swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u…………….(epi-9)

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At garden
Ragini and sanskar were avoiding each other thinking about what happened in morning
Arahsi’s haldi was going on both were sitting their
A curtain was put their it was making partition
All were having fun
Sanskar applied haldi to kushi on her nose ragini was playing with haldi she was applying that to everyone all were having fun
Ragini thought of something
She saw sanskar standing their she went to him having haldi with her

Sanskar saw that “r u thinking of revenge for yesterday”
“ um…….. u gussed right” she was moving close to him he was finding a way to escape she was almost near to him
“ u can’t”
He started to run from here and their ragini was chasing him
“come one ragini I know u can do it ” arnav said cheering her
“ u r my friend or her” sanskar said while running
“ ur friend but my brother” ragini was still chasing him
Ragini took the bowl and throwed haldi but it feel on some one old aunty she got angry she throwed haldi towards ragini but she bended it fell on some one else soon everyone was having haldi fight
Arashi’s haldi function turned into a battle filed of haldi fight ragini finally applied haldi to him she applied so much on his face all applied haldi to him
“ what have u done” he said while cleaning himself
She was laughing seeing him
“ tit for tat” she was having a proud smile on her face all were laughing seeing their silly fight
“ know wait see what I do”
He took haldi from bowl and started to chased her finally they reached a room
“ know where will u run”
“ no plsz”
“ um…. tit for tat”
He started to come close to her she was finding a way to escape but couldn’t he pinned her to wall he was about to apply haldi to him she pushed him on bed he was about to fall he helded her hand both feel on bed
sanskar was on top of ragini
her heart beat were rising he rubbed his cheek with hers she closed her eyes she slowly opened her eyes both were having eye contact he leaned close to kiss her she closed her eyes he came to his sense by sounds from outside
he then realised that what he was about to do he quickly got up from their and moved out ragini was smiling remembering what happened
at night
ragini was unable to sleep she was thinking about sanskar
she came out of her room for some fresh air she was walking in garden sanskar saw her going out of room so he followed her
“what r u doing here” he questioned her
“having some fresh air” she went and sat on lawn he followed her both were sitting do
“and u”
“ having fresh air”
“ lair u came following me” she said smiling
“I am not a mad to follow chipakali like u”
“ never call me that”
“ chi…..pa……kali chipakali u r ”
She eyed him angrily
“ if I am chipakali then u r donkey kadoos”
“u r chotta baby ‘uk…… I hate tablets they r so bitter” he was imitating her
She started beating him playfully on his chest
“ areh…. yaar stop it ok sorry u r not chotta baby ”
She stopped both looked towards ecahother and burst in to laughter she was smiling thinking about something
“today the moon is looking beautiful” she said seeing towards that
He was seeing her
“ yes not more than u”
She turned towards him both were having eye lock
They talked their for a while
The next day it was mendhi in noon and sangeet in evening

At hall
Mendhi was applied on her hands
Kushi signalled her friend something
Sanskar and aranv were talking with eachother ragini was sitting with kushi
One girl went to sanskar and arnav she hugged sanskar and he too hugged her back
Ragini saw everything she was getting angry she didn’t knew why but she was jealous of their closeness he was smiling and laughing and that girl was coming close to him and he didn’t bother about it
“ how can she be so close to him see him he’s laughing what she has I thought I am close to him
What’s wrong with him always he acts kadoos and today how can he be so friendly with any girl” he was cursing that girl in her mind
Kushi saw her anger she was smiling
“that girl with sanskar is so beautiful” aranv’s mom said
“ beautiful my foot she’s chudail” ragini said in mind
“ ha they look beautiful with ecahother” kushi said making her more angry
“that chudial doesn’t look good with my sanskar he’s so handsome and cute and that girl she’s so horrible see her does she have any shame how can she get so close to boy like this” her thoughts were dirstrubed by kushi
“ ragini where r u lost” kushi asked
“ nothing” she replied she was still glaring at them
“ they look so cute with eachother ha na ragini” kushi asked teasing her
“ no I mean yes but she is not his type he’s so handsome and she” kushi was giving her shocking look
Ragini observed that
“ what”
“u r praising him so much what’s going on dear”
Ragini was literally shocked she had no answer
“ umm I’ll just come” she excused herself from their
“ yes why I am praising that kadoos why did I say my sanskar what’s happening”
She was thinking that in her mind she was smiling remembering their moments a smile appeared on her face

At evening it was sangeet
Ragini danced on song salame ishq with kushi’s cousin brother
Sanskar was burning in jealous seeing their bonding
After dance he dragged ragini to a corner
“ sanskar leave me”
He left here hand
“ why u brought me here” she questioned
“ why were u dancing with that idiot”
She was shocked why he asked her this question happy from in seeing his jealous
“ why should I answer”
“ u have to u coiuld have got even better patner than him like me why him”
“ so some one is jealous”
“ no one is answer my question”
“ why should I” she turned aside
“ because I questioned” he asked her turning her towards him
“ did I question that why were u talking with that girl kavaya no na then u too can’t”
Saying this she left
He was smiling thinking she was jealous but why was he angry why this question was running in his mind
He came towards hall he saw her talking to some girls she saw him but turned her face away ignoring him
Sanskar thought of something he started to dance on song dance pe chance from movie humoty Sharma ki dhulaniya
He strated to sing and dance she annoying her

Ho.. ho jattpure ki Jatti
Jo fashion ki hai patti
Hai aage peeche, aage peeche mere
O jaan-e-jaan tu dola(pulling her towards him pushing her )
Mere dil mein chaahe cola
Hai aage peeche, aage peeche mere
(Know ragini also started to dance with him)
Ha aa.. dil hi dil mein dekh raha hai
Jaane kiska sapna
Aish kare woh
Maine socha kya jaata hai apna
(both were dancing having great thasan btw each other)
Aaho.. aaho..
Ho D se dance de de chance
Crazy hum bhi ho lenge (x3)
Kyun dekhe hai sapna
O chhore tu kyun dekhe,
Hai jhootha sapna
Lo humko, lo humko
Banaane hai chali
Aayi hai mohalle mein koi machchli ha
Saji hai yeh dulhan se badh ke zara
Chai se hai zyada garam ketli
Uff dhuaan dhuaan hua yahaan pe
Kaun jalaa hai itna
Arey ye bhi kya kanoon banega
Kaun sajega kitna
Aaho.. aaho..
Ho D Se dance de de chance
Crazy hum bhi ho lenge (x3)
Kaleja tu le ja
Tu le ja gori le ja
Kaleja meri jaan
Yeh ladka, yeh ladka jahaan se hai padha
Main bhi jaldi rakhti thi usko khada
Ye dekho, ye dekho shakal se lage
Jaise ki karela ho neem pe chadha
Aah! kadwa bhi hoon, meetha bhi hoon
Chakh le jo hai chakhna
Khuli chhoot hai maujein karle
Dil ki dil mein rakh naa
Aaho.. aaho..
Ho D se dance de de chance
Ho D se dance de de chance
Crazy hum bhi ho lenge
Aaho.. aaho.. (x3)
Ho D se dance de de chance
Crazy hum bhi ho lenge!

(u can imagine the way varun dhawan and aliya bhat danced )
After the dance
Ragini was feeling tried she feel uncousious
Sanskar saw her he picked her in his embrace and took her to room

Precap:ragini’s accident

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