Swaragini’s Destiny ( Episode 1 )

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One fine morning the episode starts with the sparkling sunlight disturbs a charming girl .

One lady voice : Laado wake up. (ya the charming girl is none other than she our Ragini)
Ragini : Haan maa y r u starting ur subrabharatha (scolding) in this early morning.
Sumi(mother of rag) : Is this early morning? A good girl is wakes up in atleast 6’o clk. But u r sleeping till 8’o clk.

Ragini doesn’t hear anything. She went to take bath.Then she reads the newspaper and drinks he tea.
While she hears a voice “Mam post”
Shekar (father of rag) receives a letter and gives it to Ragini.

Ragini reads the letter and jumping in happy bcos the letter is her interview card.

Shekar&Sumi : Really is this ur interview card?
Ragini : ya maa papa it’s really my interview card.
Sumi : Where is the company?
Ragini : It’s in kolkatta maa.
Sumi : What? no. we never permit u 2 go.
Ragini : papa maa ko convince karo. I want 2 go.( in a sad tone)
Shekar : sumi try to understand her . she have to go and u know the situation na?we don’t have any other option.
Sumi : un willingly says ok . when is ur interview?
Ragini : Day after tmrw maa. thnq my sweet maa papa. i’ll go and pack my stuffs.

Shekar : Don’t worry sumi. there is varsha and sushmi (frnds of rag) na? they will take care of her. And the important think is
sha just got the interview card not a appointment. ok. b cool.

Ragini : papa i am packed my stuffs. today evening 6’o clk my train.
Shekar : OK beta.go and take ur breakfast.

scene shifts to Maheswari Mansion

Ram prasad and Damini sits in the hall and talking casually.
One shadow comes fastly towards downstairs. Camera takes the bottom to top view.
that’s a boy. He is wearing a black coat suit. He is none other than our super handsome hero SANSKAR.
He sees RP and Damini together and gets sad.

Then another shadow also comes fastly towards downstair and Bhaiya come with me i’ll
give u a breakfast. (ofcourse she our sanskar’s sweet sister RIYA)
sanskar eats the breakfast and says ok riya take care now go to clg and we will meet in evening.
Riya : haan bhaiya. Don’t worry i’ll take care of my self.

screen freezes with the smiling face of rag, riya, and sanky

PRECAP : Sanky and Riya goes out by car. sanky hits someone by car. sanky and riya gets nervous.

Credit to: Aastha


  1. ana

    wow awesome episode cant wait for the next part and i want to know the pairs for avoiding confusion.And one more thing plz keep ragsan i am a die heart fan of them.

  2. Rammy

    Yeah its really great story.. Ur one of the best story teller.. I appreciate you being great job…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.