up….if u dont like then dont read it….no body over here want ur useless comment….Nive dont feel bad of dhaani word nd stop writting…I love ur ff….just eagerly wait of ur ff….
    Plzz humble request to not stop….
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Loved it waiting for the next one

  11. It was really awesone plzz continue writing…….

  12. nc episode yar…

  13. hey nive..it is u…sorry dr I don’t watch this show. so I don’t read swaragini ffs..it is nice dr

  14. Update the nxt part soon…

  15. @dhaani…plz if u don’t like this ff then y r u reading it…soo plz…don’t cmnt like that yaar..there so many fans who like this ff..
    @Nive …I like ur ff..keep writing…thank u for ur update…update next part soon…we all r waiting…

  16. Wow…..sanlak are very funny

  17. so nyc…. make sanskar jealous… nt ragini laksh yaar…. keep more swasan scenes yaar… so nyc ur ff yaar..

  18. Dhaani why are commenting like this under every ff u hav done same for liv happens.. ..ur saying bullshit ….nive i love ur ff… Pls update fast if possible today

  19. Oh my god you Marke every time smiling i love your ff
    I lovee sanskar oh my god plzzzz unite swasan sooon but before that i want sanskar To be jolous keeep writing next part i am waiting

  20. And today coming to our ff… it ws short nd sweet… so cute angel nd honey.. hahahehe lolz sanlak wr jealous…. nice epi.. and vry big requst dnt gt upset by dhanni comment.. we ( 25 ppl )are here waiting for ur nxt epi… with hope…

  21. Dear dhaani… i respect ur comment

    Guyz chill.. dont get angry on me… lol…

    U have full rights to express ur views… but i feel sorry dhaani… u dont have any rights to stop nive from writing…

    Thnx to u dhaani.. bcz aftr ur comment i read the epi… then i realised i have missed such an amzing ff… actually there r many swaragini ffs na.. so i dont read all.. but nive trust me… so super yaar…

    nive … like me many of them have startd reading ur ff.. so all thnx to dhaani…

    Lastly.. an open challenge… i want u to write a fan fiction… if u could….dont think that i want u to lose…. i want u to get many responses .. so that u can understand the hard work of every reader and the happiness they get from cute amazing comments… this will help u to comment good things next time…

    All the best dhaani.. prove urself .. if u can….

    And nive super work

  22. Nce can’t wait for next

  23. Nice episode yaar..I like their jealousy…plz update next part

  24. Nive ….it was awesome
    And @ dhaani…aren’t u ashamed to speak like that??

  25. Totally i accepted nikhar comments. Don’t worry always i wil read ur ff nive who doesn’t like it. Wait for next part eagarly

  26. Hi i am a silent reader of this ff.it was simply superb..
    Keeeeep writiiing ya.its really good.
    All the best frnd..???

  27. hey dhani y r you not liking this ff say na whats the matter

  28. nivi.. yo don’t bother for that idiot useless comment… your story is awesome dear… keep writing..

  29. superb nive..sanskar and laksh thoughts omg that was really funny yaar 🙂 🙂

  30. I m agree with u anu u say correct ly about danni dani just just ho 2 hell if u don’t like means plz quit from reading this fff u blo*dy go 2 he’ll I’m fully enjoyed nice I’m just addictive 2 this fff dear just keep up dateing dear

  31. frnds Thankyou all for your concerned and support… I’m fyn… I’m really glad for all your love…

  32. Oh god wat happened,
    Nive good episode yaar..I read ur previous Ff also..this was different and superb, if any one try to hurt u, don’t bothered yaar..leave it..we all r here..u r a good writer ..plz continue

  33. realllyy awesome.
    it is one of my favorite ff.
    keeppp writing….

  34. Its awsome… Hey guys chill yar the commentator like dhani needs only attention … Don’t take it seriously … We all know this ff is superb so it doesn’t matter…

  35. Nivi ji wr is ur nxt epi ji… plz post it fast ji…im waiting eagerly ji.

  36. What’s the problem with u dhaani .. In all ffs u r giving negative comments.. R u out of ur senses madam??

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