Swaragini’s Destiny (Episode – 18) (Last Episode)


Hi guys i’m finally reached my last epi. this epi is little longer bcos i want to share something to u all. plz support me. here is the link of my previous epis.







Recap : nakul insist laksh to propose.

tanya : finally when u proposed her? (in exciting tone)
lak feels sad bcos tanya taked it easily. so he feels if he had this this b4 her pain will b less than now.

lak continues the fb. FB shown.
2 nd 1/2 yrs passed. they r in final sem.

swalak falls for each other. they cant live without each other. but still they didnt tell their love.
swa : lak u called? what do u want to say?
lak : that…..i…..
swa : u…
lak : i…… i…l..love u.. swa feels very happy but didnt expressed.
swa : i’m sry lak.
lak : y? u dont like me?
swa : not like that. really i like u so much. but….
lak : then wat?
swa : u know na i’m an orphan no one accept me
lak : i’ll convice my parents.
swa : u cant. no one accept me as their bahu .
lak : y u r repling the same. i’m in love with u thats final. in my life u r my wife. no one can fill ur place in my heart. bye.

in helpless situation she goes to orphanage home. there r some goons.
goon : u r the one who informed to police abt us for making ur home as bar. there their boss comes and gets mesmerized to see swaras beauty.
boss : hey u all dont know that girls r like flowers. i’ll handle her smoothly. he confess all his crimes. swara records that all. he is abt to touch her she starts running.
she collides with someone. then continues running. she reached one go down. goons also reaches there. thats a goons place. boss comes closer to swa suddenly one wood stick hits him. (of course its none other than our laksh. he comes on the way he saw swa so he came there)

as usual fight starts. he beats the goons heavily. there is fight na so suddenly fire caught. lak holds swa hand rounds the fire while fighting. 1 goon comes with knife to stab swa lak holds the kinfe then he taps on swara’s forehead. his blood filled her mang like sendoor. boss takes the gun and points swara one voice : police arrest him. police arrested him.
police : he is big criminal we want strong proof to keep him in jail.
swa : sir but i losted the evidence.
the voice : is this a evidence? (the voice is our angel ragini)
(swara collides with someone na that is rag then she lost the evidence. rag sees goons follwing her so she called the police)

ragini takes swalak to her home.
rag : take rest i’ll prepare somthing to eat. all r eating while rag asks whats ur problem?
swa explains abt her home was take overed by the goons.
then laksh leaves frm there.(shekar & sumi not in home)
rag : r u in love with him?
swa : voh…haan.
rag : when ur marriage will u invite me?
swa : no our marriage will never happen.
rag : y?
swa : i love him but am an orphan. how their family will accept me? nd says abt sanlak nd daminilak relationship.

rag : by heart u r very rich. so u can show that richness.
swa : what r u saying?
rag : 1st impress her behan nd get into house. but important ur entry have to made by his bro & sis. asap unite their family. then everyones heart filled by ur goodness so they will accept u. and he dont know the value of relation bcos he ‘ve but u know the value. i hope u can u do it.
swaragini hugs. lak sees this then swa sees lak .
swa : lak u? u leaved na?
lak : i forgot key so i came. but now am really happy. swalak hugs. when will we expose our plan.
swa : after exams. concentrate on studies. if u fail i’ll leave u.
lak : dont worry i’ll pass in first class.

after our exams we came to kolkatta. and i pushed her infornt of sankys car. then she pretends like injured. kind hearted san nd riya took her to home.n swa inform everything to me. then i gave entry. thats it.

san looks at rag angrily nd leaves frm there. rag follows him.
rag : meri bath suno..
san : just leave me alone. she stands at door sadly. kavya comes there.
kav : sanky whats this? dont angry with rag. she is really good. sanky pushes kavya she gets injured (fracture).
san : i’m sry. he takes her to doctor.

in lak room
tan : u said she is my wife for close my mouth na u both didnt get married properly na. dont worry i’ll do arrangements for that. lak says sry. comm on man cheer up.

sanky comes with kav. he cares for her so much. rag sees this all with sadness.
kav gives a evil smile. rag understands that she pretends. tanya sees rag sad face.
tan : swara can i tell u something?
swa : haan
tan : kaa..kavya is acting like changed. she tries to destroy the happyness of rag. i cant do anything against my sis so u do something.

2,3 days passed
only rag nd kav in the hall. thats a morning time.
kav : hey stupid rag. see i’m never leave my love. san is only mine. i know abt u more than u. ok. (tell this with attitude) i just acted but u r a fooooo…(gets tensed) u r taking video? she tries to pick and deleted the video. gives a victorious smile nd again gets shock.
san : u blo*dy cheat. he slaps her. i’m really sry rag i didnt expect that our misunderstanding will b the biggest treat to others. ragsan hugs.
lak : bhai will u forgive me? sanlak hugs
san : in this happy moment i decided coming week ur marriage. happy? swaragini hugs.

ragsan nd swalak goes out for lunch. there they sees riya and abhi together.
lak : riya tum iske saath kya karrayum.
riya : voh..voh..
rag : i’ll not allow to meet u both secretly.
riya : bhabi not like that.
san : she said na we’ll never let u to meet secretly. we’ll allow to meet officially. ragsan nd swalak laughs. riya downs her head in shy.
that night.
rag in terrace. she enjoys the cool air.kav sees her in evil. she tries to push rag but unfortunately rag moves frm there and kavya falls down. everyone rushes to hospital doctor said she got memory loss. she for get the past.

few months passed.
swalak nd abhiriya got married in grandeur style. they all leads a successful life. one day suddenly ragini faints. everyone shouts…jiji…rag..rag…bhabi…bhabi… doctor says u all promoted. sanky cant understand.
san : dr my wife not in consious u r saying we promoted. r u mad?
swa : jiju.. she says u r bocme to dad.
everyone is happy they celebrates this. damini feels lonely. ragini goes to her. maa comm on join with us.
dam hugs swargini now i understand the value of relation.

at that time tanya and kavya comes there. u all r celebrating without us but we came here to invite u all to our engagement.
swa : arey itni sweet news. who is the lucky guys. they shows kunj and nakul. everyone congrats them.

later 10 months
ragini gives the birth to twins.(1 boy, 1girl) swa is 7 months pragnant. nd riya is 3 months pragnent.
today is swara’s bangle function(valaikappu)
a voice : in this sweet moment will u forgive me? (that is uv) we’ll make partnership?
sanky hugs uv.
everyone takes a family pic. in that pic Ragsan and thier cute twins, swalak. abhiriya, kavya&kunj, tanya&nakul, RP&damini, shekar&sharmishtha, and nakuls family.


this is SWARAGINI’S DESTINY. their destiny played a vital role in life. but finally it brought happiness.

Guys how is my story it is based on my one of the dreams. i extended with extra fittings. i’m cordialy like to thank, pavani akka, dafsi, jhanvi, sindhu di, anusha, abdul, lovely, dhara, rakhi, misha malik, hayathi, naimi, ana, newbie, abhi, ammu, venni, lila, priya, kriya, eva, teja, ami, sinzo, lahari, rammy, anu, kriti, ritu, janvi, poonam, ragsan, shreya, mithra, sara, anu4875, poonam, swetha, kavya, sarah, janu, aditi syam, alia, nigam, s priya, mithu, rapanzuel, fira, nikki, anvee, rupsika(mickey), snehahari, tanya, sunny, vavachi, anamika, rafeeee, smiley, anonymous, zara, mahi, ???…, geeta, gowri, masti and all silent readers. thnq u a lot for ur supporting. i think i mentioned everyones name if i missed any one sry. plz today all of u try to cmnt including silent leaders. bcos i want to know how many ppl likes my ff nd reading my ff. so plz cmnt me.

today is last epi so cmnt more than one word. nd mention ur ff name too. i’ll try to read it after my exams.

once again thank u all. i love u guys. By ur loving Aastha.

Credit to: Aastha

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