SWARAGINI (The heart wants what it wants) CHAPTER 17 siblings


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Here is an abstract of previous chapter:
Dadi comes to take ragini and aarav away from laksh but seeing him repenting finally forgives hm.Raglak marriage going to happen

The episode starts with swara and ragini respectively going back to their rooms.
Swara enters her room followed by laksh and takes her luggage
SANSKAAR:Please don’t go
SWARA:Awww….so my hubby is sad
SANSKAAR:NO actually I wouldn’t be able to handle this muchpeace and happiness
SWARA(angrily):what do u mean that I am burden for u…sanskaar maheshwari enjoy ur life…iam going!!!!
She was about to go but sanskaar holded her wrist
SANSKAAR:I was joking…u are the reason that my life is full of happiness…..i love u alot
Swara hugged himtightly
SWARA:I love u too…..so will u miss me???
Sanskaar nodded no.Swara looks on angrily
SANSKAAR:Whats the need to miss her.Uwill stay forever in my heart and mind

Ragini was packing her luggage when laksh came and hugged her from back.Ragini jerked him away
RAGINI:Hey Mr…who the hell are u
LAKSH(shockingly);Ragni I am laksh ur husband
RAGINI:U are mistaken ..i am unmarried
LAKSH:Oh!!by the way I am also unmarried .So we can flirt with each other
RAGINI:By the way,mr..i am getting married together and he is very prtoective about me
LAKSH:Its right Ragini……i cannot bear ur seperation
Aarav comes there.He runs towards laksh and hugs him
AARAV:Bye dad
LAKSH:Bye champ..take care of urself and ur mom
AARAV:Dont worry dad I am mom superman .I will take care of everyone
Raglak laugh at their son childish talk.They three have a group hug
Swaragini along with aarav reaches baadi.shekhar and sharmistha hugs swaragini and aarav.Aarav goes with dadi whereas swaragni goes to their room.A tear skipped from ragini’s eye seeing heir room.Old moments of swaragini fills in her mind
SWARA;after a long time swaragini are again united
Ragini hugs swara
RAGINI:I am sorry swara
SWARA:U should be..u have left ur swara alone
RAGINI:I promise swaragini will remain forever and ever.They both hug

Both sanlak are sleeping in laksh room
I was sleeping ,i opened my eyes and is shocked to find the love of my life beside me.She is wearing a red saree and is lookind damn hot.I moved towards her.She caressed my face
Ragini:i love u
And she runs from there a.i too run behind her.Finally I caught hold of her and was about to kiss her when suddenly my sweet dreams were disturbed by souds of “HELP!HELP’.When I opened my eye I was shocked to see myself hugging ssanky tghtly and trying to kiss him.
Laksh immediately separated from sanskaar
LAKSH:Y are u shouting
SANSKAAR:Because u tried to harass me
LAKSH:Harass u???
SANSKAAR:Yes u hugged me tightly and was trying to kiss me.(crying)now what face will I show to ragini
LAKSH:Bhai…stop being dramatic
They both started laughing
The scene ends with swaragini hugging whereas sanlak laughing

PRECAP:Raglak marriage

Credit to: ridhi

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