Swaragini’s Destiny (Episode – 15) (Ragsan marriage special episode)


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Ram prasadcomes to mm after completing his 6 months business trip. maheswari mansions telephone rings. damini attends the call.
caller : mam, we r calling frm venkateswara temple, today one important marriage in our temple so u must come mam.
damini : sry i’m very busy. she cuts the call.
nxt second rp phone rings. he attends the call. caller says the same dialogue.
RP : but……
caller : sir plz u must come with ur family. if u dont come to the marriage will stopped. so sir plz come. caller cuts the call.
RP : damini today we’ve important program get ready soon.
kav nd tan also gets the same call. they also gets ready for that.


laksh doing the decorations of marriage. he wears a dark blue shervani. he is so cute. suddenly he gets mesmerised to see the beauty of swara. she wears a dark blue neted saree. she looking awesome. he was totally flat bcos she always in dull make up. bcos she is servant na. but today she is fabulous in the new dress.

riya comes there with white color saree with red color floral design. abhi also wears the same red & white shervani. they both gives a fighter cock look to each other. riya hangs the garlands on wall with the help of ladder. suddenly she slips bcos of abhi and he catches her. there they takes a cute eye lock. after 5 mins they comes to their sense. riya leaves frm there without scolding him. abhi in mind what a miracle ! she is going without scolding me.

sanky comes to brides room. just then rag finished dressing.
rag : hey y u came here? any one see?
san : hey we r going to get married in few minutes. i’ll come. what can u do.
then he helps to ragini to wear her necklace and stead.
rag : i’m so beautifulna?
abhi : y not? he will say yes only.
FB shows
yesterday they went to shopping for marriage.
rag was confused to select the saree. she takes one saree on her.
swa : its nice. suddenly rag sees san in mirror. he nodes no to the saree.
rag : no no i dont like this color.
swa : see this saree its super. rag sees san he nodes no.
rag : this design is old. rag takes another saree nd thinks san will reject this too so she says this also not nice na?
swa : in mind saree is super but she wont accept my selection. haan rag this not so cool. but sanky nodes super.
rag : but swara this one is new variety so i take this.
swara confused. san laughs at her. abhi watches this all.
FB ends.
abhi teases ragsan. he selected the dress na he wont say not beautiful. rag sees floor in shy.
(sanky is in red color shervani he looks so handsome. rag wears a red color leganha. she looks like a angle in the bride attire)

RP, damini, kavya, tanya comes there. while kunj and sneha also comes there. then they see lak nd riya there. nd asks what r u doing here.
lak : voh……voh…. maa i .. i got call frm someone so i came here. u mom?
dam : me too.
swara bring the plate of fruits nd holy things to mandap.
tan : hey what r u doing here?
swa : voh…mam… lak calls me nd says came here nd do work. so i came here.
dam : lak whats a need to she work. this is not our family function.

san : welcome dad. everyone turns at sanky nd shocked to see his groom attire
RP : sanky what is this? how could u arrange ur marriage without our suggestion.
san : y not? u married without my suggestion then y i wont follow this.
dam : u r talking to ur dad so plz mind ur tongue
san : actually i’m not interested to call u all here. but i called bcos my fiance likes to take ur blessings thats wise i’m informing u all that i’m going to marry. he goes to mandap.

pandit : bring bride to mandap
riya ,sneha nd swa brings ragini to mandap.
kavya is freezed she cant belive her eyes. just then she sees shekar and sumi in her back.
kavya : no i wont let u to happen this marriage. she goes to mandap. but abhi nd kunj drags her nd throws her near to enterance.
abhi : dont cross in her life.

ragsan does the rituals. pandit asks riya to tie the knot. ragsan rounds the agni and smiles at looking each other. they completes the seven rounds. then sanky tis mungulsutra to ragini nd fills the sendoor in her mang. pandit ji says now marriage is completed.
ragsan gets blessing frm shekar nd sumi. then they goes to RP . he also blesses them. rag feels happy. only rag goes to damini she blesses her unwillingly.
swaragini hugs each other. while sanlak hugs each other. then ragsan hugs sneha nd kunj.
riya : hey guys u forgot me? who hugs me?
abhi : may i?
everyone burst into laugh.

@night sanky’s room.

ragini comes to room and gets blessing frm sanky.
sanky gives a gift to ragini. she opens this. her eyes filled by tears.
FB shows
yesterday they went to shopping there ragini admired by one fabulous diamond necklace but ignores it bcos of high rate. sanky watches this and bought it.
FB ends
Ragini hugs sanky. then they talking 4 some time. sanky is abt to kiss her.
rag : hey what r u doing. u have one sis nd bro in marriage age. first they got married then we’ll do this all.
san : i’m also telling the same i like to send my sis after she saw my daughter.
rag : very naughty.

screen freezes with their hugging position.

Precap : Laksh is trying to kiss Swara. Everyone sees this. Sanky slaps Laksh. Laksh says Swara is my wife.

thnq for ur support frnds. i hope u all will like this episode. By ur loving Aastha

Credit to: Aastha

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