swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u…………….(intro)


Hello everyone this is my first ff on ragsan hope u like it
The story start when swara and laksh gets engaged in my story sanskar didn’t return to Kolkata at this time to take revenge he was in Mumbai seeing his business he’s owner of karma industries he blames DP and laksh responsible for kavitha’s death he wants revenge from them he’s living in Mumbai and planning something against them
No one knows about him karma industries were expanding in low time he achieved a lot he’s among top business men of country no one knows his true identity all know him by name SK no one has ever seen him he’s very famous
Sanskar is still in dilemma of kavitha’s death he still loves her in these years it was not even a single day that he didn’t remember her he’s rude harsh arrogant man who hates mistake big money name fame he achieved every thing by his own without anyone’s help
Ragini was sad that laksh got engaged to swara soon they were going to get married she was sad she couldn’t see her love getting some one else’s she loved laksh like a mad but still she backed off as swara loved laksh she backed off thinking about happiness of his love she helps them to unite she was the only one who convinced whole family for it laksh was feeling bad for ragini he knew that she loves him swara to knew this fact but she was happy that she’s getting married to laksh , laksh was confused btw his feelings
Just a days back of swalak marriage it was their sangeet
ragini was sad seeing laksh and swara close to each other she couldn’t take that anymore she ran from their she locked herself in her room and cried a loud laksh saw those tears he felt bad
after sangeet ceremony
all maheswari’s returned MM
laksh was unable to sleep he was thinking about ragini the time he spent with her their movements
laksh: what’s happening to me why I am thinking about ragini no what’s wrong I love swara
do I really love her then why I am thinking about ragini why i was feeling bad when I saw tears in her eyes do I really love swara or I love ragini
the next day it was swalak marriage just before an hour of their marriage
swara was getting ready in her room
ragini wrote a letter and she left the place she sat in train that was going to Mumbai she was going to her frnd in Mumbai
ragini was travelling in train she was sad
ragini in mind: sory ma baba sory swara but I can’t see laksh being urs I can’t see him with u I can’t destroy u r happiness so I am going far away from u she was travelling
at Mumbai
sanskar was standing near the window it was night he was enjoying the scenery and fresh air
sanskar’s prov
it has 5 years that I left that place my mom dad I had to leave everyone just because of him laksh because of u I lost my kavitha I am coming back in ur life everything is going to change I am coming back DP maheswari u killed my love my kavitha I am coming to destroy u to take my revenge u have to pay for killing my kavitha for taking away my love my life from me be ready u r worse is coming
its all about how will sanskar fall in love with ragini what will happen when he would meet her will laksh realise that he loves ragini will swalak marriage happen how will sanskar react when he gets to know that laksh loves ragini what will happen will ragini fall in love with sanskar
will sanskar change his mtto of revenge after meeting ragini was really dp and laksh responsible for kavitha’s death will sanskar get to know the real truth
will ragini help him to get his revenge how will their life change what destiny has planned for them will love blossom btw ragsan what about swara how will she react…………….
to know all this u have to read my FF hope u liked it plsz comment……………………….
Precap: ragsan meet

Credit to: crystal

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  1. Nice intro…..crystal pls dont seperate swalak

  2. Wow thanks fors ragsan ff ???

  3. wow nice pls continue its intersting

  4. Crystal I liked it very much

  5. Awesome 🙂 i am waiting for your 1st epi

  6. Superb….I hope Swalak get married…

  7. Awsm dear..update first prt soon

  8. And this is only ragsan ff ?

  9. crystal ..it was an amazing start ..u have written it very nicely ,..iam waiting for your next part..pls update it asap

  10. crystal it’s interesting, continue

  11. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    I’m eager to read more! please do post the next chapter! And try to make it long too 🙂

  12. Superb plot…

  13. Tq for ragsan dear….and a good concept….

  14. Interesting promo continue plzzzzzz

  15. nice start…waiting to read the story

  16. Thanks for Ragsan

  17. Love triangle between ragsan and laksh.. Awesome… Update nxt epi soon

  18. I want Lakshya to realize that he loves ragini and I would love to see a love triangle between ragsan and Lakshya.

  19. Superb dear
    Now really can’t wait to read the first part
    It’s ragsan after all ?
    If it’s possible then do update soon

  20. Nice but pls do laksh get married with swara.

  21. I have read this type of story on fb but it was raglak . Carry on with ragsan l love them

  22. Awsm loved it….

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