Swaragini (swalak-ragsan) marriage to love Chapter 1


Hey guys, I am Saanvi. I read lots of ff and it inspired me to write one so this one is for swalak and ragsan fans. If there are any swalak and ragsan fans left pls support and comment and you can tell me how to improve.
Today is the intro and chapter 1

Shekar- rich businessman, best friend of Durga Prasad, husband of sumi and father of swaragini
Sumi- owns a beauty parlour, best friend of Anupurna,wife of shekar and mother of swaragini
Ragini- elder daughter of shekar and sumi, sister of swara, best friend of kaira, modern, pretty, sweet, loves to play drums
Swara- younger daughter of shekar and sumi, sister of ragini, best friend of mira, modern, pretty, bubbly, loves to play guitar
Kaira- sister of mira, best friend of ragini, modern, pretty, kind, loves to sing
Mira- sister of kaira, best friend of swara, modern, pretty, cute, loves to play piano
(Kaira and Mira are like family members to Gadodia family)
Rest are dadima, dadaji and dida

Durga Prasad(DP)- rich businessman, best friend of shekar, husband of anupurna, father of laksh and sanskar
Anupurna(AP)- housewife, best friend of sumi, wife of Durga Prasad, mother of laksh and sanskar
Sanskar- elder and adopted son of DP and AP, brother of laksh, best friend of raj, loves to play drums, handsome
Laksh(Lucky)- younger son of DP and AP, brother of sanskar, best friend of yuv, loves to play guitar, handsome
Raj- brother of yuv, best friend of sanskar, good looking, kind, loves to sing
Yuv- brother of raj, best friend of laksh, good looking, cute, loves to play piano
(Raj and Yuv are like family members to Maheshwari family)
Rest are Ram, Sujata, Adarsh, Pari and Uttara

Swaragini and KairaMira are in 1 band called Marvellous Girlz
Sanlak and Yuvraj are in 1 band called Cool Devilz

Chapter 1

Scene 1 ( In Kolkata)
A mansion is shown and we move inside. We see a man shouting. He is DP.
DP:Sanskar,Laksh,Raj,Yuv utho hum ne airport jaana hai.(Wake up, we have to go to airport)
AP:Kya hua, aap itnae jaldi men kyon ho(What happened, why are you in hurry)
Sujata:Haan bhaisa aur aap khush bhi bahut ho( yes bhaisa and you are very happy today)
DP: Aaj shekar aur uske parivaar aa rahe hai(Today shekar and his family are coming)
Everyone gets happy
DP: Uttara, go and wake up your brothers.
Uttara: Yes badepapa

Scene 2(Sanlak and YuvRaj)

Uttara:bhai wake up, badepapa is calling you guys.
Raj: 5 more min
Uttara: Fine, main badepapa ko bataane ja rahe hoon.(I am going to tell badepapa)
SanlakYuvRaj in unison: Hum uth gaye badepapa ki chamchi( We woke up badepapa’s pet)
Uttara: Get ready and come downstairs
Yuv: Ok
Uttara leaves and they start to get ready.

Scene 3
SanlakYuvRaj come downstairs.
Sanskar: Badepapa you called us?
DP: Yes, eat your breakfast then we have to go to airport.
Laksh: Why papa?
DP: We have to go pick up shekar and his family and they are going to stay with us for somedays
SanlakYuvRaj in unison: The bhoot sisters are coming, noooooooooooooooooo!
Others start to laugh.
The screen freezes on SanlakYuvRaj disappointed faces and others still laughing.

Precap: Swaragini and KairaMira entry

Hope you guys like it.
Give me suggestions who should play the role of YuvRaj and KairaMira.

Credit to: Saanvi

We recommend
  1. madhyam from ky2 (yuvraj thakur) as raj
    sidarth from Jamai raja (Ravi dubey) as yuv

    aliya from ky2 (krissan baretto) as kaira
    vidya from saath nibhaana saathiya(sonam lamba) as Mira

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