Swaragini’s Destiny (Episode – 6)


Hi guys thnq 4 ur comnts. i like to clarify that my ff is only Ragsan nd Swalak. am sorry to swasan nd raglak fans. am already decieded the plot so i can’t change it. i’ll try to complete ur wish in my another ff. thnks 4 silent readers too.

Recap : kavya and tanya intro

Sanky nd rag reached rag’s home. rag goes to kitchen nd cooks idly ukma which can make easily by old idlies. (guys i don’t know the north indian dishes)
sanky eats and feels happy to eat this after a long time. he says food is super. i like this so much. often my mom cookes this in my childhood. that night sanky sleeps there bcos he is so tired.
Nxt day morning rag awakes sanky with coffee.
san : omg i slept here?
rag : ya. but y this shock?
san : riya i’ll scold me today for this.(rag smiles) he leaves frm there.

sanky goes to maheswari mansion.
riya : bhai… what happened to u? y u didn’t came yesterday ni8? atleast u can’t info me?(with angry)
san : sry doll.. i reached city 11 pm. i’m very tired so i stayed in rag’s home.
riya : oh…ok bhai go nd get fresh.
kavya hears this and thinks in mind y this rag crosses in my way.

swara takes coffee to laksh while tanya stops her.
tan : u stay here. i’ll give it to laksh.
swa : no mam ….i’ll manage..
tan : didn’t u hear what i said? go…
swara stands at door. tanya takes coffee nd goes into lak room
tan : laksh…laksh….getup…. she taps nd shakes him.
lak : yes doll…(tan feels happy to hear this. swa gets nervous)
lak slowly opens his eyes nd sees tan nd gets full angry to see her in his room.
lak : what r u think urself? who said give coffee to me?(lak in full angry)

swara enters the room nd says laksh…. plz.. clam down..actually am little busy that’s y she brought coffee plz calm down..tanya cries nd leaves frm there.
swara closes the door then says y r u so angry? see her state.. she is paavam(so sad)
lak : u don’t know y i beheaved like this? (in angry tone) if i say anything over than doll then what will happen?
swa : i can understand but plz..be calm. go nd get fresh now. then only i give the coffee.
lak : smiles.. nd says hmmm.

After sometime swar in kitchen. she cooks something but she is not in consious. she thinks something deeply.

FB shows
swara goes to lak room and awakes him. lak slowly open the eyes and sees swara “i love u darling” u r my lucky charm.
swa : that’s y na u awakes and first my face.
lak : not only 4 that.( in naughty tone) he goes closer to swara and pins her in wall nd abt to kiss swara stops him by put finger on lak’s mouth.
swa : first btush ur teeth nd drink coffee later u can do anything my sweet heart.
lak : he makes pout face.he goes to bath.
while swara cleans the room then lak comes out nd again pins her into wall
swa : arey..sir aai full mood me hai kya? i have lot of work. she escapes frm his lock. lak smiles.
FB ends

swara smiles unknowing. at that correct time riya sees swara and starts teasing her..
the epi ends with the smiling face of swa nd riya.

Precap : laksh and sanky hugs each other.

guys am very poor in writing romantic scenes. but i’ll try to do my best. how is the epi do comnts more nd more guys.

Credit to: Aastha

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