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(Swara’s pov)
I let the two people freshen up and stroll into the kitchen. I know Dad didn’t cook anything in the morning. He woke up at around five and set off to pick Ragini up from Mumbai Airport with two of his friends, Bob Uncle and Geeta Aunty. Her flight was delayed for about an hour, so they had to wait until 10:30 to finally get home. Good for me, though. I didn’t have to give up on my sleep to greet her.

But in all the hustle, Dad hadn’t found time to cook breakfast or lunch, which he usually did in the morning. And now the clock strikes twelve, time for him to rush to office.

I open the refrigerator door to check if there is anything left from last night’s dinner. There is some paneer, dal and rice. There r also a few rotis, enough for two of us. I mean three of us, I correct myself.

Has Ragini ever tasted Indian food before? Will she even like all this? She did say she wudnt bother me for anything, so she might as well eat whatever I put on her plate.

Something soft and fluffy rushes past my feet and I glance down to find Rocky, my pet Labrador, hanging out on his favorite spot. Whenever we have something cooking in the kitchen, he almost always finds a way to reach it, his best trick—wagging his tail at the cook with his tongue hanging out. The patented puppy face works every time. I grab a biscuit and shove it into his mouth.

He is the first love of my life and seeing as how guys can be a pain in the arse, my last too. One gud thing about dogs is that they are awfully loyal. My dog does doesn’t flirt with my girlfriends. He is happy to simply see me show up at the door every day. He is not demanding or self-centered and he wudnt reprimand me for trivial slip-ups. He is in every way better than my boyfriend. No wonder Sanskar hates him.

Rocky inhales his biscuit before I can straiten up in my seat and he blinks at me. Damn him! Patting the top of his head and fondling his ears, I order him to wait till his lunch is ready. He has grown far too stout for his age given the normal size of his breed.

He licks my hand and sits in a corner to gnaw his rubber bone without a hint of grudge against me. He is a sweetheart. Apart from the only hitch that he is always hungry, Rocky is an otherwise unspoiled dog. There isn’t a single mean bone in his body. He is so full of love and void of any lust that I wish boys were like him.

I mentioned this to Sanskar while we devoured South Indian food in our canteen one day. ‘He lives with humans, Swara.. Let him out in the presence of female dogs and see him change his colours,’ Sanskar had said, pointing his spoon at me smiling through a mouthful of food. ‘Or rather adhere to his true colours.’

I punched his arm, muttering that at least Rocky was pleased to see me come home every day. He jumped and licked me all over to show over his joy. That was beauty of his loyalty.

Sanskar simply shrugged, his lips curving to form a smile. ‘If that’s what u want, then I don’t mind jumping all over you to show how happy I m.’

He laughed. I pushed the piece of dosa between his fingers into his mouth. He had to cover his mouth to keep it all in. I chuckled before passing him a glass of water.
Two fingers snap in front of my eyes. ‘Where are you lost?’

I find Dad towering over me and I’m back in the kitchen. Ragini stands at the entrance looking amused.

‘Nowhere,’ I say, busying my hands with setting the food to heat on the stove. Dad stares at me with an odd, piercing look, like he can read my mind and doesn’t like what he’s reading.

Ragini, on the other hand, tilts her head to one side, like everything she sets her eyes on amuses her; or, like she is about to enjoy a father-daughter fight. Whatever, the reason, I fight a sudden urge to wipe the smile off her face.

Dad peeks inside a few containers and blinks up at me.
‘Are u going to reheat what we had yesterday and offer it to our guest?’

I shrug indifferently. ‘I can cook a very limited number of dishes. And this,’ I nod at the food,’ is good and edible. She wont be poisoned’

I want to let her know that my dad might pamper her as a guest, but I wont. He crosses his arms over his protruding belly, his moustache newly trimmed. He smells of everything corporate. That look he tries to give me isn’t scary at all, if he means it to be.

‘Limited means ready-to-cook meals and omelette.’ He frowns.

‘You forgot brewing tea.’

‘Swara…’ As Dad starts to point his finger at me, Ragini interrupts him.

‘ I’m perfectly fine with having the food you had yesterday, Mr Ranade. I don’t mind real Indian cuisine. In fact, I’d love to taste some.’

Dad starts to shake his head. ‘This is too spicy and oily for ur taste.’

I want to tell him that if she wishes to act sweet, then why encourage her to act homely? Let her adjust; that’s what she intends to do anyway. But I know better than to say anything.

‘Mr Ranade, I’ll be fine. I love spicy food.’ She smiles a bit too broadly and sits on the edge of the table like she owns the place. I picture her munching on our hot, oily sabji. I imagine her eyes watering and hands reaching for water after every bite. Her delicate organs wud burn down with one bite of our food, if she dared to try it.

‘Are u sure u can handle this?’ Dad hesitates, looking at me. Apparently, he means to ask if she can handle his daughter rather than the food. I wriggle my brows at him and he shoots me a you-better-behave look. I smile, fill the casserole dish with rotis and slide it into the oven.

‘Haan-ji’. I’m sure,’ she says. The Indian word sounds funny on her tongue.

My Dad murmurs something before disappearing out the door. Having taken half a day off, he cant afford to wait around any longer. He’d be back by nine at night.

When I hear the main door shut and an awkward silence spreads around the house, reality hits me like a tsunami. I’m alone with Ragini Barnes for the the rest of the day. And today is just the first day of the month!

———-(Chapter ends)

So done with this chapter, this is gonna be a 45 chapter story showing how swara’s life changed in this one month forever, with just the arrival of ONE GUEST. Also I expected more comments in the last chapter. I m compromising with my busy schedule to write this story for you, so pls support me . Otherwise, it looks like I m wasting my time and writing for myself, as no one else is reading it! -THAT HURTS… so pls guys break ur silence or shall I stop? Lastly sorry for typos and next chapter next week{MAYBE I WILL TRY TO POST ON WEEKEND}


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