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Episode 5
At office
Sanskar was tensed as he was not getting one file he searched it a lot but didn’t find it he called ragini but she also didn’t knew about it because it was some old file already it was late in night and that file was important
Ragini suggested to search in store room in office as it was old file may be some one kept their
Both ragini and sanskar opened the store room their were many files their
“ sir which file it is” she asked
“ its a blue colour file and MI is written on it I want that search it” he ordered
Sanskar in mind he was thinking about his family his dad mom everyone everything was coming in front of him That file was important because it contained all important data about maheswari industries about all its share a secret file that contained some scert information that was mostly known by family members sanskar was going to use it against them he was planning something for them
They were searching a lot
Peon locked that room finally they found that file
“ sir this one” she said giving him file
Sanskar checked it and he was smiling evilly
“ thank u ms.gadodia” he said
“ sir what is this file of I think its every important” she said
“ yeah its important for me something more than anything” he said heading towards the door
“ why this door is not opening” he said trying to open it
“ what do u mean by that let me check” she said pushing him aside
She was trying hard he was smiling seeing her attempts
“ what happened ms.bakbak opened” he said teasing her
“ oh no I think we r locked” she said so innocently
“ oh wow tubelight u got that so easily” he was pulling her leg
She eyed him angryliy
“ know what to do how we will get out” she said keeping her hand on her head
“ what I know” he was trying to tease her more
“ what do u mean by that because of u we r locked here and u this is all because of u” she yelled at him
“ me what I did” he said innocently irritating her more
“ u were the one who was searching for that file desperately and because of u I am also here I don’t know what’s that file” she screaming at him but he was not paying any attention to her he was thinking about something she saw him that he was not paying attention to her
“ r u listening to me” she screamed
He turned
“ what me r u talking to me I thought to some ghost” he said seeing here and their
“very funny” she said giving him unbelievable look
He just smiled at her
“ know what” he questioned
“Think something how’ll get out of here” she said seeing here and their
“ give u r phone” he asked
“ what why” she asked him in amusement
“ to call arnav” he said clamly
“ can’t u use urs” she said giving angry look to him
“ if I had I would not asked u know give me” he said
“ no I can’t” she said innocently
“ r u mad what u want that we should be here till morning” he screamed at her
Know she too got a bit anger because of his volume
“ first listen to me I can’t give u because I don’t have” she said keeping her head down
“ can’t u carry ur phone with u” he said
“ why u r asking can’t u carry it I forgot that because of u , u were in so hurry that I left it their know what to do” she asked
“ what wait till morning” he said
“ what we have to stay here I can’t” she was screaming
He didn’t pay attention to her he went to aside and sat on floor
She was angry but was helpless she too sliently went and sat in opposite direction both were eyeing each other they were having a cute eye lock
Ragini was feeling hungry
“ sir I am hungry” she said innocently
“ then eat me” he said as he was too feeling hungry
“ yeah nice idea” she said he raised his eyebrow
“ but I can’t u r so bitter ukk………. I hate bitter gaurd” she said making wired faces
“ disgusting” he said
The light got off
Ragini was fearing she was getting sacred
She stood from her place
“ sir sir where r u “ she was sweating
Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder
She got scared sanskar lighted his lighter his face was visible
“ relax ms.gadodia its me” he said clamly her
Both sat near eachother just few steps sapart
“ I don’t understand one thing u can carry lighter with u can’t u carry ur phone”
she said angrily
“u know what I was knowing that we r going to get lock I had a night mare so I carried it with what say ha” he said
“seriously u r too much”she said making faces
Their was again silence know lighter was off
“ oh god what’s happening with me today” she said
Sanskar knew her fear so he moved close to her
“ relax I am here” he said
“ I am scared of darkness” she said in fear
“ ok I have an idea that can help u to reduce ur fear” he said
“ ok what’s that” she questioned
“ just keep talking” he said
“ what how can that reduce my fear” she questioned
“just try it it would work” he said
“first explain me how” she asked
“ ok meri ma its scientific if u talk then u r mind would be concentrating on that u would foregt that u r feared of something” he said he knew she would not understand that easily and that happened she was tube light it can be seen in her face
“ ok I’ll try” she said
“ but what can I speak to u , u r nothing for me we can be friends” she questioned
“ I don’t make friends so easily” he said showing attitude
“ oh hello what u think getting ragini gadodia’s friendship is not so easy u should be glad that I am making u as me friend otherwise who can be any kadoos’s friend” she said annoying him kids behaviour
He smiled at her behaviour
“ ok so ms.ragini gadodia will u be sanskar m……….”he stopped thinking something ragini was feeling something strange “ SRM’s friend “ he said forwarding his hand
“ ok I can think friends” she said shaking hands with him
Both smiled at ecahother
“ so I have to tolerate one more kid” he said
“ what u called me kid from which angle I look like a kid” she said keeping her hands on waist
He saw her childish behaviour
“ from all angles” he said
“so mean” she
“ this mean is u r friends know” he said
“ ha my fate” she said making crying face he saw that gave her u r too much look
“ what” she questioned saying both laughed
“ ok what I can I speak to u” she asked
“ about u r likes dislikes or anything” he said
“ ok but what about myself ok I love chocolates I am foodie rasgulla is my favourite I love chats spicy food” she was saying his mouth was watering hearing it he cutted her
“ stop stop don’t speak about food I am feeling hungry” he said
“ yeah me too” she said making pout face
After a long slince sanskar spoke
“ what about u I mean u r friends family “ he asked
“ about friends kushi is my best buddy I share everything with her I have a sister I love her a lot mom dad dadi ma everyone I miss them a lot “ she was speaking about them when she saw him he was thinking something
“ and what about ur family” she asked
“ my family they r far away from me I don’t know how they r I miss them a lot but compose myself” he said almost having tears
“ I too miss them a lot” she said understanding his emotions
“ why what happened to them” he asked with concern
“ nothing just I came here without informing anyone” she was thinking about all he placed his hand on her shoulder she felt relaxed “ and what about u” she asked
“just I am away from them but soon I’ll meet them” he said thinking about his plan
Then she remembred something
“ oh god how can I forgot that” she said standing up
“ what” he questioned
“ actually I had one more phone that kushi advised me to keep always with me I have it “ she asid searching in her dress pocket
“ what u had phone and u remember that know idiot” he said in angry tone
“ know be quite yeah I forgot yeah here’s it” she said
Sanskar took from her and dialled arnav’s number
“ hello arnav” he said
“ who’s that” arnav asked
“ sanskar” he repiled
“bhai where r u and ragini is also not here we all r worried” arnav asked
“ listen we r locked in office’s store room plsz get us out” he said
“what who else is with u” he asked
“ I and ragini r locked here” he said
“ how can u both get locked” he aasked
Ragini took phone from him
“ bhai we’ll explain u later plsz get us out of here” he pleaded him
“don’t worry I am coming their” he said cutting the call
“ what he said” sanskar asked
“ he’s coming” she replied
“ still we have to wait for an hr” he said
“why” she asked in amusement
“ because office keys r with that peon who lives far away from here it would take hardly an hr for him o reach here” he said
“ oh we have to wait” saying this they again sat down
Ragini thought him to ask about photo’s
“ shall I ask u something” she asked
“ what u can ask” he said
“ wo about those photo’s at u r house who’s were they” she asked she was thinking that he wouldn’t say he my get angry
“sorry just” she was saying but he cutted
“ its ok they were of kaviths” he said
“ kaviths” ragini asked she was feeling bad for hearing a girl’s name from his mouth and her photo’s
“ yeah she was my life” he said
“ where’s she know” she asked
“ she left me she’s far away from me from where she can never return” he said he was having tears
She was feeling bad that she was know no more she placed her hand on his shoulder
“ u love her lot” she said
“ yeah I loved her lot but because of those people she died I’ll never forgive them”he said in angry tone remembering dp and laksh
“who r they” she asked
“ some one from my own family I’ll surely take revenge from them” he said in angry tone know he couldn’t face any more questions of her so he stood from their and went near door he was standing their thinking about his and kavitha’s moments
Ragini could understand what he was feeling as she scarifised her love she was remembering her and laksh’s moments she was having teras thinking about it
Both were going to some pain, pain of love he shared his pain but she can’t
Soon arnav came they got out
Precap: ragsan dance…………
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