Swaragini’s Destiny (Episode – 14)


hi guys. thnq so much 4 ur fabulous cmnts. here is the 14th epi.

Recap : sanky and Ragini falls frm hill. swa, lak, abhi and riya stucks in jungle.

Nxt day morning sun rises shown. lak sleeps in swara’s lap. swa sleeps on lak’s head. on the other side riya sleeps on abhi’s shoulder. a tree gives support to abhi which is in his back. swa gets up while lak also gets up.he says good morning dear. she smiles nd kisses him on his forehead. they sees both the abhi & riya.
swa : thono kitni sunder lagrio.
lak : meri sweet heart voh thono fighter cocks.
while abhi gets up and shouts to see riya on him. riya also shouts at him. swalak guys plz stop. now we have to search ragsan.
riya :but without car how can we search?

swa : we can ask lift. they four goes.

another place shown.
thats look like a typical village.
one man to another man : hows their health ? they r ok na?
he replys they r ok but still not in concious .they r talking abt our sweet heart ragsan.
raginislowly opens her eyes. she sees the different atmosphere. there r two ladies. rag asks the ladies how i came here.ladies says u both fell frm hill. we found u in river edge. and gave treatment.
rag : where is he?

she runs towards sanky. sanky was not in consious. she starts crying vigorously sanky plz plz sanky open ur eues plz sanky plzzzz. i can’t see u in this state. plz sanky open ur eyes. i…i can’t live without u. i’m uncomplete with out u. plzz open ur eyes. dont leave me alone. plz stay with me for whole life.
sanky slowly opens his eyes. really. say this all again . u r in love with me? rag : voh….voh… i mean to say
san : plz dont lie. tell the truth he puts her hand on his head. she cries. rag : haan i’m in love with u. i love u sanky. i cant live without u. they both hugs.
san : u loves me this much! how sweet!

@ mountain road.
all the 4 searches clue abt ragsan. swa says if they fell frm here?
abhi : plz swa dont say like that. nothing happened to them.
lak : but for safety we will search there also.

that was a beautiful evening time.

climate was so cool , cute nd chil air flews there. ragsan looks each other. they both r in dream world. villagers comes there and gives food. so they breaks thier eye lock. ragini feeds to sanky. they both spents a beautiful time together. sanky lovingly stares at her.
rag : y r u stares at me?
san : in low voice ” i’m in love” rag smiles.
then rag hugs san at chest. they both admiring the beauty of moon.
san : r u sis of moon? she also looks like as cute as you. rag widens her eyes. really that was a cute position.

at that time swalak nd abhi riya comes there. swalak nd riya feels happy to see them together nd goes towards them.
riya & lak : bro finally u got ur love.
san : haan finally she confessed her love.
everyone smiles but abhi is far frm them.
rag : abhi y r u staying there? comm on join with us.
abhi : who am i to join with u?
rag : abhi……
abhi: plz… if u thought me as a real frnd u’ll definitely told me abt ur love. but i’m stranger na?
rag starts crying : i didnt hide this on purpose. i fell for him then kavya did a drama then u got angry on him and beated him. then hoe can i tell this to u that i’m in love with him.
while saying this she was so cute and very innocent.
abhi : drama girl not kavya. u. u know that i cant see ur tears thats y now u r crying. they both hugs. he wipes her tears. i’m happy for u my doll. i didnt expect that he loves u more than his jaan. (he nodes sanky’s wound)

san : guys now i want to go mumbai.
lak : but y?
san : i want to marry rag asap. then only i can save her frm kavya. so i wanna get permission to rags mum nd dad.
riya : bhai then what abt my decision ?
san gets tensed nd asks y u dont like her?
riya : no
everyone dazed.

riya : i mean to say i dont like her. i love her. be cool my bhabi. if anyone hurts u abhi’ll kill them. she teases abhi how he warns sanky and kavya.
everyone burst into laugh. abhi fumes in anger.

then screen shifts to ragini’s house at mumbai.
someone knocks at door.
sumi wakes up frm bed abt to open the door while shekar comes there with yawning. she open the door.
sumi: ragini…she moves in her back abhi is there.
shekar : abhi… he moves in his back side a man stands.
sumi : this is? namasthey aunty i’m sanskar.
shek : rag whats going on? y he came here?

san : actually uncle am in love with ragini. i like to get permission to marry her.
shek abt to slap abhi stops him. riya nd swalak also joins.

shek : abhi u r supporting him?
abhi : dad am always rags side thats y now am supporting him.
shek : what do u mean?
abhi : dad rag also loves him. and i assure that he’ll keep her happily forever. he only can do it in the world.
riya : u dont worry uncle. i’m not only rags sis-in-law i’ll take care like my child. (she says this childishly)
abhi : hey mundhiri. (who does one thing very first) (actually its a pet name like chipkali) dont talk when elders r talking.
riya : what u r elder?

swalak nodes no. she makes pout face.
finally shekar and sumi accepts to marriage.

screen freezes with smiling face of everyone.

Precap : RagSan marriage.

thnq 4 ur support guys. by ur loving Aastha.

Credit to: Aastha

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