Swaragini’s Destiny (Episode – 10)


Hi guys. i hope u’ll enjoy this epi. this epi is fully dedicated to ragsan fans. i’m sry to swalak fans no swalak scene in this episde. plz do supprt me via cmnt.

Today sanky’s birthday.

kav : 2day is best day in my life. i hope he’ll like my gift. i want to give this right now. she searches san. but she can’t find him. tanya where is sanky?
tan : he is on the way to office. lets go we’ll go there.

sanky reaches office while kavtan also reaches there. he gets happy to see the arrangements. but no one is there. every one gets up frm table wishes ” happy birthday”
san : thnq guys nice decoration. who made this.
sneha : sanky ragini made this all in one night.
riya : bhai comm on cut the cake.

sanky cuts the cake and gives the first piece to riya. but riya refused it. nd nods to give lak. sanky gives it to lak thn lak gives to him. thn riya gives the piece to sanlak. the three takes one cute selfie.every one wishes him personally.
kav : happy birthday sanky. this is a small gift. i think u like it. san opens it. that is white color coat suit.
riya : ragini what is in ur hand.
rag : voh….voh…….gi..gift.
riya : thn give it to bhai.

san opens the gift that is white shirt and blue jean. kav : i know she’ll give cheap things like it. hey rag u know that coat is how much cost. lowclass. the important thing san always used to wear coat suit.
rag : (she gets anger. bcos she bear humilation) mam thats y i bought this. he have to change his coat suit is very boring. he’ll feel very comfortable in this dress.
riya : rag u r absolutly right. u r the right person too. bhai will never refuse ur wish. go bhai wear it.

sanky comes with that dress. he is very handsome nd very hot. any girl’ll fall for him in that sight. really he is awesome.
riya gives sweet to staffs. san announces that 2day is leave. everyone greets him nd leaves.
kav : san today can u spend ur time with me? san : i’m sry. i have important work.

@enterance of office.
rag : sir…
san : what?
rag : i know today u r so busy. but can u come with me for 1 hour.
san :sure.
they both goes to temple. san: temple?
rag :haan. y?
san ; i’m not belive in god.
rag face goes sad. san : ok i’ll come inside for u.
they prays to god. ragsan : God plz make her/him happy forever.
san : now where ? another temple?
rag : s nd smiles.

ragini takes him to one place. sanky sees the name board which hanging in enterance. “happy home”. san sees the children in that home. they were orphans nd mentally challenge.
san : u said we r going to temple..
rag : this is the real temple where pure hearted gods r stay not the place of stone.
children gives flower to him and wishes happy bithday. the children says we r very happy that all bcos of u.
san i can’t understand what r u saying.
one child : bhaiya. ragini didi gives some money for our education and food every month. she always says don’t bless me i do this all bcos of sanky so bless him. ur blessing helps him to lead a successful life.
at that moment sanky totally falls for her. he smiles at her who is away frm him.

san : 2day am very happy.
rag : enjoy ur life sir. not only business is the world.
san : i didn’t say this b4. but now saying don’t call me as sir. just call sanky.
rag : but sir..(san gives a killer look)
san : u have to complete the wish of birthday boy.
rag ;ok.ssss..sssaa…sanky.
san : thats my girl. i came with u na now its ur turn. u have to come with me. rag agrees.

sanky goes to one farm house. there r four boys standing. sanky goes towards them. rag hesitates and stand near car.
boys : u know us? we thought u forgotted us.
san : am sry guys.
one boy saw rag and asks when happened this?
san : what?
boy : the girl is ur lover na?
san : he stammers ya. i fallen love with her.
boy : when u proposed?
san : till i didn’t say anything.
boy ; she is the reason for ur costume am i right?
san : u r right. and calls rag.

sanky introduces everyone. one boy : thanks a lot. u changed his costume. always boring coat suit. u didn’t saw one in coat suit in tour. but u can see him.
ragini smiles. sanky gives a killer look.
then sanky cuts the cake. he is confused 1st piece is for whom. he turns to one boy. he nods rag. san nods no. the boy nods u have to.
sanky gives the 1st piece to ragini. she also feeds him. frnd take this pic. rag freely talks with san frnds. via that she knows the naughty doings of sanky.
san : 2day night is very precious. u have to come to party rag. she says ok.

at party every one is there except ragini. party goes smoothly. but sankys eyes searches rag. just then ragini comes there with red saree with black & gold border. sanky was mesmerised to see her beauty. after sometime sanky asks ragini’s hand 4 dance. rag hesitates but agrees.

she agreed but very nervous. rag hold sanky’s one hand. san puts another hand on rags hip she feels shy. she closes her eyes. she her another hand on san’s shoulder. they starts dance. their dance was excellent. everyone admired in their dance. everyone claps. ragsan stops the dance. till then they both not in this wolrd . kav gets mor irritation nd leaves frm there. sanky is about to propose

rag : sir..(san again gives a killer look) i’m sry. sanky now i want to go. my parents r coming so i want to go railway station now. she leaves frm there.

am very happy. today is not only sankys birthday. 2day my birthday too. i hope u will like this epi. plz do mor nd mor cmnts.

Credit to: Aastha

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