swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u…………….(epi-8)

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At hospital
Sanskar was very mush tensed ragini was in ot kushi was crying arnav consoling her
Sanskar was feeling restless don’t know why but yes he was fearing of losing her he can’t bear that
Doc came out of ot he informed that she’s fine know they can meet her as she gains conscious
Ragini gained conscious
Sanskar went in to meet her followed by arnav and kushi
As he saw her he couldn’t control his emotions he hugged her tight
“ u know how much I was scared what if something happened to u” he said while still hugging her ragini was bit shocked by his sudden act but after seeing his care she hugged him back she was rubbing his back with her hands consoling him assuring him that she was fine his eyes were teary
“ I am fine nothing happened” she said still hugging
Arnav and kushi were shocked see that arnav was having doubt that their was something going btw these two but after seeing this he became sure sanskar has started loving her his care for her everything was clear but still he wanted to conform that from him
Sanskar broke the hug
“ragini how feeling know” arnav asked
“ better” ragini said seeing his fear and nervousness
“I can see” he said teasing her she was having bandages on her head, hand
“ yeah” she said lifting her hand she was having simile on her face
“ I don’t understand what was the need of u to go in” sanskar asked her in anger
“ I thought u were in so I went in”
“ ur true idiot” he said
“ what do u mean by that” she said making pout face
“should I explain duffer”
“ oh hello for u I went in and u” she said him lifting her hand “ ah………….” she was feeling immense pain in her hand
“ don’t move” he said caring for her
“ ok u take rest” all left but sanskar was not willing to leave her he wanted to be with her but he came out

Sanskar send arashi home as it was their marriage after 4 days so for other rituals after many efforts they agreed sanskar was alone their
He went in to meet her
She was denying to take tablets
He was smiling seeing her childish behaviour
He took tablets from nurse
“ ragini take this” he said while making her eat tablets
“ no this so bitter uk………… I hate them” she said making wiered faces
Sanskar thought something
“ ok don’t take this nurse give her injection”
She was shocked injection she was scared of it
“ no………… why….. why. …injection” she said in trembling voice
“ why means u don’t want to take tablets na so no option left u will get injection” he said making sad face
“ I don’t want”
“ then take tablets either injection or tablets u decide” he said forwarding tablets
She took them unwilling he was giggling seeing her behaviour
“ don’t laugh ok I hate them what do u know the pain of taking bitter tablets” she said in very fimly way sanskar couldn’t control his laugh anymore after seeing her acting
“ u r true dramebaz” he said pulling her cheeks
“ Ahhhhh……….and by the way u’ll not understand also ur also bitter and tablets also I think u both would be great friends what say” she said annoying him
“ very funny”
Then nurse came with food for her
She looked at that and was shocked
“ what is this” she questioned pointing towards food
“ what food that u have to eat”
“ me no how can anyone eat this oats soup this is not food”
“patients get this food only”
“by eating this they’ll not get well I want some spicy food” she said refusing to eat anything
“ u can’t doc said u should not eat spicy food for some days”
“ no ways……..” she said truning her face
“ don’t act eat it” he was forcing her to eat she was unwilling eating
He made her eat
After that he gave her tablets

At other side
Kushi was lost in deep thoughts
Arnav saw that
“kushi what happened” he asked her
“ arnav ragini went in fire for sanskar and sanskar for ragini and sanskar’s care for her in hospital ”
“ yeah I was thinking about it I was having doubt that sanskar has started loving ragini and know I think ragini also”
After listening to it ksuhi was bright smile in excitement she hugged arnav
“ I am so happy finally both r moving on in their life ragini and sanskar has already gone through many things I am really very happy for them”
“ I am too but do they know that they love each other”
“ I think no and we should make them realise that”
“ so mission ragsan starts” he said shaking hands with her
Arashi were planning something for them
The next day she got discharge
At kushi’s house
Sanskar was their only his house was going through renovation
It was kushi’s haldi’s function all were busy
He was passing by ragini’s room he thought to meet her
Ragini was getting great difficulty in getting ready she was standing in front of mirror trying to tie her blouse knot sanskar entered he saw ragini trembling when ragini saw him through mirror she was shocked and she turned immediately then sanskar realised what he was doing
“ sanskar u here”
“ wo I am sorry I just came to meet u” he said while leaving
Ragini turned towards mirror again
Sanskar was walking out when he turned and saw ragini he unknowingly was moving towards her ragini saw him coming towards her but this time she didn’t turn she was standing their only he came near her
He tied her blouse knot while he was tying ragini closed her eyes when his hands were touching her bare back she was feeling as an electric current passing through her body
She didn’t knew why buy she was happy from him by his closeness sanskar was lost in her beauty as he finished ragini opened her eyes as she was lifting her eyes up she could see him he was smiling at her he picked the veil and made her wear that he pinned that on her shoulder she was numb showing no emotions both were having eye contact through out
Sanskar made her turn he kissed on her forehead
Ragini hugged him tight sanskar was bit shocked by her sudden act but he was happy he hugged her back they came to their sense when they heard kushi’s voice sanskar left the place in hurry
Ragini was feeling shy about what happened
Sanskar was happy thinking about it

Precap: ragsan dance
Ragini getting to know about how sanskar related to maheswari’s

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