Swaragini’s Destiny (Episode – 13)


HI guys am back with another epi. am very happy to see ur cmnts. thnq so much guys. this epi is little long guys so plz read it with patience.

Recap : ragini comes to kolkatta. she waits in temple for some one.

Epi starts with ragini wait for someone. rag smiles at them. swalak comes there. swaragini hugs each other.
swa : how r u?
rag : i’m fine. don’t worry abt me. everything fine in there na?
swa says yes. lak says no. swa looks him angryly.
rag : guys what is the truth?
lak : actually everything fine. i said no problem.
rag : y u this much scares to swa.
lak : all my DESTINY. swa fumes in anger.
rag : then there is a problem.
swa : not like that. tanya’s bhabi tortured me. but not now. actually bcos of that he comes closer to me officialy in the xcuse of caring child.

rag : then ok. but i don’t know what will happen if…………………………………………this all revealed.( doted lines in mute)
swa : ya tanya loves him by her heart. if she comes to know?
lak : look swara every thing desinged by DESTINY so leave it in it way. all is well.
rag : ok guys then i’ll go.
swalak : come to home spent some time then u can go.
rag : i cant face him. plz leave me. she goes.
swalak fees sad for rag.

ragini is on the way to marriage hall. she is climbing mountain by taxi. a car comes in mid and stops the taxi.
rag : bhaiya kya ho gaya. driver shows the car and gets down frm car.
the car was very costly. a man gets down frm car. rag was shocked to see the person nd gets lightly nervous.
a man is none other than our uv (youvraj luthera) he steps forward. while rag steps backward.
uv : what do u thing abt myself? i’m a looser? u cheated me i’ll not leave u.
rags hearts beat was raising. voh…..voh…. uv is abt to slap her while goons cmes there.(they were arranged by uv) she starts running frm there. suddenly she caught hit by a car.

a voice ragini… its none other than our super hero sanky. r u ok na ragini. she nodes alright.
uv : achha thono varey va uv.. kya time yeah tumari. hey teach them the lesson what will happens to uv’s enemy. he leaves frm there.

one of the goon tries to beat ragini but our handsome sanky stops him and starts beating. the fight was hot & spicy ( but i don’t know to xpalin it clearly. so iamge urselves)
sanky beated all the goons. everyone is in ground. one of the goon takes knife and comes towards ragini. rag closes her eyes in fear. he stabs. ragini slowly opens her eyes and gets shocked to see. sanky came mid to protect her. he is in blood. he beat that goon also every goons runs frm there.
rag : sanky sanky plz dont close ur eyes. sanky falls frm there but rag holds him but she cant manage the weight so both falls frm mountain. (i’m already said na there r in mountain road)

at night 10 o’ clock.
Abhi was very tensed abt rag. he calls her but phone is not reachable. he angrily goes to maheswari mansion. nd shouts sanskar…
everyone comes there.
lak : hey Mr. who r u? y r u shouting?
abhi : where is the hell sanskar.
lak holds his collar how dare u say my bro as hell.

riya : bhai leave him. mr.abhishek sinha we r alreday tensed abt my bro so plz leave frm here.(she knows him bcos she watched what happened in sanky’s cabin)
abhi : ragini till didn’t reach marriage hall. ur bro is the reason for her missing.
lak : what r u saying riya? when i asked where is bro u said he is in meeting. but now u r ?
riya : haan bro went to meeting he have to reach home now but still he didn’t came and his phone is ringing but not answering. if i said u all will panic so i hide.
lak & abhi : where is the place? she replys yyy resort.
lak : will u come with me? abhi nodes s

lak drives the car. abhi is in frnt seat.
riya : i’ll come with u bro.
abhi : no need we will manage.
riya : hello mr. i’m asking to my bro. ok u just shut.
lak : both of u shut ur mouth. he is right. in this time.. better u stay here.

they goes towards that place. while abhi continuously calls rag but her ph is not reachable. suddenly lak stops the car.

abhi : what happened?
lak : there is bro’s car.
they both gets down frm car. they switches the torch nd searches. they gets shocked to see. there is many blood drops nd weapons like knife nd xatra……but there is no one. he takes one knife frm there.
lak calls san’s ph. its ringing insde of car. abhi shouts raaaginiiiiiii
there is very dark so they cant find anything. while swa nd riya comes there.

lak : hey u both ? y u came here?
swa ,riya : we cant sit peacefully in home. so we came here. what happened ? any clue abt them?
lak nodes no. ok guys we can’t find anything in this night. tmrw early morning we will come and search now lets go. abhi was not compramised. that we can see in his face reaction.
riya : hello Mr. lets go. u just searching ur frnd but we r my bro.ok. so dont create scene.
abhi stabs the tyer by knife which he holds in his hand. tyre gets punctured.

riya : hey idiot. tyre puncture karthiya. ap hum kese jasakthium.
abhi : just shut ur mouth. other wise i’ll cut ur tongue. fix the stepny and then go.
riya : but stepny in home.

swalak and abhi gives a shock reaction nd say ” kya ” she gives a innocent reaction and fake smile.
swa : ok guys no problem. we can go by this car which lak abhi came.
lak : ya u r right. lets go. this place is not safe.
as usual lak drives the car nd swa riya sits in back seat.
riya : i’m very hungry.
swa : dont worry we will reach home in 2-3 hours.
riya : kya 2-3 hours. she wide opens her mouth.
suddenly car stopped.

abhi : kya ho gai?
lak : i’ll check. he goes and checks but he cant find any problem.
swa nd riya feels panic bcos it was dark jungle.
abhi also checks there is no problem. ok lak i’ll try to start. he starts the car but it also fails. he sees something deeply.
abhi : arrey pagal laksh.
lak : what happened?
abhi : petrol tank is empty.

swa ,riya ,lak what?
abhi : u have to check petrol status b4 take the car.
lak : i’m in emergency what can i do?

they four walks few minutes.
swa : i cant walk any more.
riya : am also tired.
they stays there. laksh brings some dry leaves nd woods
lak : i don’t have match box to light it.
abhi light it by lighter
riya : r u smoker? abhi gives a killer look. i asked u having lighter na thats y. nothing else.

abhi don’t like to sit. so he walks few feets. there he saw a fruit. he remembers riya said she is in hungry. he picks its. comes towards riya . swa is away frm few feets. he gives a fruit to her. she shows little attitude.
abhi : if u dont want no problem i’ll eat it. he is abt to eat. riya picks fruit frm his hand and eats. he smiles at her.
while lak nodes swa to come here. he gives a fruit to her. they both feeds each other. they shares a sweet moment together.

screen freezes with smiling face of swalak. abhi. and eating position of riya.

Precap : Ragini confess her love to sanskar.

thank u for ur support guys. By ur loving Aastha.

Credit to: Aastha

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